Awakening to the Dream…

by QuietBear


I want everyone to know, that what you are just about to read is something that Marcela and I have literally agonized and struggled over for over a week. The reason for the struggle is because we have worked very hard to avoid asking for assistance from anyone. What brought us to this point is the result of many long and arduous hours, days, weeks, months and years of fighting the evil that wants to annihilate all of humanity. I assure you that I am not being hyperbolic when I say that.

The dark has already unleashed a death jab that is and has taken out millions so far and there will be many more millions to come. But they didn’t just do that. They’ve also sterilized millions of people, both women and men with this death jab. The ones who were pregnant have either lost their children through spontaneous miscarriages, suffered still births and produced vaxx-injured babies. Very, very few mothers who have taken the jab have had healthy babies. And this is just one vector they’re trying to eliminate humanity with.

Long ago, we knew what was coming and we both dedicated our lives to winning this war. We’ve given it everything we possess within ourselves to stop it and up until now, we’ve relied on our creative abilities, protections, a bit of luck sometimes and always knowing that our Creator would never let us face anything that we couldn’t learn from. We both are fully cognizant of the truth that we are divine, eternal creator beings. (so are you, btw)

So, what makes this big move any different? Because of what’s at stake. Before this moment in the now, we have been learning and growing, knowing that it would help us as we draw nearer and nearer to the final conclusion of this war that has lasted for eons.

Ultimately, we know we’ve won this war already. Our Creator has shown us this, several times. That’s not just wishful thinking, it’s the truth. But herein lies the rub, you see… The dark forces are at their most dangerous now. This is what spurred the Council of Elders, the Circle of Ancients, All of Sweet Medicine, the Karma Lords, and the Dimensional Warriors to instruct me that it’s time to move back to the states. They told me this in no uncertain terms. There was no time for their normal methods of communicating with me. A lot of the time, they show me things in riddles, parables and fictional comparisons to what I need to know. But not this time. This time they took off the gloves.

I was shown that if I stayed on the path I was currently on, doing classes, helping people individually, all the while continuing my work in the aetheric battlefields, doing the things I do there, I would be caught blindsided by the dark. They were planning a large scale ambush that was going to hit me from the aethers and Marcela, me and the dogs, here in the 3D. They’ve completely infested the cartels with demons and they are planning a hit on us. This is not hyperbole. When I’m riding in a taxi going down the road, I get those ‘mad dog stare downs’, from very evil looking dudes with dead eyes. I am basically staying indoors these days. The risk is that great. This is real and it’s why we have to go as soon as possible.

I am well trained in protection and security. I know how to see trouble when it’s coming and I can handle myself with the best of ‘em. It’s what I’ve trained for all of my life and now it’s time to step it up a notch. It won’t be easy, because they know what I can bring to the dance, and make no mistake about it, it is a dance to the death.

When I say these things, it is not to be overly dramatic or sensational. Anyone who knows me can attest that it is not the kind of man I am. It’s why I haven’t been very communicative with my work as a shaman. It is part of the reason I am called ‘QuietBear” in the first place. It’s the results that are what’s important, not any form of ego gratification. I tamed the ego long ago. If the Elders told me to release myself from all of my physical possession, go into the desert, dig a hole and do my aetheric workings from there, I’d be heading into the depths of the Sonoran Desert right now, not writing this to you. I know I could and would do it, because they told me to do something very similar in the Superstition Mountains, when I was nearing the last phases of my training, almost exactly 30 years ago from right now.

But this time it’s not the desert. This time they’re instructing me to move to the Ozarks. Not sure if it’s in the Missouri part or the Arkansas part just yet, but as I get closer to being there the visions, insights, synchronicities, ‘coincidences’ and knowing’s will become clearer and clearer. That’s how it works for me. It’s what’s gotten me to this point right now.

Even as the world is seemingly imploding upon itself because of the machinations of the demonic beings inhabiting human bodies, calling themselves globalists, WEF’rs, IMF’rs or communists… They’re causing as much chaos and confusion as possible, to distract the world hoping they can pull off one last horrific spell and turn their defeat into victory. It ain’t gonna work, but it’s keeping them busy, but we all need to step up to the plate, to do our part.

So we have this window of opportunity to slip through their traps, get to a safe landing zone in a fly-over state, where we can catch a breath, do some recon and bring into creation the place of teaching, learning, healing, growing and thriving will be birthed from our engines of imagination, our intent and our dogged determination to bring this realm to the place of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. What life is meant to be. And we are asking you all to join in, as you can.

Until the darkness is erased, we will face struggles of many kinds, yes, this is true. They have fooled humanity into believing that it’s only through dark-struggles that we can ‘evolve’. That is completely 180° from what was intended by Our Creator. That is the reality we will know when we’re free of this fucking evil.

That is why we have humbly asked that if anyone is able to help us bring this move to safety and subsequently to the place where Our Community will flourish into fruition. I just wanted to give you as much information as I’m able to, so you can know what you’re a part of. Because if you’re reading this, you are part of our Greater Spiritual Family of Warriors. What you do with that knowledge is your choice to make.

I want to be very clear here when I tell you, if it’s not possible to assist financially, we totally and 100% get it and do not expect anyone to feel bad because they’re unable to. While we will deeply appreciate any help you are able to give, we don’t want anyone to do without, in fact we’re working to bring abundance and the way to achieve it through our workings. Once we’re at the spot Creator has ready for us, there will be plenty of ways to exchange energy with us. Just sending loving energies, prayers and well wishes empowers us greatly, so there is always a way to assist in this great journey we’re embarking on… Again. 

I titled this writing, “Awakening to the Dream”, without really knowing where my highest self, would take me to have me write to all of you. I admit, that I am using the term, ‘highest self’ so it feels comfortable to the readers, but in reality, as I’m writing these words, here in what I call my “Writing Reality Time”, or “WRT”, it is my Nagual that is doing the talking. (As a quick aside, this is my WRT, whilst for the reader, it is your “Reading Reality Time”, or “RRT”.) This is usually how it works, I know I’m being urged to write and I can tell it’s my Nagual self, doing the urging.

(I will go more into this part about my Nagual and how anyone can learn to know this part of themselves, after we’re moved and I’m teaching from there.)

Right now, I want to open your minds farther than just knowing you’re a creator being, which is what I’ve been teaching so far. We are not only ‘creator beings’. We are also Dreamers. We’re creators, dreaming our creation. We’re all dreaming, all of the time. We’re all part of the greater dream. We are always dreaming, it never ‘turns off’. Here, in this dimension, we have frames of reference within our minds. We call it, ego and that’s part of its job, to give us reference. When we’re dreaming whilst sleeping, the ego isn’t involved, so it seems more fantastical and disjointed. That is until, you’re a skilled lucid dreamer. Whilst in the sleeping part of the dream, is what life would be like if we could all manifest anything we thought about, instantly. It’s how Creator protects us from total chaos, by providing the tool of ego here in this portion of reality. With practice and training, we can utilize the ego’s tools in that sleeping part, so that we can begin learning how to bring the things we create with ease in that part of the dream and bring it into this part of the dream; the waking part of the dream.

Why am I telling you this now? Because it’s time more people comprehend what we exist in. A step up, as it were, in embracing the magnificence of what we’re part of.  And why the Dark wishes to destroy us all.

I read every single email that comes to us after seeing me on Jacy’s video, or having read one of my articles. As I’m reading those emails, I automatically bi-locate to the writer of the email and begin doing what I do, to allow that person to have a protected area and all that that entails. I can do this because when someone sends an email asking for assistance, they do so with their energy, which is within the emails’ own energy. Everything is energy. Everything is part of a frequency and each one is unique and at the same time they’re in harmony with all frequencies. I read these energies; these frequencies, very clearly. I can feel their pain, loss, confusion, chaos and all the gambit of emotions they’re feeling at the moment of the now when they sent it, or as I’ve said earlier, their WRT. In my RRT, I take it all within me and love it with everything that I AM. I can read the person from that connection, subtly and softly without causing interference, I blend with their frequency and let them know they are much stronger than they know. I give them a glimpse of who they really are. At the same instant, I am also doing these things through the Astral body of the person as I assist their Sweet Medicine group in getting to blend with your energies. I do this all very subtly so as not to cause a shock in that person. The reason for that is because most people have only known pain in their lives, in one form or another, so they only know periods of lesser or greater pain, but never the freedom from it. Too much love at those moments can be more detrimental than helpful, so I only send enough to smooth out the rough waters that they’re in. Some feel it right away, some don’t. Some feel a sense of peace they’ve not known for a long time, whilst others barely feel a thing, right away.

This puts everyone we’re working with into the same levels of frequencies, so that we can learn to work with each other in the dream state and as well, upon further training, how to navigate through the aethers, consciously. I say consciously, because everyone goes there a lot of the time, unconsciously.

Every time someone stands in their newfound strength and begins growing stronger, we all grow stronger in our Spiritual Warrior Selves. That’s why I push myself to see this occur. When I’m operating from the higher frequencies with the Councils, we see the harmony and balance coming more and more into focus. Yes, there are millions of us they’re watching, but each and every individual is a fractal part of that whole. Just as important as everyone else.

That’s what the community we’re creating will facilitate and nurture. That’s why this is so very, very important.

It is very important to tell all of you these things so that we’re all as close to being ‘on the same page’, as is possible. I’ve been quiet long enough and I know these things are necessary for you all to know right now.

I know, I feel, when people think I haven’t fulfilled my part of assisting them, because I haven’t been able to have one on one conversations with everyone… Yet.

I say, yet, because I am determined to talk with each and every one of you, sooner if not a bit later.

In my WRT, as I’m telling you these things it is 2:25am, CST. After writing this, I will be doing my work in the aethers until around 7am to 9am, whereupon, if possible I’ll grab a short nap. These times vary of course, but that’s usually when I then talk with Marcela and give the dogs their daily greetings. Around 12pm or 1pm, I’ll get up and eat something whilst I process the dream workings I was doing whilst napping. I then spend some time seeing what is going on in our crazy world, all the while, scanning what is going on in the aethers with my army of Sweet Medicine, the Furies, Dimensional Warriors and a few others assisting me there. I do some planning on where I will be attacking next, who will be my targets for disruption when I fully go out to work in the middle of most people’s nights. I do this every day, whilst Marcela is not only doing what she has to do every day, normally for our daily living, but also getting the things in line we need to have ready when it’s time to skedaddle. I do what I can to help her with these things, but you’ve never seen a true whirlwind like she is when she’s in “Operations Manager” mode. It’s a thing of beauty in motion watching her do her magic.

Then… We do it all over again… Every day. Yes, differences occur in what we do, but it’s nonstop for both of us and we know how to ride the waves as they come our way.


If you’ve read this far, I want to thank you for taking a few moments to understand what, not only we are facing, but how this will all eventually affect your lives as well. I know you’re all doing the very best you can. I truly, truly do. I know how everyone is having a rough go of things. Marcela and I don’t live in a bubble thinking it’s all just happening to us. We really feel what all of you are going through.

I have told you what I do, what I feel and experience when I’m assisting you, but as well, Marcela too is a “Highly Sensitive Person”, or HSP and incredibly empathic herself. She feels the things I feel when she reads your emails as well, but I’ve only spoken about what I do, because she will one day share her experiences as well.


So… Thank you all, from the depths of my soul, thank you. You all mean more to me than you will EVER truly know.

In Strength and Courage,


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