The Age of Revealing by Michael Tsarion



THE FREEDOM OF MAN by Michael Tsarion

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Priesthood of the Illes:

30,000 Gods Before Jehovah8456d6e0-04c5-4353-9df1-bae0e618c345

This episode is an epic 5 hour presentation that will change the way you look at religion and the world.

In this groundbreaking discussion, Michael presents a body of research like no other and discusses the hidden truth about religion, symbolism, politics and the origins of humanity. He and David also discuss the paranormal, the ancient alien theory, secret societies, scientism, a history of cults and various esoteric orders and rituals, and shine light on the roots of evil both historically and presently.

Episode 16 will leave you absolutely breathless. this episode contains never-before presented information. I committed to 5 hours of content, breaking it all down for you and it’s probably the best synopsis I’ve given on a show ever.




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