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”Ownership is the fact or state of being an owner of something, or the right or control of something. Learn how to use ownership in different contexts, such as business, property, or social issues, with examples and translations.”


Cancelling Death’s Contract. We all know what a contract is…an agreement between parties for an exchange of goods or services for some sort of balance in currency, or other goods or services exchanged for something of equal or agreed upon value.


In other words, what one says one side is worth and the other says the other side is worth is up to the individuals involved in the contract agreement. Of key here, then, is to be fully cognizant, that is aware, of what the value of the goods are.


Do we make a contract, an agreement, before we are born? Hard to know the truth of this one. Almost impossible to prove to anyone. We must each, though, look into our own hearts to see the veracity of this potentially life-altering decision. With that, this needs to be left with each of us to see for themselves. You can decide for yourself as I have for myself.


What can be looked at though, something that happens for all of us throughout our lives, are the fine details, the addendums shall we say of this potentially powerful understanding. Imagine with me, then, considering our relationships with time, death, choice, belief, duty, imagination and all related aspects of said points.


How long will you live? What is healthy? How possible are your dreams for becoming real? What are those dreams and where do they come from? What is time and how can you influence yours?


From that first breath, initially through our parents’ vision of life, influenced from their parents, religion, society, ‘told history’, childhood experiences passed along as wrote, and such, all children become inculcated at the earliest of ages, for what may be possible for them, and not.


Life is this! Life is not that! We must do these things! We must never do those things! And the like. Young minds are generally open to their parents. And then we allow those ‘beliefs’ to interfere with our imagination and thus dreams and life potential.


What if life is endless? What if death is optional? What if other means of dreaming into our existence the basic necessities of life, and more besides, are not created through some sort of artificial currency, but the true currency, which is our life force.


Time is money! Live for the afterlife! Be good to get your ‘heavenly rewards’, and such. All these seem to me, certainly deathly illusions meant to steal your true wealth which is the time we are gifted with in this life. Perhaps even deeper, it is the delusions passed along to all of us of the limited scope of a life, of a perspective, built generally on fragile personalities, altered by the media of the day.


And so, by cancelling all contracts, especially those you’ve been tricked into, you can allow the possibilities of new energy to grow for you and from which you can then use to allow new potential for life to become yours.


When you stop paying into a ‘mortgage’ for example, you have more funds for other ventures. Same to paying into a belief system of death, destruction, toil, pain, taxes, duty to anyone or anything and such. Tricked to listen. Tricked to trade our priceless time for shiny baubles. Even, perhaps, tricked into this life, your physical body, which can horribly age into sickness, death and perhaps even worse. As if from the very moment we are born, we are dealt a hand of sickness and decay.


I would say, there may be another way. In fact, for me, there is nothing but other ways to grow, be alive, see and imagine more and with these higher visions put into limitless action, we can live to victory by cancelling death’s contract.


As is known, if you are lied to, deluded, purposely fooled into ‘signing on that dotted line’, well then it is called fraud, and becomes, through your choice, null and void. So, let’s see how we’ve all been defrauded, or say, allowed ourselves through our own choices to be deceived into whatever current life circumstances we may be in.


And then, well, choose again, picking up your power along the way and allow infinity to guide you to ‘freedom’s gate’ and beyond.


Re-claim your life by becoming responsible!




Art by Jan Kasparec