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I used to think I knew Everything

I used to think I knew everything.  I remember one day, coming home from one of my first well paid jobs, I was only twenty-six at the time, but felt I’d grown up as far as I could…and that then, at that point, I knew everything.  Hmmm, I certainly knew how to make money, how to indulge, how to fool myself on many levels, but actual knowing, knowledge, of that I had very, very little.

Now, some years later, having helped publish The New Agora, and communicated much other information, over quite a span of time, the relief felt as I realized I knew less and less, down to just about nothing, except that honesty, truth and love are for me at least, important, to put it lightly.

As I become more aware of the lies that filled my life, almost from first breath to yesterday’s dinner about health, history, mystery, possibility, energy, food, allergies, disease, medicine, beliefs & truth, language, light and even honesty and love, well…my personal happiness is soaring with this particular growth in perspective.

Specifically, literally, except for my personal feelings, which I even must keep a rather close eye on…by questioning everything, I am finding that my happy destiny is truly unavoidable.

As my mirth and hilarity grow in direct proportion to letting go of ALL facts about everything, and I do mean everything, from physics to biology, human potential, life expectancy, dreams, time, religion, flushing politics and all other stinky ideals into the crapper where they belong…more and more is opening up as new life possibilities for me.

Perhaps if you find that, like us, putting them into actual play increases the joys’ of your day, well, that’ll be amazing, and enough, I say.

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