A real man never gives up their dreams


By Lorenzo


Sure, it can seem important to ‘put food on the table’ and ‘keep a roof over your family’s heads’. No one would dispute the importance of the so-called necessities of life. Happiness, Health, Warmth, and Love are all required, in my opinion, for any person, family or community to prosper.


Alas, the illusions of these funny ‘modern times’, seems to push those ‘earning the family bread’ -doesn’t matter if they are wearing pants or a dress – away from the most important of all ‘human requirements’, that of following their dreams. Nothing is worth sacrificing your dreams over, I strongly feel. I’ve done it myself, put my inspirations on hold to ‘fill the coffers’, ‘buy the beans’, ‘clothe the babies’ and ‘pay the bills’. Alas, again, a life that demands you give up the best and  important part of yourself, the dreamer of imaginable happiness, is, I would say, not a life worth living.


One day, now, soon…..a few days before your last, we will all wake up, look back, and have no choice but to consider what has gone before, how we ‘spent’ our precious time, and what our awareness was traded for.  If we are honest, in the quiet moments when nothing else is making noises in our heads, we feel the pull of ‘childhood’s yearning’, of the imagination which whispered to us the possibilities of our lives, those many years, perhaps only seconds, ago.


If any are in any kind of relationship, be it marriage or friendship, or still with parents, relatives…so-called close advisors, who say, nay, or for any reason whatsoever, that you should delay, or even worse, give up your dreams, I would say, true love lays elsewhere. None who have fully functioning hearts could ever suggest such a thing, It is only in lack, that some/most perceive the ‘what ya gonna do’, or ‘nothing you can do’ feeling of having to abandon what is, I have found, to be the most important part of any one’s self.


The call of their hearts.


Anyone can ‘make a buck’, anyone can hunt for meat, most would agree that love is important, but many will disagree on what that can mean. I feel, love of life, love of liberty, freedom, the glory of fulfilling the inspirations we all can have, is true love. And that kind of love will, eventually, even if at first it appears it may not, will look after life’s base requirements.


Leave behind all the fears, from your mouth or others, ignore those sounds that reach your ears, or worse yet, fester inside your mind, that say, it is impossible ‘today’ to allow those dreams to manifest. Only we can free ourselves, I guess I’m paraphrasing ‘Bob Marley’. Non but ourselves can free our Mind’s’. I would say, none but ourselves can tell ourselves ‘what is or is not should’.


Perhaps I’m sounding ‘harsh’, but true love, from yourself or another, from a lover or a mother, from a wife, husband, partner or father, especially a close friend, will encourage and help with every fiber of their existence to see you live your ‘heart’s desire’. True freedom can only, again my opinion, come in fulfilling whatever it is your life would like to see real.


Don’t give up your dreams. Only a fool trades their time for anything less than their divine.  


Dare to Love.


‘Kindness without knowledge of human nature is not kindness at all, but an invitation to trouble. It is not a kindness to a wildcat to enter his cage to give him money.'”




Cheers, Lorenzo!