Beautiful World

I’ve recently gone to the southern hemisphere for a spell: just to see, just to feel. There is an astounding beauty to the natural world here, despite the pollution that seems to come with the artificially instituted poverty around so prevalent in these perfect climates. The sky is still free, although I attest to having spent so long under alien skies that I have trouble not seeing boogie-men lurking about up there. Exotic birds sing. There is an easy joy and simple understanding here that life is to be lived, joyfully and together. Of course many here as elsewhere are definitely preoccupied with survival, yet I can literally hear children singing behind the walls, amusing themselves without digital assistance, others playing games in the streets, all the while the trees lining those same streets are fit to bursting out of their cement casings. The Sun blazes its generous warmth for all.   And this is from a busy city during a break in the rains.

I’m actually happier then I’ve been in a place that is so far removed from the world I knew that I can barely remember it at all. Here the sky is very blue. The clouds are real. Bees hum. Horses run free. The people are splendid, earthen, gentle, wise. The land sings, vibrates, welcomes. Before my very eyes more dreams have come true in the last week then have for me in decades. I’m not sure what to say to anyone reading this. No one can live another’s life, everyplace is sacred, and often a complete change is called for.

I really feel that we, as a collective, have come about as far as we can down the road of abject homicidal stupidity. And we needn’t allow more.

Much like the parasitical infestation that is their highest achievement, the insane control system of coercion and fraud, those manning the machine in every capacity, serves us as all an abject lesson in evolution. I include them in my contextual field of awareness; I was once as they are still. For them far worse is to come and they sense it: they live in fear, terrible and abysmal, and so call out to it, so far removed from Source and Truth and Love in and of which we are all One. They are that part of us which has turned away from the empathic vibration of Unity Consciousness to experience total separation, total selfishness, total fear. I remember. It wasn’t that long ago. I had my reasons and went through my pains. I have my scars. I include them all into my contextual field of awareness. And I am not surprised at the antics, the depravity, the dark glee at the suffering and loathing of others. I don’t find it that difficult to imagine just how far some go in their insanity, their endless loneliness, their endless desperation for a fix that doesn’t exist. It fills the air. It litters the streets. Poisons the waters and befouls the air. Desperation. Predatorial desperation. Trying to think our thoughts, make our moves. In the North acid rains fall, working stiffs walking undead, forever shuffling towards the taxes due on their enslavement.

My heart tears up because I’m alive, awake. At times I feel as much as my love can encompass, including everyone I can imagine. I often wished that all The New Agora shared about the goings on of the day weren’t true as well, but look around: what do you see? It seems to me, and it’s this point that helps carry me through the darkest of times, particularly the ones of my own making of which their have been more then a few, is that we really are here to offer, manifest, share, represent and embody that which we would most love to be, see and change and offer one another. I know that’s a slogan heavy sentence, but it does boil down to one becoming a fully participant, dynamically activated player in this glorious game called life to which we’ve all been invited.

As I am walking under a beautifully blue sky, complete with gorgeous clouds, heaven’s own wafting by, my heart occasionally aches with all that’s happening elsewhere, from whence I’ve come, specifically from where you are reading these very words.

I understand that we’ve had to come, collectively, as far as we could on this spectrum, in the ‘wrong’ direction, so to speak, whereas intelligence and awareness of Truth and dark shadow play are concerned. We’ve done this together to really appreciate what’s to come: our reunion with Ourselves in the grandest sense of the world. I know that all the pain, the horror, the sheer ugliness of evil seemingly rampant everywhere one looks is a necessary outing and expression of that which Love is not. And I understand I asked for all this, to witness, to experience, to savour even down to the bone. I’ve played my part in this life, I am in truth still playing, yet I’ve come to that place within myself to know that I’m done with living by any authority than my own: I am my own author after all this story is mine. I accept this joyous responsibility.

I know that these ‘editorials’ I write often spiral around the same ideas, topics, warnings and encouragements. Freedom’s the point of my life. Time to live that truth as well as I can.   So for now I’ve had enough of the bad news, the signs and portents of the end, of doom. I’ve had my fill of placing my attention on the antics of destruction that those creatures who once thrived, so like crazed maggots feeding on their own corpses, if that were possible, and who now so desperately foment all the madness and strife they can muster for fear and the starving certainty that their day is done and that ours is come. Placing my attention on omnifying and mysterizing this wonder in which we live seems an impeccable use of energy to me.

So be of good cheer! Why not assume the responsibility of your own existence and elect to govern yourself? Why not be the author of your own experience? Create your life as you would love to live it. Dare to wade through the chaos of change to get to the other side of yourself and who mystery. And then join the two in a perfect dance of forgiveness and loving manifestation centered in Spirit. That’s a homecoming! What music! Worth the difficult journey, and that’s saying everything.

I wish I could give more then words. I wish I could share with you my sincere feeling and intuition that everything’s going to be all right, and that though change is a’ coming, and we better hold on to our hats for the ride, in the end it’ll be mirificent, and we’re gonna love it.