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In Love Unlimited.

A life’s journey back to your heart and yourself. We come from love and so can go back to love. And thus, live in love.

Most though, through their day to day decisions, actions, indulgences and petty preferences take themselves away from this desired state.

What are you looking for in life? Most would say, love.

I can only share this journey, with any authority, from my personal experiences.

For me it always felt like I wanted to ‘get back home’.  And I don’t mean that ‘childhood’ home we were born into, good or bad; it seemed to me there was somewhere more meaningful ‘to get to’.

We all ‘came from home’, and in our lives, through our day to daze, almost all of us move ourselves away from the fully nurturing loving place. In other words, we drew ourselves away, and so can draw a map back.

Creating and then following a map of return, to one’s Self, one’s centre, one’s Heart, is as good a way as any for describing the purpose of my services. 

With honesty as a prerequisite, imagination as our guide, together we can explore the ways back to that state of being ‘in love unlimited’.

Becoming fully aware of the choices, beliefs, lies and deeper truths we have made ‘real’ for ourselves, we can also walk back on that path and reclaim our personal power to love as much as we may wish and choose to do so.

Of course, this is easier to say than done. It’s been a herculean journey for me, with many pitfalls, failures and then eventual successes along the way.

As with any treasure map, hidden, ‘in code’,  uncovering and translating our individual lives to see, and more importantly, fully understand, how we got where we are, is a necessary step in this journey, so we can claim, perhaps it’s reclaim, our power to love without limits.

No reason to wait. Our first discussion comes with no commitment at all. A simple moment to see if we can work together.

After that, well, like any real challenge for those things worth having in life, true commitment is required  to accomplish anything of lasting value.

And what is more valuable than love? A final rhetorical question. Just about all of us would say it is the most valuable of treasures.  I say it’s well within our reach.

If you’re willing to put in the time, attention and care, in my opinion, anyone can return to the natural well-spring , the source of being  ‘In Love Unlimited.’

lorenzo@newagora.ca  I would be delighted to connect.