Walking in Beauty

with QuietBear and Lorenzo


Today I had the great pleasure of experiencing my first long conversation with Bear and, briefly, his lovely partner Marcela.   Usually I write a bit, for a post, from my chats. This time, though, it seems much more appropriate to allow Bear and Marcela  to speak for themselves. Bear, through our conversation, and Marcel with this lovely poem she has shared with us, to share with you, dedicated to her husband,Quiet Bear.

We Hope You Enjoy this Conversation as Much as we did.  QuietBear and Lorenzo.



Do not live your life

By assumptions and rote.

Let your answer to strife

Be a strong, solid vote

For Courage and Truth.

Always live from your core,

Like you did as a child.

Never fail to ignore

Any urge, calm or wild,

That defies Wisdom’s couth.

And above all be true

To Integrity’s soul.

In whatever you do,

Remain joyfully whole

In your beautiful heart.

For this life that you live,

As intense as it seems,

Is intended to give

Not false magic of dreams,

But your Power’s true art.

-Marcela Cruz-Gibbons




QuietBear Bio:  

QuietBear is Michael’s given Shaman name, which he has gone by since receiving it, following his intense seven years of training starting in 1989 in the 13,000+year Shamanic tradition of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island (https://theforceiswithinyou.forumotion.com/t1430-star-nation-teachings-twisted-hairs). For half that time he lived in the wilderness of the mountains and deserts of Arizona. In 1996 he completed his training and left, with his Teacher, SwiftDeer’s blessings, to do his work. In keeping with that training, he constantly studies and learns: that’s the warrior task for every Twisted Hairs shaman, to always learn and grow by studying the self and other selfs we meet on our life path. Because of his training, QuietBear knows the true human nature, and therefore believes that none of us needs a “saviour”. Our true human nature is our gift and grace to develop and use our own power, a gift from Creator that He intended us to use to its fullest potential in order to protect ourselves and to achieve our true greatness.


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