All In – Through the Heart

with QuietBear and Lorenzo




Kind of says it all. Full commitment. Loving Perspective. The requirements to make sure, when you go ‘all in’, you are fully aware of what that means. In other words, to see where you may not yet be ‘all in’, in relation to your heart.

For me, I had to first notice how I was fooling myself.  To comprehend the many ways I had mistaken love for something else. Beliefs from my head were, and are, certainly not love’s honest desires. Going beyond the physical and need to pro-create, which I feel come not only from the heart, but perhaps include some ‘lower region’ influences, to find for ourselves what ‘real love’ can mean.

My heart’s voice is very different from my head’s selfish directions. To say we want love is not ‘good enough’, I would say. Honest actions must follow if we wish to see ‘honest results.

Get ready! Such a commitment will always bring serious challenges. Those that kept us away from living fully in love will show up and require your ‘ruthless attention’ for any lasting success on living ‘all in love’.

We are all born, I would say, with a perfect working and loving navigational system. And yet, most pollute it with one physical action or another. From poor nutrition to lack of exercise physical neglect will have a serious impact living, or not, a ‘happy life.

Most, as I did, compound that with our very and varied ‘dirty belief systems’, nailed shut with promises, of one kind or many. Hard challenges to overcome.

To untie that package, open the closet and sort through those ‘skeletons’ all the while unpacking and cleaning all of our ‘dirty laundry’ is not work for the ‘faint of heart’.

It takes a hero’s ‘tonnage’ of courage to walk that path honestly and face the many monstrous challenges that will show, once we decide, to go ‘All In – Through the Heart’.

Of course, it gets sweeter, or can, along the way. But the nice must be earned, because we’ve all burned those bridges of love and so need to rebuild them to continue on our journey towards our Happy Destiny.

Today we began our chat on this challenging topic. It’s taken me years of constant struggles to live this way with challenges still on-going to this very moment.

Cheers Lorenzo




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