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About Carol Lewis


Portrait by my student Frida Hald Skole

I am different from my sister and 2 brothers.  They seem to live outside in the world, while I live in my head and in the sky.  With envy, I watched my mom pack my brother’s new school supplies for this very first day of school. On my tippy toes at the window, I watched her walk him to school and just knew school must be special.  At the end of the day, he returned simply tired, and mom stressed he had to put his school clothes away before play.

From kindergarten through graduate school I was bored, abused, diminished, and detained. As a teacher in public education, I was frustrated, bored, abused, punished, and restrained. As a mom, I was enraged. My son was reading chapter books in preschool.  In kindergarten, they wanted to place him in special education because he could read.  His kindergarten teacher acted like a terrorist, screaming, swinging, and controlling their bodily functions. In college, he was told he wanted to learn too much and was a nuisance.  With my blessing he exited the institution

As a middle school teacher, I was asked, “Why we gotta learn this?”  “Keekee is cutting herself, what do I do?” “Is it stealing if I drink breast milk?”  When I taught inmates in juvenile detention, I asked, “How can I teach if they can’t have a book or pen?”  “Why can’t I go to the floor, if he can’t come to the classroom?”  “What drugs are you giving them?  Why?”  My incarcerated students were the most intelligent children I ever had the honor of teaching. Likewise, for most of my 18-year tenure, I have worked with children on the spectrum and to this day I am in awe of their resilience, creativity, intelligence, and sense of self.  In fact, my most enduring and life changing projects were created, organized, and facilitated by my “special education” students.  Their Heart2Heart Campaign for Peace spanned the world.


Remote learning, masks, forced injection (aka rape) and isolation were accepted without questions. The physical and emotional torture demolished growth and hope in children.  It was clear that this farce, this war against humanity was only possible because education had retarded the spiritual and intellectual growth of the masses.  For years I stayed in the system, trying to make a difference.  My own humanity becoming a fading memory.  Watching students through dim shadows on zoom, I was done.  Our children need rescue. They need Sacred Space Living Lessons.

Why I Joined the HUB


There is no other place to be.  We are the seeds.  We are the promise spoken by the divine.  For our children, we must recover our innate powers, embrace our imaginations, hone our skills, and commit to building a world that honors the soul and grace in them and all of us.   I offer to all of you, my services as an author and innovative, free-thinking educator as we transition from old schools to regenerative learning for this new age. I am humbled and inspired by our children and the community in this sacred space. I look forward to joyful and fruitful collaborations.

Articles of Interest


A CALL TO ACTION by Carol Lewis

  A CALL TO ACTION by Carol Lewis     Outside my window I watch the buds of spring.  Those breaking through ground and those in the heights of trees.  It all seems so effortless.  Inherently beautiful. An ease of being, especially through transitions....

Revised Look by Carol Lewis

    Revised Look   by Carol Lewis     I’ve been away for a bit.  Away from my writing desk.  Away from walks in nature.  Away from photographing the majestic beauty all about.  2023 came to me pressing. Attempting to squeeze me between two...

Silent – A Poem by Carol Lewis

Silent by Carol Lewis   Sacred Child:  Living Lessons   no body knows what goes on behind closed doors curtains like shields pushing back the extent of trying to live day by day wondering what in this world is true what in this world is pure what in this...

Knew Year, Knew You by Carol Lewis

Knew Year, Knew You by Carol Lewis   Sacred Child:  Living Lessons   knew year so it has been at times stagnate at times tumultuous at times sticky with despair at times found beauty beyond compare it has been steel doors veils swept aside peering through...


    FORBIDDEN BOOK   by Carol Lewis   Sacred Child:  Living Lessons     “So, tell me.” “Child, what do you want to know?” “Why?”            “Boy, I don’t understand your question.” “Well, something is missing.  I feel it.”  He puts his...

NOW IS THE TIME by Carol Lewis

NOW IS THE TIME   by Carol Lewis   Sacred Child Living Lessons   Just like the reach of sky and sea, from one corner of this plane to the next are many lost invisible children. Most spoken of and chastised are the hikikomori in Japan, who are shown locked in...

Affirmation  by Carol Lewis

Affirmation  by Carol Lewis   Sacred Child:  Living Lessons   Seems too easy to swallow jagged stones of cemented guilt and sorrow.  Especially now. Looking around, outside ourselves, we see the vacancy of souls in static stares.  In sober moments before the...

THE HARVEST by Carol Lewis

    THE HARVEST by Carol Lewis Sacred Child: Living Lessons   Can you remember?   It began long before we. Whether it came as a flash or slow seeping I don’t know.  An itch just below the surface of my skin reveals the knowing of what is and what...

My Services



I create one-of-a-kind student driven, inquiry-based learning experiences for children. All learning experiences are created collaboratively with the student and families to honor the desires, imagination and needs of each child.  Contact me for free consultation. [email protected]

*“Traditional” studies of math, science, ELA and history are also available, with reverence to relevance and truth.


Novel Study (Flights of Annie)

  • Explore the physics/magic of water
  • Dream study
  • Regenerative farming
  • Heart Intelligence


Individualized curriculum for all the above are designed with collaboration with families. I also offer a unique opportunity for intensive literary study as author-in residence with children.


Belize students participating in Heart2Heart Peace Campaign.

Painting by Ogun Afariogun

Sacred Child: Living Lessons is a space for families to find books, innovative learning experiences (instead of lessons) and guidance for unschooling. 

My Books

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Flights of Annie:  Travel in the Space Between Each Breath

5.0 out of 5 stars


Mind expanding inspirational. Easy read for all ages! Highly recommend

Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2022


Carol Lewis gently embraces the reader into an alternative reality cushioned by reawakened memories of love’s innocence where if you choose to join Annie in her Flights it may open your mind permanently to side stepping conventional limitations on your own creativity.

Wendy MD


… Ms. Lewis has been such a blessing to my family. In fact, she is family.  She is more than a teacher to us.  My last point in my opinion is what set sMs. Lewis above any other teacher.  She spoke confidence and life back into my son.  His grades went up and he started to believe in himself.Not only do I love Carol Lewis, I also respect her greatly.

Ms. S. Young.


Letter excerpt from Retired Principal Brenda Shannon, Principal Pomona Middle School

“Many of us had read Flights of Annie before meeting the author in person, but we felt like old friends when we finally met.  So, it was with Ms. Lewis and the children.  Ms. Lewis’ words have to the power to connect with children, so too does the person.  Perhaps it was because the students had gained some insight into Ms. Lewis’ makeup by reading the book.  But I suspect that they, like me, felt an immediate connection and a familiar comfort just by Ms. Lewis’ presence.  What cemented our budding friendship was watching her interact with the students.  She gave so much of herself, and the students in turn generously shared with her – sometimes things they had not shared with any other staff member before.

It is this rare power to connect with students that is the gift that Ms. Lewis brings.


Carol is a master of words, writing and free thought. Having her as a teacher in my team is a great enrichment, both for all other teachers and especially for the children she reaches. Her life-affirming nature, her love for poetry and art show evidence in all areas of her work. Thanks to her many years of experience with children and young people from all areas of society, she always manages to motivate the children on an emotional and mental level in the long term and to uncover and develop their deep-seated potential. I look forward to continuing to work creatively with Carol on the educational landscape.

Parents of her students say, “Oh my God! What an amazing time and space my child and Carol spent together. We were both in tears. So much love, respect, depth, connection, and curiosity.”

Deborah Joos, Pocket Potentials


Carol Lewis – Sacred Child Living Lessons

Contact Info:  [email protected]