Repurposed People from blind spots to relationships of trust

   click on the banner for more info about my service   Repurposed People     from blind spots to relationships of trust     by Susan Boskey   As a species we are going through a lot. All I have to do is hear about yet another public explosion of violent rage to further confirm my suspicion of just how crazy things have become. Horrific physical crimes are...

War or Peace? by Susan Boskey

 click on the banner for more info about my service   War or Peace?   by Susan Boskey   The great social divide among people today is so vast that many believe time is of the essence; that is, before all out hot war spreads around the globe. The war cry is loud, palpable and personal, as well. They call us names; we call them worse names back. They steal our business; we find a...

The High Road by Susan Boskey

     click on the banner for more info about my service Take the high road. I think you'll appreciate the view.   We live in a time of cultural divide - nothing you didn't already know. Republican or Democrat, jabbed or natural immunity, gender fluid or bio-gender, university degrees or blue collar, rich or poor, gay or straight, collectivist or individual, AI or God. I'm sure...

Living from the Inside-Out by Susan Boskey

 click on the banner for more info about my service     Living from the Inside-Out by Susan Boskey     I don't know about you, but I find the outside world to have gone totally mad. Never in my life have I seen anything like what's happening today. On every front from global politics to personal identity, life appears to defy common sense. I can't take it anymore. For me the...



Susan Boskey

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Lion’s Roar Ministry
a return to the power of love

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I will ‘walk’ with you while you shed limiting beliefs and emotions towards remembering  remembering who you are, and for as long it makes sense to us both.
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Lion’s Roar Ministry recognizes God/Source Energy as a vibrational frequency that permeates all existence and contains all religions.

“God is dead.” a popular meme during the 1960’s, helped make it unfashionable to consider a higher order than the physical. People (mostly in the west) began to rely solely on what they could see. Materialism replaced God and became a religion all its own. Yet worst-case thinking and anxiety have exploded with the exclusive reliance on people, places and things. For many, an essential piece to the puzzle of health, happiness and wellbeing eludes them.

The choice to return to connection with the power of love provides solution. Returning to one’s higher Self is a profound act of courage; it is a choice to take on and integrate this power of love in one’s own body. Once ‘refreshed’ in this manner we can see that which was previously hidden. All that has not been aligned with love within us, and in our world, becomes obvious and serves as grist for the mill of breakthroughs and blessings received in a state of grace.


“The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for  yourself and experience the immensity that you are.” ~Jaggi Vasudev



A massive shift in conscious awareness is underway around the globe. Millions of people worldwide sense and feel a new dawn rising beyond the current world matrix of control. A voluntary return to Source Energy grows one-by-one uplifting the collective.


  • To assert the sovereignty of spirit over matter and mind so that the presence of the one true light of love can express itself freely throughout different world cultures.
  • To partner with those who are personally committed to return ‘home’ to wellbeing and service.

“By seeing materialism as a source of suffering we can renew our relationship with Source to a new level of wisdom. Wisdom of the heart is gained by the loss of false wealth.” ~ Shunyamurti



Lion’s Roar Ministry aims to help restore the original intent of what it means to be a whole human BEING; a personal evolutionary journey of which being honest with oneself is at the core. A process of inner growth is set in motion for anyone who invites Source Energy/God into their life. Limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments fall away allowing who we truly are to shine through.


Sister Susan

I am in service to the divine. I believe that to deny the individual journey is to deny divinity. I began my search for truth as a small child of non-religious parents. It took me many years to realize that the decisions I made throughout my lifetime (much to the chagrin of my family) had everything to do with my spiritual search. I stumbled, and on my own had to navigate the full spectrum of circumstances from inspiring to life-threatening.

By grace, and with thanks to the many wonderful friends and strangers along the way, I lived to tell the story. My life is a testimony to the power of love, humbled by the lessons I have had to learn the hard way and how the path of letting go has guided me.




Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”~ Dr Roopleen



Deep Listening

Trained facitiator of Nonviolent Communication and long-time confidante. Many are speaking but few are listening.


Holistic Health Guidance

Former practitioner/instructor with 50+ years of participation in holistic health modalities. Research and solutions offered as requested.


Medicinal Cannabis

Certified Cannabis Educator to help you find what you need for mental and physical health and wellbeing. (link)

The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not.” ~ Albert Schweitzer



The Holy Flow

Answer the inner call to become your best version The sense of Being is freely given to all who choose to tap into their higher power. Freedom from soul suffering is all about  freeing the mind, an ongoing multi-dimensional task. (link)


The CannaWisdom Process™ – online course

Self-directed online course for brave souls who want to use cannabis responsibly in  order to break out of old programming and connect with their higher Self. $97 (link)


PDF book: High-Minded Souls: essays on the new world of legal cannabis for health and wellness

Get informed about the cannabis plant and its centuries of uses for mental and physical wellbeing. (link)


PDF book: The Quality Life Plan®: 7 steps to uncommon financial security

My easy-to-understand book (PDF) exposing how money really works so you know how  to use it for long-term stability. (link)


PDF book: Beyond the National Myth: waking up in the land of the free

My ghostwritten book (PDF) offering perhaps a more accurate version of the founding of the United States of America and the repercussions we see today as a result. (link)