A Toadstool Park or A City Long Forgotten



By Deanne Kaye


At some point, most of us have heard about Sodom and Gomorrah.  The two cities mentioned in the Bible where people acted with such immoral and wicked ways that God needed to destroy them.  It is written that sulfur rained down to burn the 2 cities, and everyone perished except for Lot and his 2 daughters.  Videos have demonstrated how easily flammable parts of these areas are still today.  It was the destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah that would come to my mind when considering to visit Toadstool Geological Park in Western Nebraska in December of 2021.  The park website stated it was named after mushroom looking rocks throughout the park.  There was also a cave for exploring, other rock structures for admiring and tables for having picnics at.  I had already been learning a lot about mud flooded destroyed buildings around our world, so suspected there was something more to uncover at this this place as well.  The 15 miles of dirt road on the last leg of the journey to get there, and the boring Nebraska Forest website about the park were rather discouraging, but I felt compelled to see with my own eyes what Toadstool had to offer.


The entrance area of the park was pretty uneventful.  It had a few placards positioned around the picnic tables, and an old sod house built in 1929 to give us a look into the past lifestyle of those few rugged homesteaders who supposedly lived here before.  I had thought that places settled in the past usually developed beyond the original site, but this place was remote and deserted for miles around it; similar to the destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Maybe the settlers had simply left because the few waterways that seemed to have been there were dried up.  As I walked further into the park, I saw different grasses, leveled plateaus, cascading big hills of dried mud and tilted mega boulders scattered about.  There weren’t many people around; only a couple walking their dogs.  A short chat with them confirmed that they’d never seen rock formations like this before, and the rocks got even more unique the further into the park you went.




I kept close to one of the dried-up waterways for making my path easier to trace back, and I occasionally ventured up onto a plateau to get a wider view of the whole area.  I wasn’t having much luck in finding the cave, so just kept my focus on the amazing rock structures springing up; some about 5-7 stories high.  These weren’t just mushroom looking formations geologically created over time as the website said.  This was a place that seemed to have been destroyed.  Not from sulfur like Sodom and Gomorrah.  It was mud.  And how could rock ledges be so uniformly decorated and extend on for yards and then change their positioning midway?  Could hoodoos be thin and pointed, and then right beside them there be fatter structures following a totally different pattern?  Other formations were partially buried like being shifted from an earthquake, and still others were totally leveled with nothing on the surface. There are plenty of online videos examining various structures around our world and theorizing how they might have been destroyed since they also appear strangely melted, mud flooded and buried from earthquakes or liquefaction.  All of those options seemed highly likely here at Toadstool.  Was this creatively formed topography over years or destroyed structures by sophisticated technology from above ground and below?  The further in I ventured, the more easily I could imagine that I was walking amongst the ruins of a place once full of people, but now had become a ghost town, long forgotten and deliberately not recorded in our history books.




If this place had been destroyed, why?  Was it another city full of wicked people that needed to be removed?  Or how about it having to do with resets; small and vast areas that are destroyed to make way gradually or quickly for a new narrative to evolve in our reality?  Sound farfetched?  I imagine it would be if you’ve never explored this reset phenomenon or haven’t even questioned a little about what’s been going on since at least 2020.   But if you have, then you have a mind that has learned to speculate rather than simply regurgitate what we have been told.


Let’s take a brief look at the devasting earthquake in Turkey in February 2023.  The unusual clouds moving across the city before the earthquake hit had a lot of people wondering if there was something hidden in them to deploy the destruction.  It was also strange that there was no epicenter recorded for this earthquake.  Articles from the Turkish news Ogrenci Gundemi and The Washington Post try to pacify any suspicion by making statements like:


  • no UFOs in the clouds
  • China associates these clouds with earthquakes in their country, but there is no connection here.
  • They are lenticular clouds, which are common in some parts of the world and quite beautiful when mixed with sun rays.


So, when they give the clouds a classification name like lenticular, and quote an expert or 2, there’s no need for us to question other possibilities?   We should just accept that this was another natural disaster, and that Toadstool is just a geological park?


Photo by OgrenciGundemi.com


Photo by OgrenciGundemi.com


I haven’t found much reassurance in any mainstream reports given to us for quite some time now, and I know there are plenty of others who don’t either.  Fortunately, trips to places like Toadstool help keep my curiosity and imagination working.  I didn’t find any skeletons, treasures or even the cave during the 3 hours that I was at that “park”.  But I revered the area and what might have been there beyond the boring narrative given.  It is hard for us to believe that lies would be told to us to cover up something else.  But I no longer doubt that that is what has been happening.  Those who have been spreading deception throughout our world are not going to make an official announcement that they’ve been deceiving us.  Uncovering the truth is something we have to pursue.  And it seems that a growing number of us are realizing that our world is not what we have been taught, and we need to start seeing more beyond the veil that’s been put in front of us.



Except two where noted all photos by D.Kaye


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