Yield, True to Love!


A toroidal field.  An ever-moving shape of constant energy. A movement that’s not one way or the other, not good or bad, but continuously generating power for power’s sake.


Yield, meaning both ends of what could be considered good or bad. To give up, to give way to, to allow something better the ‘right of way’ and also to be fruitful and productive, as in the plant yielded lots of fruit to be enjoyed by all.


To give up resistance to. And of course we need to define, with and for ourselves, what is True/Truth and what is Love. Love is a very overused and often abused and cheap-end word these days, especially in so-called modern media, social and otherwise.


I love this product, I love chocolate, love is love aimed at what many would say is ‘twisted’ and potentially harmful and abusive relationships.


Discernment is a word that comes to my intelligent imagination now. To discern for myself what these words honestly mean. True and truth, love and loving, being love, sharing love, experiencing truth. All very subjective to both oneself and one’s place/time in life. The meanings have often changed for me over my years.


A good book from my past comes to mind now, ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do’!



Love and choice of experience are really up to the individual to do and share how they may wish. Of course it is important to understand the physical and energetic consequences of distorted actions and relationships. We can all probably benefit from ‘moral guidance’, especially by developing our personal moral compass. Using intelligence for seeing when and what to yield to or towards seems a ‘no-brainer’ to me. Leaving your brain out of the picture and going to your heart, guts and inspiration should be a good measure of what can work or not for you and all others who may be involved.


Choice is a wonderful fluid option for any experiences that come our way in life. I have seen we always have a choice. If not for something specific, then for how to interpret a given moment in our time. What once was horrible can be seen as wonderful. The worst of times often become the best with wisdom’s hindsight. And so it goes.


My new understanding comes from seeing, as I looked back on my life from a chosen moment in time, I always seemed ‘stupid’ to my current self in relation to many of my actions a decade or so before my present, let’s say, wiser ‘me’.  And so, wisdom simply shows me now that I am always growing, always learning and always seeing more than I did before. I can take it then on a ‘given’ that I am now not seeing as much as I may see with more experiences in life. As they come at me from the front, I am seeing my life advance; instead of living in my thoughts, my memories, my past. There is always room to yield for more love, growth, wonder and energetic wealth.


Cheers to much love, let’s yield to our Happy Destiny.  Lorenzo




Main Image- Paradise Found by Mary Pines






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