Harald Kautz – Here, there and Everywhere


by Lorenzo



Archons and arch-angels, Jesus and Yaweh, shadows and healing from energetic parasitical infestations. Already sounds like lots of great topics to cover, and yet, these are only some of the many, shall we say, ‘out-there’, or perhaps it’s ‘in here’, or perhaps it ‘everywhere’, sorts of explorations that we discussed in our latest here with Harald.


Who would have thought that Jesus may have come to help with Yaweh’s Shadow? A rhetorical question here, in that, Harald has ‘divined’ this very possibility. It left me wondering why I didn’t think of that before, as it seems to make perfect sense for a ‘vengeful god’ to require his own sort of karmic healing.


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Cheers Lorenzo



Today we continued our conversation on all the above and literally much more besides.


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