Affirmation  by Carol Lewis


Sacred Child:  Living Lessons


Seems too easy to swallow jagged stones of cemented guilt and sorrow.  Especially now. Looking around, outside ourselves, we see the vacancy of souls in static stares.  In sober moments before the mirror we see the deep chasm of emptiness within. Fermenting wants and free will distilled, escaping with each exhale.  It’s as if the guise of those who wish to demise the divine have cast a spell upon our heads with the presence of the cartoon corona. 


Know that this spiked, false crown does not belong to you.  Shake it off.  Stomp it to pieces. Scream as you do.  Release the weight of worry and doubt.  Spit out the crust and dust suffocating your soul then rejoice.  In the presence of self.  Seek your inner child and speak grace and gratitude for the strength and stamina of that little one. For despite it all, you still stand in your own majesty.




Feel the lightness of being without the bewitched weight of that false crown.  See where it pierced your skin and watch from within the healing.  For your body is the house, your castle, your kingdom.  Always protecting and providing when we let it be. Soul occupancy. Faith in the presence of self instead of syringes, magnetized capsules and white coats and false media gods. You are so powerful.  Why else would monsters try so hard to control, enslave, trans and destroy you?  You are the most powerful as you have the exquisite ability of creation.  Own it.  Protect it. Use it.


Hearts beating in our children.  Your own inner child.  The ultimate expression of creation. Back in the day, the soul purpose of young children was simply to play.  Without toys, we would go out and imagine building worlds with earthworms, pinecones, twigs and be in awe of our own shadows and reflections in puddles. Curious about the flight of birds, the stretch of sky and the meaning of dreams. 


Back in the day when children were free to play they wanted to grow up and take charge.  So is it no wonder, now before they walk they are hypnotized by screens. Early childhood education, sold as a parental responsibility and government generosity is indeed deception and seeding.  Instead of imagination and creation, what is sewn is constraint of mind, soul retardation and obedience blind. Why give the new tech first to babies?  Besides the EMF damage to their cells and reproductive systems, the initiation of soul paralysis begins. Our little ones won’t even know, won’t feel as we now do, the swallowing of stones.


So, in this hour reclaim your power.


As you are

you are precious

as you are

you are the answer

the hope

true soil for our children

to bloom



Carol Lewis:

As a student I felt the diminishing of my soul.  As a parent, I know the disgust of watching my son suffer.  As a teacher, I tried to change the system from within and found myself covered in slime and muck in the belly of the beast.  I did my best there as my hair turned gray and my muscles atrophied.  I stayed as I saw the hurt of the children, growing much deeper than my own.  Then the lockdowns and zoom became an IV drip in my veins to wake the fudge up. Sacred Child: Living Lessons is my service to the children and families.  I provide an innovative foundation of unschooling, homeschooling and powerful narratives and verse for affirmation, confirmation and fertile growth of soulful presence and purpose. 


”I look forward to working and shining with you.”





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