Looking back over my life, so far, I see that I have been doing my work all of my life, guided by the spiritual forces that are all a part of the evolution and expansion of Life and Intelligence and Goodness. Everything – including my having been stabbed to death years ago (another story I will share separately) – has brought me to my work today. 

While I have been working in the aethers for many years, now, with the advent of things that have transpired specifically in the last two years, it became crystal clear that Humanity is in a final spiritual battle of Good vs. Evil, and everything that matters is at stake.

Though I am attacked for my work every minute of every day by the dark forces that want to destroy Humanity and this beautiful Mother Earth, what is at stake is simply too precious and sacred to abandon the effort.  Therefore, I go and do battle in the aethers every night, with the courageous and powerful assistance of my expanded Sweet Medicine army, as well now as the Angelic forces, to find and destroy this evil that is insanely jealous of us creator humans – because they do not have the power to create.  And after feeding off human energy for vast stretches of time – wishes now to destroy us and our beautiful home. 

This is what I fight against, and welcome all of the fellow spiritual warriors who are answering the call to stand in our power and retake our world and reality.  Those of us participating in this, are the ones who have the vision and ability, likewise, to re-create our world, in the aftermath of this war, and come back to the Beautiful intention and plan of Creator…

Quiet Bear Bio

I have been doing the particular work I am presently doing for the last seven years, having started my shamanic training 33 years ago, in the shamanic tradition of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island, a brief summary of which can be found here https://theforceiswithinyou.forumotion.com/t1430-star-nation-teachings-twisted-hairs .  In 1989 after completing my seven years of training, half of which took place in the mountains and wilderness of Arizona, I left, with my Teacher, SwiftDeer’s, benedictions, to begin my work in 1996.

I uniquely work in the aethers, where beings and knowledge not otherwise available in our daily reality reside. The aethers contain both peaceful (high frequency) and dangerous regions (low frequency), and it is the latter where my work is done. The lowest frequency areas of the aethers is the home of horrific demons and parasites, who cause and otherwise inject into our own reality horrors and dangers that we otherwise would not suffer. These are the evil denizens that I attack and battle, precisely so that they cannot influence our lives on beautiful Mother Earth, and otherwise interfere with the manner in which Creator intended our nature and reality to be. In this work, I am assisted by an unlimited number of Sweet Medicine animals, who are both my army and assigned protectors to those in need of their powerful, wise and loving service.

Recently, I was also contacted by the vast presence of the Angelics, who proactively expressed their desire to offer assistance to me and my work. The Angelics have been monitoring my work and recently offered to help in any way they can. So now, along with the Sweet Medicine Spirit Animals and the Furies, the Angelics are now actively assisting in clearing people of the entities feeding on the human race.

These are Warrior Angels, not the misconstrued “new agey” kind of angels sprinkling flower petals everywhere. These are the toughest of the tough. They are armed to the hilt with weapons of  unimaginable force and they bring with them the Righteous Anger of The Christ, to wipe out the dark forces once and for all and send them into the Great Fiery Lake of Torment, for all the evil they have intentionally perpetrated upon the Children of Creator.

Likewise, since the beginning of my shamanic work, I was contacted by, and have been working with the guidance of the three Lords of Karma, who ensure the Laws of Karma are respected, and the all-important balance of all things is maintained. The Karma Lords, themselves, are imposing and completely dedicated to serving Balance in all things.

Once again, I will reiterate that none of us, the Sweet Medicine, Furies or the Angelics, are here to “heal” anyone. We are all here to provide a protected space that allows humanity the opportunity to fully activate their own divine creative powers, to heal themselves and from there to join in the fight to stop the darkness from consuming the light of creation. Besides clearing the dark entities, I then offer guidance on each spiritual warrior reclaiming and standing in their own power, to do their work.

I offer this information as basic background for you to know that I am both grateful for the opportunity to be of service, and so that you understand that you are in good hands, including your own required participation, in which I will be happy to also offer guidance.

Marcela Cruz Bio

I grew up in Southern California, eldest daughter in a family of eight children, and during the more “normal” times, when life was quite lovely in California. Early on, I gained a love of reading, as well as writing, and have  written poetry and prose since I was a child. I attended private schools and then attended and graduated from the  University of Southern California.  I  went on to do administrative work in several businesses and medical offices.  

In 2005, I  was guided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I served as Office Manager for the Santa Fe Farmers Market and then the New Mexico Acequia Association, before meeting my husband, QuietBear, there, and then moving to Idaho, to do organic farming for a few years.  Bear and I then decided to move to Mexico (I am fluent in Spanish,spoken and written, and my family has a long history in Mexico) from which Bear and I have been doing our work, in service to Humanity and Mother Earth, for years.


In late 2022, we moved back to the United States, from which we 
continue our work, now.

Contacts and Services offered

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The service begins with Bear’s going into the aethers, and scanning your astral body, to determine what, if any, etheric parasites or demons or other entities may be attached to you.  Whether you are aware or not, and you may at least suspect if not know, they very much adversely affect your life, and keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.  He then removes and destroys them.  Once you are cleared of these foreign and dark entities, Bear then works with you to return you to being a healthy and empowered Human Being who can not only stand in your own divine-given power, but can help to make a positive difference in this currently acutely challenged Mother Earth.  This latter service is accomplished using a Zoom call, and then subsequently email communications, and where possible (i.e., location) calls.

Articles & Interviews

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Check out Bear’s Artwork here, like M.C. Escher on steroids:







“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the Truth.

Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed, if you do not.”




“Marcela asked Bear on my behalf, if he might investigate a cause and relief for my child who was plagued by nightmares. My boy seemed often to be ‘in battle’ while he slept. Wise, Quiet Bear entered the aethers and saw the warrior in my son and set up protections using Sweet Medicine. Three blessed animal spirits now stand guard and my child sleeps peacefully. Bear and Marcela have connected with my son in person too and given him validation, guidance and counsel which we will treasure always. What a wonderful experience from dark to light and an opening of the mind to all that is and how we can stand in our power.”



“When I got introduced to Bear, I was feeling trapped, as if I was treading in mud and I experienced a total lack of flow. I knew something was up but I could not point my finger to it. Bear quickly did an analysis and cleared my energetic field, removed some demonic entities and put a protective shield around me. From that moment onwards things have started to change and shift. I feel freer, less anxious and have a deep inner knowing that I am protected. Also, Bear has provided me with tools I can use to shield my energy field and to clear my field from unwanted influences. Since the clearing, I am also much more aware when I am out of sink. If in need, I can always reach out to Marcela and Bear and I know, I am safe and protected. With deepest gratitude… Tomaz, Quantum Healer.”


“I was  drawn to you both, especially when during Bear’s interview with JC Kay that until recently you both did your work for the planet and humanity in solitude. I’ve felt great relief from your healing. My boys seem happier too. Every day, we’ve encountered lovely people, and they mostly seek us out, which didn’t happen before. The demonic neighbors are still hovering around, but it does seem that we are finally almost living on different timelines. On the first night of your healing, when my eyes were closed, I saw sacred geometry shapes, in pastel colors swirling around, morphing into other shapes, very fluid. And then I caught a whiff of jasmine.”


“We live in extraordinary times and most of us are not equipped to deal with the dark challenges that face us when we choose to stand up for the truth.  Quiet Bear and his Sweet Medicine animals are here to help us through the difficult times, and to offer the support we need at this very challenging time.  They have helped me enormously and given me the confidence and moral support I need to keep going and get through.  If we want to help others, we also should be wise enough to recognise when we need help ourselves.  I for one am immensely grateful for the help I have received – and continue to receive – from Bear and his very special and loving friends.”


“Marcela and Bear are amongst the most genuine of souls I have encountered. I have been in the healing environment for over 35 years and whilst I have met 100s of good healers, every now and then I come across extraordinary talent. whilst most give out information, Bear gives knowledge and backs that with a true connection, understanding and a powerful ability to navigate the realms of the unseen. This combination creates grounded healing whose impact is felt immediately. Like many parents, navigating the evil our children are presented with on a daily basis is unbearable, with the breakdown of family ties encouraged by education it makes it almost impossible for your children to gain any insight or assistance from you, the parent. Bear has been instrumental in returning my son to his beautiful happy self who chooses to connect with us once again from a place of love and not confusion and projection. The gaslighting of children is outrageous at this time apparently asking your child. if they are ok, is officially gaslighting in their language as it suggests there is something wrong with them,… my god what the education system has created is an abomination for our youth, who will be at some point our caregivers in society controlling our pensions and life as we age. So what do you want, a society that is filled with adults who are so detached and being influenced by evil stating your old age is a burden to them without any gratitude for what you sacrificed or gave to the community?

 This is what we are facing and thank god we have these two to place not only common sense but also love and kindness with a big understanding of how evil works to assist us all to be free of the ties of evil…The fight we are in is for our souls and Bear is our biggest champion. God bless….. Many thanks, Much Love and Much Gratitude, Marcela and Bear. “