Hollywood’s Weave of the Programming into Christianity

By Deanne Kaye


After I moved to live in a small village of the Czech Republic for a few years in the Fall of 2018, I started another level of unplugging from the mainstream programming that I had previously regarded as truth.   I began to feel an increasing disgust within minutes of viewing something I tried to watch on Netflix.  It didn’t make sense as to why nothing seemed to capture my attention anymore.  It became so much more refreshing to listen to normal people sharing on YouTube about the oddities of our world compared to anything I’d see on mainstream.  This especially was even truer with the lock downs in 2020.  Then when I returned back to the states and started traveling across country, I saw how I was viewing things so differently from whom I would meet.  I was questioning like those I had connected with online.  But most people were still watching mainstream and believing what they were told.


When I came to Christianity in the Fall of 2022, I felt like maybe this was going to be my saving grace to do as others around me: dive into the Bible, make friends, get a job and settle down to be the best Christian I was destined for.  I wanted to learn so many things about this new found way of life.  For months my daily routine involved:  reading through The Bible, watching many films through the Bible Collection series, reading Christian based books, attending many different church classes, viewing various commentaries on The Bible and short film productions.  I had no idea there were so many resources out there.  I’ve even spent many evenings joining the Relaxing Walker Channel as he strolls throughout Israel and The Middle East showing us so many sites of this ancient world, and fortunately without having unnecessary commentary.


Having seen more than a dozen movies and staged filmed productions portraying great figures in the Bible, I noticed a general theme.  The oppressors of the Jewish people like the Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians, Persian and others, have generally been portrayed as egotistical, power-hungry sociopaths.  The stories keep hope and faith alive for believers to overcome the myriad of difficulties that life presents us.  However, the indoctrination here is that we focus on a dualistic image of these crazy leaders unjustly persecuting the Jews rather than getting a more accurate picture of what was happening.  Were all these great civilizations in the past primarily having heartless leaders?  For all those sociopathic leaders that were part of history, there were also brilliant people of ancient times who must have been divinely inspired to have built such amazing structures that we can’t duplicate today.   A recent Biblical play about Joseph and his rise to be 2nd in command in Egypt is a great story of faith and overcoming.  In this production, they included background screen images of Jewish people as slaves using ropes and ramps to build up Egypt.  I was shocked to see that this falsity was still being propagated.  But when we stay in the narrative of dualism, along with the important message of overcoming, we don’t consider…hey it would have been impossible for them to move, much less position such heavy stones with just ropes, ramps, pickaxes, spades and even some animals in their day!   When you stand in front of these amazing structures and contemplate them, you know without a doubt, the building story line we’ve been told is absurd!


During my travels to Egypt in early 2020, I met some travelers who were exploring alternatives to what the tour guides, museum boards and textbooks have told us.  The ancients definitely knew more about our world and physics than we in the mainstream do today.  They had technology that allowed them to build with heavy stones and position them with precision that even align with the celestial stars.  They must have had anti-matter technology, giants, or were in a biosphere that was different than it is now, therefore allowing objects to be moved more easily.  One French production team created their own video on how people would have worked cooperatively to build the pyramids by pouring cement into molds and then using the heat of the sun and glass for melting objects.   Any of these theories seem more appealing to consider than the narrative we’ve been told.   They spark our imagination, awe and wonder at the glorious possibilities people were capable of when being connected to something greater…. even when oppression with sociopathic leaders were also occurring.


Another area that got me wondering about Hollywood’s influence was at a recent movie showing in our church of The Jesus Revolution.  It’s about revival and Jesus encounters happening in the west coast of the US in the 70s.  When the film opened with the distributing company of Lionsgate being involved in the funding for this film, I immediately had suspicions of what additional messages we would get.  Throughout the movie, the audience no doubt loved the film, and I can say I learned some things about the movement.  Then, closer to the end of the film, they just had to throw in historical footage of a blatant lie.  The moon landing in 1969.  It made me wonder if the producers of the film were contracted by Lionsgate to include it in the story line.  It really didn’t even seem to be relevant to the movie, but it was in there anyways.  Now if you do even a little digging on this, you can see that the internet isn’t censoring that many people out there show it’s fake in various ways.  There’s video footage of Buzz Aldrin whispering to a girl that we’ve never gone to the moon, and a videographer saying he filmed the landing in a studio.  There’s one Australian physicists/astronomer on video in the mid-60s saying we won’t ever be able to go to the moon because it’s plasma and not rock!  I saw that video a few years ago somewhere in my digging and haven’t been able to relocate it again yet.


If you still believe we went to the moon, then that’s programming at work.  Look at the photos with different eyes to notice there are no stars in the photos; the flag is flapping in the wind when there is supposedly no air up there; someone had to be there to videotape the landing and take-off of that aluminum tin foil pod; and Nixon was supposed to have given the astronauts a phone call when even today we still have connection problems on our cell phones!  Revealing this lie has not been as ridiculed as it was years ago because it’s decades old and no one will take responsibility for it anymore.  A repeated theme we keep having!   If we seriously consider the lengths they went to for this lie, it opens doors to considering other lies we’ve been subjected to.


I’ve started to slowly meet a few more people here in Northern California who are aware of the lies.  I’m convinced that whether we are Christian or not, we can take more responsibility for releasing the deception from our consciousness.  But I also see that there are still plenty who don’t want to look at these things nor do they think they are important.  However, like with forgiveness and healing from past pain, when we examine and let go of the lies we’ve believed as truth, we can better embrace and actually behold the awe, presence and wonders that God has for us here on Earth.


“Moon Landing from Google Images”


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