Wholeness Creation Story

By Tonya Godin
Reiki Practitioner- Distance Healer

There is much talk in the ‘matrix’ lately about embracing and nurturing the Divine Feminine in order to balance the power scales. I agree and add there can be no balance without awareness of the whole picture. Thus, this includes Divine masculine, not to its exclusion in thought, heart, intention and dialogue. In remembering and embracing balance in all its unique aspects the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental realms are focused in harmony. Within the microcosm and macrocosm of feminine and masculine energies, we are Alland One. And each of us has a unique perspective and gift to offer the whole. Healing is coming on a global scale; Humans experiencing true balance of open heartedness.  The male and female archetypes co-create together in unison.

Birthing of a blended insight therefore is imperative. Re-introduced is Ancients’ long rooted wisdom, being unwittingly dug up by fracking, explosions, and deep core gouging. Wisdom is being released from the core of Mother Earth. Woken are the Ancients; forcing us, some kicking and yelling, to awaken at our very cores.There are many messages that coming though for those awake enough to hear. The following messages were received by me in Dreamtime, Journeying and some just ‘drop in’, like raindrops falling from the sky. How you wish to interpret is up to you, as we all walk in our own beauty, each a puzzle piece of the interconnected whole.



Dreamtime Teaching: Black bear of awesome power and strength walked on 2 legs towards me. I knew her strength and the ability that she possessed to strike me down. As she approached I stood my ground and waited….Bear, went down to all fours and lay at my feet. She then rolled over onto her back, inviting me to rub her belly. As I did, I felt surges of reverence for her and love surrounded me. A dark hummingbird hovered overhead off to the side of us. I took note of hummingbird, knowing he also was Spirit and Healing.



The environmental reports say we are endangering Mother Earth, hurting her and all her kin, the corporeal bodies we reside in being a part of her Kinship. Indeed! Yes! We have been swatting at “mother bear”. She may answer in kind, swat back as we lay sleeping, both literally and metaphorically, or as I see, she will lie at our feet, her awesome power and choose to awaken us. We, as a tribal nation, will embrace her in reverence once again. But indeed, do not doubt for second that our Earth mother is well and strong and loving and far too rooted to the universe and heavens above. We are merely a part of this great community of all our relations. We have woken her, like children jumping around on a parents sleeping belly. We have come to the end of one cycle and it is time to move forward with her. We will move forwards in Healing. We must all do it together. Why? You may ask. Simple. We are One. We are her.

Who is “They?” Have you ever met this mysterious “They”? They said this, they said that.

Mother Earth will show us once again how to breathe together, male and female, ceasing the struggle that has consumed for so long. It begins within. The “We” is within. It is the connection spiral that circles inwards towards the void and outwards towards great the expanse.

We have no name and many names. We are here. We are the glint in our smiles and the sparkle in our laughter. We are the tears that reflect in the rainbows light. We are jewels of fairy dust upon the neatly manicured lawns. We are the wild windsong of sage rolling hills. We are the newborns cry and we are the rain that falls to our tongues. We are the sparkle in our relations eyes. We are the smile lines in the folds of an Elders skin; we are the lion that roars and the rattlesnake that bakes under Father Sun. We are the babbling brook and grandfather rock. We are the mountains quiet and the eagles cry.

We are Creation stories and there many; like the pebbles cast out among the stars. When we look to the night sky, watching star people and comets, peer closer. Take notice, for cloaked in the comets, Star Nation is watching. Star Nation invites us, “Look up! See through the invisible outer lid that covers your eyes.  See grandfathers and grandmothers watching and know that all is as it should be. Standing tall, rooted to the ground below your feet, you are fluid water and flowing like breeze. Breathe deep and long, allowing yourself to be in grace. Find and know your Creation stories. There, your secret is nestled, and strength is found.”

Authenticity: “Your gentleness is your strength”  

We are our own Creation story, each one of us. To embrace the power of our Creation story is integral to knowing the power of Self.

I know my Creation story. It is evolving and cyclical. It is Infinity undulating, expanding and folding back in on itself. Each moment stands still upon my breath, as I am moving forwards and backwards, upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards.  I know I rise from the Stars. I know I am dark and I am light. I am vibration and I am void. I have been a man and I have been woman. I have been conqueror and spent lifetimes as the conquered. I am Earthling and Starling. I am soul self and body self. It is the union of the two that make up this moment of Tonya. I am double hearted as is the double helix. I am the infinity symbol turned on its side. My shield represents this and the planes of existence from beyond.  I am visiting here and I am indigenous to there. (But where is here and where is there?) I have purpose to bring healing & harmony. I know where my strength lies. It is my gentleness. The Soul inhabiting this body is deep, like the quiet pool on a motionless, moonlight night. I am part of the Weand We is part of the All. My soul and body self are shimmering vibrations of colours. They are iridescent light wrapped within the deepest ebony; Invisible and endless. What is your authentic voice? Only you can say.

Dreamtime Teaching: I was standing in a beautiful valley, bright and sunshiny. Two colours were there, sky dancing, like the aurora borealis, one red and one blue. The red one enveloped me so I could experience the sensation of its blissful vibration. I knew this to be Feminine. Then the blue wrapped throughout my body, sharing with me an electric vibration and I knew this to be Masculine. Each has its own frequency, unique and necessary for wholeness. I find myself smiling as I share this dream.


Whether in dreaming or daytime living, humans learn with the lived experience. With experience, our knowledge becomes embodied. We are spirits AND we are the physical body. Our body must also soak in the creation of our making. It melts and becomes our thoughts, our actions, our global and cultural energy matrix.

It is through the living that wisdom and transcendence occur, whether this living comes in Dreamtime, meditation, or the daily practice of “being”. We must support and nurture, as a human race, wholeness anduniqueness. When we speak of nurturing only Divine feminine, we are negating half of who we are: Divine masculine. We all are a part of the One, the whole, and when we manifest as a physical creation of god and goddess we are still at our core, pure energy; the purity of soul that comes through from the “there” into the “here”.  That soul is neither male nor female when it leaves: it can manifest in whatever way we so choose when we look upon it. We are the reflections of the divine; the yin and yang, of creation and creatrix, the gods and goddesses or whatever wording resonates for you. We are mirrors of creation in equal resonance. We are reflections of energy mirrored back in our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Energy isus.

The Body Self is as vital to humans as the Spiritual Self; neither one has more importance over the other. Be in your body fully. From this, teachings about masculine, feminine and authentic individuality will flow.



Love your physical self now. So many are struggling to find meaning, a sense of purpose, understanding and hope; they look outside themselves to the sky, books, buildings of worship, gurus, leaders. Stop running away from self. Delight in your mouth, your nose that breathes, your voice that sings. Love the bottoms of your feet. How do the soles of your feet feel upon the dirt? Contact every part of your body through touch.  Is there a place that’s saying, “Hey, can you spend a little longer here?” Or is there a part of your body that you quickly rushed past? Why? Something for you to explore.

How about sitting there and enjoy the crispness of the morning air against your cheeks? Focus upon the beauty of being in body. You don’t need to look outside yourself for answers or absolution for perceived ‘sins’. Look within. Your body carries your history. Your body also carries the history of your ancestors. When the body experiences pain, that is you calling out to you, so take notice. Be as reverent with your body, as you are towards buildings of worship. Be gentle with your physical self. It is the temple that houses your Soul and thus, the Universe.You are your own teacher, your own guide, your own healer.

It is from the female body that the new human being emerges. She is the channel for that which has been created. She is the nurturer of the seed for all that follows; the mother of all sons and daughters who shall bear the sons and daughters. She is to be honoured and followed until the ends of the earth by those that plant the seeds. The council of leaders shall look to wise women as the philosophers, the knower’s, and decision makers of the community structure. Communities are becoming conscious of honouring the strength and connection to source that woman carries within. A woman’s connection to the Universe is through her womb andher heart; she is a “Lifegiver”.

Looking at what feminine means, a simple analogy is the whole understanding of birthing, whether it be an idea, a concept, or a baby.  Birthing is everything about power and nothing about control.  It’s about riding the waves of the unknown and being comfortable with loss of control. This is true power. This is a definition of balanced Feminine.To be okay with the loss of control is more than balanced femininity; it is balanced Spirit and body! It is saying ‘I am okay! I know who I am and where my place is in the Universe and where my feet are rooted.’  For example, Inside the birthing mother, she and baby are Centre; they have wandered through the unknowns of labouring through birthing waves and are now the Truth of new life emerging from within the Womb of Creation.

A man’s connection to source is through his heart centre. He therefore had struggled with embracing his true power that is his to hold by birthright!To be open-hearted was frowned upon through colonized cultural concepts. I see a world where man wholly is conscious of his own connection to mother earth, his own self-love. He is more and more awakened to his own sacredness.

A truly balanced humanity is coming into being. It is good and needed for men to be strong and know how to be in their own truth. To be a Warrior is not about aggression, it is about knowing who and how you are in the world as a man. How shall we co-create this? By allowing ourselves to embrace the Yin and Yang as males and females and celebrate being life givers, peaceful warriors, protectors, guides, or visionaries. Each unique person has a special gift to offer the Tribe of humanity.

Dreamtime Teaching: Many babies were born. One such Baby was born with a gift of looking into auras like mirrored pools. With smile upon her cherub face, she peered into my aura of colours and light and shared, “It is your Heart”. Then I heard, “Many more babies will be born with such gifts”



As an entire global tribe, we need to uplift ourselves, our sons and daughters and embrace their spirituality and mysticism. The time has now come to allow these new beings, coming through from “there into here” to teach us and be the ‘way showers’. They are not going to fit into the old program and structured hierarchy. They are going to show us how to create a new paradigm of learning, of caring for community and of communicating, of co-existing. To be all these things is the opposite of waging wars and entering another’s space. It is the opposite of plugging into the mechanical. It is about holding one’s own sacred space; about allowing our daughters and sons to listen to their hearts.

Honour them for their sacredness and opt out of plugging them into the `failing` social order! As they are birthed, the cord between Spirit and developing physical body remains connected Source.  Certain tasks to transcend and timelines that are meant to unfold, in the living of our creation, is occurring though our children. Watch for the gifts in your children and nourish their uniqueness. If you are told your child is ‘different’ and does not comply with the status quo, celebrate this and normalize it. Know that your child’s gifts will become the new “normal”.

The poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran writes “your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself, they come through you but not from you and though they are with you, they do not belong to you …..You may house their bodies but not their souls…” (The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran, C 1996 (originally published in 1923).

What is your creation story?

I leave you with this my shining relations, what do you want to see in yourself as you mirror the expression of Source. Who are you? And where are you going? Are you gracefully balanced or are there parts of you that feel “off” or “reactive” to certain energies and thoughts? It all begins within you. Everything is merely a reflection or a teacher in your life for and of you. How do you wish to create space within your heart? By doing to others what you feel they have done to you? Or by loving you for you and living in your truth, sacred, rooted and balanced? Be your own leader of change. Don’t look back. Own your beauty for what it is, You. Say this with me: “My soul is strong and is attuned to the wholeness of Source. I am breathing in my journey. I am standing tall as I walk in beauty. I am creation.” What is your Creation Story and how shall we co-create a balanced humanity for our generations to follow?

“Everything is both Finite and Infinite; It all folds back in on itself.”




Tonya Godin
Reiki Practitioner- Distance Healer