A CALL TO ACTION by Carol Lewis



Outside my window I watch the buds of spring.  Those breaking through ground and those in the heights of trees.  It all seems so effortless.  Inherently beautiful. An ease of being, especially through transitions. There is a symbiotic celebration with the greater presence of bird songs, bees, beetles and a waddling possum my kitty cautiously follows at the break of dawn.  Sitting in the presence of spontaneous, inevitable birth both comforts and causes me to ponder.


What happened to humans?  When and how did we become so separate from the rest of all that lives?  Separate and desperate. Nearly a year ago, a severely injured squirrel came to my window, anticipating peanuts like the rest.  He had deep gashes and open wounds on both sides and his back.  Something had once had him in a death grip.  Yet, there it was, taking a prime position to catch my peanuts despite the bleeding.  Today, he waits again.  At least three seasons have passed, and without going to a doctor, he sits.  Patches of fur growing in the dents where the gashes had been. Fit and fat like the rest of our hill squirrels who come for breakfast and late night snacks at our windows.  Despite his obvious trauma, his will to be present never faltered.  Alone, he found not only the power to heal.  This squirrel embraced the power to thrive.


What happened to humans?  How many books can be written in an effort to answer this question.  Some might argue, wearing shoes literally trapped and distorted our souls.  Others might argue our attempts to control and re-imagine nature diminished our own.  Still, others assume our acquiescence to being governed, told what to do and when to do it was voluntary enlistment into a slave system that extinguished the essence of the human being.  What happened?


I ask this every minute of the day when I sit in a classroom with 6 preteen students who are the size of pro athletes, but who can’t speak.  Some can’t feed themselves.  Some are in diapers. Children.  Seeds for our future. To be socially acceptable today.  To be acknowledged today, a person must be able to communicate.  Feed themselves.  Use the toilet.  Know not to spit on others.  Know not to snatch from the hands of others.  Know not to push and shove.  Without these primary skills, one is considered less than human.  Like the baby deer born outside my window, the chicks and baby chipmunks I see.  These children were born whole and healthy.  Unlike the babies thriving in nature, the human babies are injected, as if they are born flawed and a danger to themselves and others.  The plandemic has now cast a spell over the spanse of the entire world.  Now many are convinced they have the power to kill just by breathing in the presence of another human being.  The weakness of mind and body to be killed by the breath of another.  Again, no other living being is afraid of its naturality and restricting its presence in the name of self-preservation and communal responsibility.


The children. They are called  low functioning.  But, what do we call a society, a species that conscripts self-harm to policy? Clearly, human beings live in a world completely different from every other living thing. Every other living thing eats freely.  Travels freely.  They make shelter freely. They partner and reproduce freely.  They pass from this realm to the next…without license or cost…freely.


Perhaps our most immediate duty is not to find the answer to what happened.  Surely, assuming this society is not completely heartless, our primary duty is to observe and take responsibility for the condition of our children.  Even those with voices, have nothing to say. They have become mimics of celebrities in the worship of things. an unnatural, human construct.  Early admission to school is early conditioning to being ruthless and less than human in the competitive race for things outside of one’s self.  Most children across the world lack creativity.  Tik Tok challenges show the lowest of intellect and lack of imagination.  Most children lack empathy and compassion.  The plandemic years have hammered them with the notion that they are to be pricked, sprayed and feared.  And worst of all, they must fear the rest of us.  Without question, without the intervention of soul-filled, nature based parenting, all children…are retarded.


Sit with that thought.  Not for despair, but for a call to action.  As we transition to a new age, we need not look back, but look in the eyes of the children in front of us.  Whether they come from our loins or not, they are the field from which the future will grow.  So, what will we sew? Shouldn’t our children be as free as the little critters outside our windows?  If we don’t have the courage to take the freedom for ourselves, are we then absolved of our responsibility to them? No.  So, it’s time to grow up, wake up, find out who we are, why we are and where we are.  Then act.


Go outside.  Unmasked.   Feel the grass beneath your feet.  Place your skin against the skin of a tree. Just witness.  Be.




Carol Lewis:

As a student I felt the diminishing of my soul.  As a parent, I know the disgust of watching my son suffer.  As a teacher, I tried to change the system from within and found myself covered in slime and muck in the belly of the beast.  I did my best there as my hair turned gray and my muscles atrophied.  I stayed as I saw the hurt of the children, growing much deeper than my own.  Then the lockdowns and zoom became an IV drip in my veins to wake the fudge up. Sacred Child: Living Lessons is my service to the children and families.  I provide an innovative foundation of unschooling, homeschooling and powerful narratives and verse for affirmation, confirmation and fertile growth of soulful presence and purpose. 


”I look forward to working and shining with you.”





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