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In Love Unlimited. Techniques

A life’s journey back to your heart and yourself. We come from love and so can go back to love. And thus, live in love.

Together we can face your phantoms, challenges, fears and distortions so that a clear understanding of any and all problems may be acquired and then altered in all the ways you may choose. 

In other words, we can literally get to the heart of any challenges and ‘fix them’.

Most though, through their day to day decisions, actions, indulgences and petty preferences take themselves away from this desired state.

What are you looking for in life? Most would say, love.

What is love? A great next question, and one we can explore together.

For me it always felt like I wanted to ‘get back home’.  And I don’t mean that ‘childhood’ home we were born into, good or bad; it seemed to me there was somewhere more meaningful ‘to get to’.

We all ‘came from home’, and in our lives, through our day to daze, almost all of us move ourselves away from the fully nurturing loving place. In other words, we drew ourselves away, and so can draw a map back.

Creating and then following a map of return, to one’s Self, one’s centre, one’s Heart, is as good a way as any for describing the purpose of my services. 

With honesty as a prerequisite, imagination as our guide, together we can explore the ways back to that state of being ‘in love unlimited’.

And that can include, unlimited health, abundance, joy, life and more besides.

Becoming fully aware of the choices, beliefs, lies and deeper truths we have made ‘real’ for ourselves, we can also walk back on that path and reclaim our personal power to love as much as we may wish and choose to do so.

Of course, this is easier said than done. In so many ways I have, though, done so, and I know you can too.

No reason to wait. Our first discussion comes with no commitment at all. A simple moment to see if we can work together.

After that, well, like any real challenge for those things worth having in life, true commitment is required  to accomplish anything of lasting value.

And what is more valuable than love? A final rhetorical question. Just about all of us would say it is the most valuable of treasures.  I say it’s well within our reach.

If you’re willing to put in the time you WILL succeed – lorenzo@newagora.ca


In Love Unlimited – Heart Counseling Services – 4 Options


Clearing the Heart and Mind to draw out the authentic narrative of your life, thereby Seeing the patterns and lessons within, observed from a new perspective, offering renewal to an old story, re-energizing relationships through the power one’s own awareness.


The assumption (the action of taking on power or responsibility) of responsibility for one’s own experience unlocks personal potential, healing and evolution.

Non-judgmental and understanding we’ll discover your healthy and happy destiny together.


One on One


How to reconnect you with your heart’s voice. Some say it’s love, I feel it’s more a re- connection to the imaginative powers we all have as children, but through life’s hardships lose or become distanced along the way.

With your imagination working, your Heart’s voice leading the way, you can then decide how to direct your life any way you choose. Consciousness supported by an honest perspective on you and your life allows for successful relationships with oneself and others.



 – One Happy Couple


Couples Counseling. The answers to every relationship and marriage challenge are found within the relationship / marriage itself and its participants.

It has been through some very hard challenges that my wife and I have been able to grow as a loving couple, and as beautiful individuals on our unique and also shared life paths.

Beyond youthful delusions, carnal desires, and the real drive many have to make children, helping each other to become better people and growing up together, one way or another, makes for a great shared life.

Naturally my couples counseling rests on the successes I have had with my own personal relationships. I’m delighted to put what I’ve discovered at the service of others.


–  Family Counseling


Parents and Children.  What does it mean to Father? To Mother? Why do we have children?

Children come here into our lives, not only to be molded by adults, their parents, but also to bring their unique contributions, their imaginations and their eventual bloom into existence to enrich their families.  In perfect synergy parents may reclaim the best of themselves through their parenting experience, alongside of sharing the wisdom of their hard-fought experiences with their children.

In their children parents can see and heal themselves. In their parents children can see themselves and guide their own growth along the most optimal lines.

Parents, good or bad, all make tremendous sacrifices for their children, often in demonstrating with their very lives what not to do.

By valuing even the worst of times and shining them into the gold that such sacrifices are at their heart, mutual respect can grow into a true foundation and legacy.


 –  Mentoring Children and Young Adults


Here I choose to focus on dreams, imagination, hopes, aspiration, even destiny; and by destiny, I mean to make firm and establish oneself.  A little by a little a little becomes a lot, even a whole person.  What one begins as a child becomes the man or woman.

Keeping an eye on practical strategies for dealing with a very odd and at times predatorial world, the goal is to help children make honest discoveries of and for themselves, of their creative nature, proud of who they are, from where they come, and excited about what lies ahead.

By giving them someone outside their circle to relate to and speak with, and by sharing my own stories experienced at their age and at their various cycles in life, they can gently come to their own answers in a non-judgemental way.


As for myself….

I am humbled daily by the unique gifts love offers me through my relationships, which then allows me to offer them to others.   By uncovering the wisdom I’ve already suffered through earning, and assuming the responsibilities for my own life, I am able and happy to share myself, what’s worked and what has not.  Honesty, respect, integrity, commitment, joy. That’s the formula.

Our first chat has no obligation. We can simply see, together, if future interactions are of benefit.

To be in love unlimited is a journey of discovery well worth the effort.

With much love, Lorenzo