How Change, Changed Me

By Lorenzo



Moving away from lies is the best way, that I know of, to change yourself towards a more loving life.

Lying to oneself, as I did for so long, was not only dangerous but an obvious waste of my time.

Lies ‘feed’ off one’s happiness. They sabotage each loving action. This point, in my opinion, is simple to understand if you take a moment to reflect on the ‘damage’ we cause by ourselves, to ourselves, by allowing these lies to exist, to take root.

Whether big or small, obvious or not, the especially dangerous ones, those we allow to remain hidden act like and become, one could say, like parasitical heart worms. Hiding in the ‘dark of our heart’, in some ways unfelt and unnoticed, at first at least. Yet, they can grow over time, eating more of your happiness the larger they become. Finally, they may fully and can completely eat up your capacity for love and happiness.  If you’re not sure of why you still feel ‘off’, on a conscious level, this is probably why.

In other words, by understanding where you need to change yourself, you can begin that work.

Seems to me, now that I’ve more or less made it here, in my personal love unlimited, it was the simplest things keeping me away from my love. You can’t understand where a recipe, say a pie, went wrong, without know all the ingredients, and how to incorporate them in the correct measures.

As in, mixing up honey for vinegar will certainly give you the opposite result of what you’re after.

It’s the same for love. When you’re making that ‘love pie’, so many of us dive in without actually understanding, or even knowing what all of ‘our ingredients’, ourselves, are made from.

Super important, I say, to seek out all the hidden lies, fears, guilty associations and such, all the ‘dirt’ you’ve allowed into your heart place, so you can begin  take stock of said ingredients and see which ones will fit for a ‘delicious pie’, as opposed to which ones will leave a ‘dirty after-taste’.

We must all assure ourselves of clean and pure ingredients should we wish for a ‘clean’ and loving outcome. And, let’s not forget to make sure we’ve got a good recipe for that ‘love pie’ to begin with.


So we take all of your ideas about yourself and love and life and such, and well, put them in proper order and make sure to clean them up.

If you look at each ‘foul’ or inappropriate ingredient as a worm that can take root in your heart, you can see by cleaning and clearing your ideas about yourself, life and love, that allowances  for any ‘heart worms’ to live inside, will be denied.

It is this conscious awareness of yourself, that brings light to your love and heart. And these worms can never live in the light of truth.

By never allowing these shadowy places inside to exist the ‘fear worms’ can no longer hide and secretly feast on your honest loving desires for a good life.

By bringing the hot light of truth to your heart these worms will naturally dry up and die. With no ‘food’ to eat and no place to safely got they will scatter like cockroaches in the light from your existence.

Perhaps this is not the ‘sweetest’, or most appetizing picture to imagine, certainly not a delicious one. But as it was you, as was the case for me, that allowed your heart to be colonized by parasitical ‘fear monsters’, then you are the best ‘man or woman’ for this job of cleaning them out.

In fact, I would say, for your heart, you are the only person for this ‘dirty’ job.

I began to clean myself by first understanding that in order to get clean I had to see ‘where I was dirty’.

Figuring out how I allowed these infestations to take root in the first place was that all important beginning step.

For sure it was alarming. Yes the battle both exhausted and shocked at times! But, without these important admissions I would never have been ready for that battle to change myself from my better.

And, as I made these changes in my conscious perceptions…those changes changed me. Too many say they ‘seek change’ without fully realizing what that will entail. I would say, it’s the stinky parts we need to change first, in order for the sweet perfumes of love to come our way.

Big Cheers to You and Your Potential for Living ‘In Love Unlimited’, where ‘Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable’.



If you’re willing to put in the time, attention and care, in my opinion,  anyone can return to the natural well-spring , the source of being  ‘In Love Unlimited.’  I would be delighted to connect. No cost or obligation for our first chat.

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