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Well-Being Counselor, Intuitive Healer and Meditation Instructor


Hello! And thanks for looking through my Hub!  I have been on the healing path for 30+ years. I have explored traditional and alternative ways for healing my past wounds and breaking unhealthy cycles of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Because of the deep Shadow Work I’ve done on myself and with others, I know about the power of emotions working consciously and unconsciously on us, such as with: shame, guilt, anger, self-loathing, fear, resentments, addictions, anxiety, etc.  I provide experienced guidance, step by step work, and a space of trust and presence for helping you release another layer of your pain and unhealthy conditioning.


Since 2015, I have been helping others committed to their healing and have felt the discomfort and grace that comes through this process.  I have a Master’s in Education and am certified in yoga & meditation instruction.  I’ve gone through a wide variety of practices, such as: different therapies, energetic healings, 20 years of 12 step anon programs, body cleansing techniques, and affirmations.   No one approach heals all, but it does give us another level of releasing so that we can better integrate with our higher self and live a life of more freedom.


I’m also an avid traveler and a seeker of truth.  I’ve lived and traveled in 40 different countries throughout my life, which has really jolted me out of the mainstream way of thinking.   I question the history we’ve been taught since having visited the megalithic sites in places like Peru, Egypt, Greece and Turkey, along with having seen the beautiful architecture scattered throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Our world is so much more than what we’ve been taught.  I continue to explore ways for breaking free from our pain, indoctrination and limiting belief systems in order to live a life of more freedom and expansion.  If you seek The Way Out of your pain and programming, I can help.  That has been my way of life!


Deanne Kaye

A Battle for Identity By Deanne Kaye

  A Battle for Identity   By Deanne Kaye   For the majority of my life, I’ve asked questions about who I am.  Like others, I’ve had many different roles I’ve used to form my identity, such as with mother, wife, teacher, counselor, adventurer, researcher...

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Healing with Courts in the Supernatural Realms By Deanne Kaye

Healing with Courts in the Supernatural Realms By Deanne Kaye                  In all my years of healing work, I never thought I’d consider delving into the role spiritual realms play in our recovery.  In order to access this other arena in our healing,...

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Breaking Free from the Web of Control By Deanne Kaye         Living in the paradigm of control is something so many of us are trapped in, yet not even aware of.   If you are using routines to make your life feel manageable, that is control.  If you...

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Releasing the Guru Code By Deanne Kaye     If you’ve been part of a community that revolved around rituals, moral codes and devotion to an externalized god like figure, you may find parts of my story familiar.  If you’ve also reached a point on your path...

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There is Always a Way Out - Healing with Deanne Kaye By Deanne Kaye     ''The Way Out is a counseling service provided to those who wish to heal and release various negative emotions that block us from a better sense of well-being and freedom. Deanne Kaye...

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Going Within As The Way Out for Healing By Deanne Kaye       Whenever I’ve had uncomfortable or painful feelings, I’ve tried to find the way out from them.  In my teenage years, my way out was to suppress my feelings and in my 20s the way out was being...

Orphan Trains to Abandonment Release By Deanne Kaye

Orphan Trains to Abandonment Release By Deanne Kaye     If you have questioned the history we’ve been told, you most likely would have heard of Tartaria, mud flooded buildings, and cathedrals being used as power sources in the not-too-distant past.  You may...

What It Takes From YOU

Courage to Face Yourself and Change

Much of our pain is rooted in our past.  We need to share the parts of us that have been suppressed in our subconscious to release their power over us. 

In our sessions, we…

– find the root causes of your problems

– do specific written, verbal and meditative work tailored to your needs

– release the emotional programming embedded in your subconscious

– retrain thoughts and allow feelings to be

– enable natural self-love to express in your being

Contact Deanne Kaye or 571-249-8470 (US only) to schedule a free online mini session through Zoom.  Let me know your country, time zone, best days and times to meet and a brief description of what you want to work on.

$80 for a 60-minute session

$450 for 6 – 60-minute sessions


I worked with Deanne Kaye for some time, and she has helped me more than years of therapy in understanding why I have had relationships with abusive men. I’ve been dealing with addiction in my life and working with her has helped me release my self-loathing and develop self-respect and self-care. I have learned the value of being vulnerable.

Lotus Andersen

After my divorce from a sexaholic spouse, I was struggling with self-worth issues. Deanne showed me that the way out was facing my deep shame in order to take better care of myself. Not only on a superficial level, but on a deeper level of accepting who I really am and showing myself more love.

Kasia K.
Katowice, Poland

I worked with Deanne for 6 months.  The work she did with me has been revolutionary.  With her help, I’ve been able to meet the fear and shame that I’d carried around with me from childhood.  It has been wonderful to be finally able to let go and step into more consciousness and freedom.

Jenny Geuken

Deeply ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior are hard to see from the inside, and therefore, hard to heal.  Because Deanne helped me to gently uncover and understand parts of my hidden self, today I’m enjoying new freedom and new happiness.  

Linda K
Virginia, USA