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About Deborah

It’s been a creative journey from the beginning. At eight years old I was drawing on rocks and shells and sharpening screwdrivers so that I could carve out driftwood. My earlier years as a landscape painter, photographer, and writer have been deeply rooted to my heritage, growing up on the coast of Maine. This intimate relation to land and sea permeated my entire being and I have always felt a deep connectedness, and the healing energy of Earth and beyond. I believe this is why I’ve always asked the bigger questions about life and existence. I was fortunate to have exceptional mentors and teachers along the way, who encouraged creative flow and individualism. My 27-year marriage to a commercial fisherman kept me profoundly influenced by the elements, strengthening my desire to convey the beauty and the solitude of remote and pristine places. Dependence on the land and sea for sustenance, for food, spiritual and artistic fulfilment has maintained its Devine ability to inspire me, as I continue to share my reverence for Nature through what I call my ‘visual prayer.’

The past few years I have been incorporating the ethereal, sacred geometry and more esoteric subject matters of my healing practice into my art. With this visual prayer I remain true to conveying peace, appreciation, harmony, and the beauty of being ‘here.’

Before moving into the healing arts, my work has included commissions, interior mural work and design, teaching, and gallery exhibits. I am currently incorporating specific color, frequency, design and intention to convey healing resonances. Please call me for commission work or go to my website at:

Other Services and Details:

Certified Professional Life Coach, BFA/Edu, Artist and Writer

Certified Professional Life Coach: SOS Empowerment & Ministry

Transformational Coaching, Addiction specialist, providing safe and professional environments for Teaching and leading classes/ workshops, and one on one coaching which allow individual progression in self-awareness and development. providing a cross-pollination of proven methods to suit individual needs as they begin to recognize what no longer serves them – guiding to release outdated patterns and obstacles which prevent desired life changes and transitioning.


Retreat and event facilitator

Served as the project manager for the conversion of a large estate into a lodging and retreat center, my services included planning, consulting and overseeing construction projects, landscaping, and interior design choices, all within budget, developing and implementing print and online marketing strategies, handling all incoming reservations for accommodations and events, organized events and retreats.


Coaching Services:

These are extraordinary times.

As a Transformational Coach, I look at the whole life picture and acknowledge the individual as unique and beautifully complex. The disharmony in our lives can provide us with invaluable insight. I offer suggestions on how to mitigate some of the thoughts, beliefs, fears, and cultural programming that we’ve all been subject to. I use self-awareness strategies to bring clarity to changes that need to align with your value system, desires, and purpose.

Situations in our personal and professional lives provide opportunities for growth and transcendence of old stories, narratives, and belief systems that may have served us at one time. These situations are often cues that are there to inform us – something needs to change.

I use a synergy of professional coaching strategies and cross-cultural practices to provide a professional, safe and sacred space for clients personal and professional development.

Personalized practices are designed to empower your own ability to cultivate and transmute the past or present circumstance into a clearer vision and path for the future. Confidentially and objectivity are an integral part of helping to clarify the direction you’re going. Those of you who would like to better understand your unique set of circumstances and the beliefs and programming that may be holding you back, contact me.

I work with individuals, couples, groups, and am available for facilitating retreats.