Knew Year, Knew You by Carol Lewis


Sacred Child:  Living Lessons


knew year

so it has been

at times


at times


at times

sticky with despair

at times

found beauty beyond compare

it has been

steel doors


swept aside

peering through lattice grids

suddenly visible

so much so

with thoughts

we break barbed fences



to the other side

so distant from what was


at times

brain skin barrier kept

from them


knew you

knows you are far more than

a salaryman

student rooted in cog spin

mannequin woman

so much more

knew you

knows the power

of being



knew you

and me

are infinite power




Carol Lewis:

As a student I felt the diminishing of my soul.  As a parent, I know the disgust of watching my son suffer.  As a teacher, I tried to change the system from within and found myself covered in slime and muck in the belly of the beast.  I did my best there as my hair turned gray and my muscles atrophied.  I stayed as I saw the hurt of the children, growing much deeper than my own.  Then the lockdowns and zoom became an IV drip in my veins to wake the fudge up. Sacred Child: Living Lessons is my service to the children and families.  I provide an innovative foundation of unschooling, homeschooling and powerful narratives and verse for affirmation, confirmation and fertile growth of soulful presence and purpose. 


”I look forward to working and shining with you.”





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