The New NOW Hub Pages

At its core our hub is where good people doing good things for good reasons share.

Simple and effective, we’ve been working to connect intelligent and loving people to their ‘personal power’ for more than three decades.

Now we can plug you and your hub into our full range of world-wide contacts.

The best markets are those where there is a common goal of success assuring everyone is doing the best they can for everyone involved.  We intent to facilitate such a market.



Hub page cost, benefit details and process

– a one-time cost of $500 USD to get the ball rolling.

-ideally this is for a lifetime of content, currency and connection help.

-after your initial $500 is earned back, 10% of all funds earned through and from your hub page, come back to ‘the house’, to be plugged back into the system assuring its healthy and abundant growth.

– all agreements are based on the honour system, fully transparent with no hidden agendas.

-we help you set up your page, assisting in creating, editing, hub banner creation and design

-ongoing assistance with regular content updates and business links via your direction and participation.



Hub Page Potential

Your hub page will be an ideal place for posting any created content:  be it podcasts or videos, articles, art, music, calls to actions, advertisements, related, merchandise, services, fund raising, affiliates and the like.

All new content will, at first, be shared on our Hub Carousel Home page and then once that exposure time is over, permanently parked on your hub page for any to view moving forward.

Your new content, events and calls to action may be included in our e-blasts which go out, at least, weekly. Our email list is now 6,000+ and Growing Daily

We are in the process of setting up regular ‘town hall’ zoom calls (meet and greet and share).

Future online events are also in the works.




Hub Page Exposure Assistance and Benefits

  • Hub exposure to daily traffic generated by our New Agora online magazine. 25,000+ Monthly
  • We will facilitate personal and business connections that are mutually beneficial.
  • Further exposure through synergistic ‘shout outs’ on our various Video Channels, websites, podcasts, social media, live event media and the like.
  • Equally important, we will make personal introductions from the day to day interactions you and others have through this shared and growing community network.




Hub Set Directions

-a quick conversation to determine the ‘overall feel’, direction and intent for your hub

-full assistance in creating you Hub Banner Image or Logo with a Short Catchphrase and/or calls to action

-as desired: headshot, and/or images and/or photos, and/or Logos, related to your hub.

-a bio, some background on you/and/or you business.

-you may share links, contact info, sales, products, related videos and articles.




As We Grow

We know, all too well, how difficult these times are and how important it is for many of us to develop new ways to connect and generate currency, both financial and vis-a-vis popularity.

Please consider your new hub with us the beginning of a platform where we can all interact, grow, share and connect to enhance the integrity, success and overall good quality of life everyone of good character appreciates.

Through networking and the helpful benefits of this ‘self-supporting’ system, soon to be a fully interactive platform, you can be a part of our growing community dedicated to the mutual benefit of all.

Once we’ve reached our present capacity threshold, as well as finishing setting up our Store, the Hub will be moved to its own platform to continue growing and to better sustain and protect any uncensored content and free thinking expressions in general.

Happy to discuss the details.  Let’s see if we are a good fit.

Working together our successes becomes exponential in their growth.

Join us today as we get ready to ‘take over our worlds’ and help the best of us to the best life possible!


The Hub