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My name is Cambell and I’m a 49 year old father of two from Perth, Australia.

For as long as I can remember I have had a feeling that there is something wrong with the world. This has put me on a life long journey to discover what we are, where we are and what the hell is going on.

Over the years I have researched and studied many topics and modalities including the mind, human potential, energy healing, meditation and alternative history. This has given me a broad and unique perspective of the human condition and how the world works.

Join me as we navigate the lies we have been told about who we are, where we came from and ultimately our enormous untapped potential.

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Autodidactic – Are you building your Future?

Are you building your Future?     We all have dreams, goals and aspirations, in short we all want something better...something more. It is of course normal to want more and part of the growth process but the question is... what are you doing?    To be blunt it’s not enough to want, we have to do. First we have a different thought, which should lead to a different action which brings a...

Communicate Your Freedom – Freedom is Calling You

'Communicate Your Freedom'   -Find Life's Lost Purpose-   with Iam Saums, Cambell(Autodidactic) and Lorenzo(The New Now)         iamsaums.com   Join us today and Cambell (Autodidactic) and Lorenzo (The New Now) discuss 'Freedom and how to best Communicate Yours', with the ever interesting Iam Saums.   Communication is key to everything in life, I would...

Autodidactic – How’s your mask? 

How’s your mask?    We are all wearing a mask. Yes even you, in fact the voice saying ‘I don’t have a mask’ is one of your masks. Masks are constructed in the subconscious so we don’t always see them.  To start to recognize your masks take time to notice how you change around different people and groups. What parts of you do you suppress, mask, to appease others? Do you talk differently,...

Autodidactic – Where is your focus?

Where is your focus?      There are so many things to distract us and make us stray from our path but it’s all just distraction. We create our reality by what we focus on, the thoughts we put energy into. So what are you thinking?  And what are you creating?  Quote of the Week -  “You create Your Reality”                                                —Jane Roberts     ...

The Question is the Quest with Autodidactic

The Question is the Quest     If you don’t ask the right question you can’t get the right answer. We are taught that questions come after information but this, like most we are taught is backwards, Without the correct questions we will not look in the right places or find the correct information.   So what questions are you asking?  Quote of the Week -  “The ability to ask questions is...

Spiral Up with Autodidactic – Change is a Coming

A change is a Coming       Change is the only thing we can really count on, the only constant but so many of us seem to fear change. I myself think change is Awesome, life would be kinda boring without it. So if change is constantly happening then the only thing we really need to focus on regarding change is what do we want to change in our experience. As we know we cannot make...


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