Oh, for more hours in a day….

by QuietBear



Oh, for more hours in a day…

Hello everyone… As I begin my evening’s work, I feel it is important that I talk about some things as they’re unfolding around us.

The pressure from Satan’s forces is reaching insane levels now, in their death throes. Satan is like a wild animal with his paw in a strong trap, with the hunters moving in with their spears. He knows he has lost in his efforts to consume the light, thinking he would rule the darkness.

Since he has nothing to lose, he is at his most dangerous. He knows he can’t take us all with him but he’s going to try to take as many with him as he can and making life as difficult as possible for those he doesn’t take with him into the abyss.

We can’t go up against what’s left of their infrastructure here in the physical world, but we have other ways of making a positive difference in this highest stakes war.

And that, is on the spiritual front. They have minions who are weak from being fed upon and having to create the dark energies that cause so much chaos and destruction in our lives. And with the Great Awakening in full swing, the demons have less and less quality loosh to feed upon.



This is why so many of us humans are wanting to stand in their power. We are all part of this Great Awakening.

Thanks to Marcela’s incredible abilities to make something from nothing in a matter of a couple of weeks, we are working our way through the list of people seeking assistance. It’s definitely a steep learning curve but she’s riding it like a champ.

What helps us both is knowing we have all of you, working to stand in your power, creating and sending out such incredibly powerful energies of love to us. The way this is all forming so organically is confirmation for me that we are all working with divine guidance, in the flow, as it were.

Where my work is concerned, I am getting a great deal accomplished in both the tonal (the physical) and the nagual (the spiritual). I am working out a schedule that allows me the time to assist those seeking empowerment, and the work I’ve been doing in the aethers for a very long time. They are both equally important in what I do.

A long time ago, I felt and then realized how incredibly, awesomely powerful we are as creator beings. That spark of our Father Creator we each have within us is nearly limitless in its scope and breadth.

This is why after all these years, doing all they can to weaken, sicken and otherwise disempower us, the simple and plain fact is … we are still here.

Satan, being the prince of the air, is in control of what is seen on pretty much every form of media that exists. That’s why it seems as if the chaos is so rampant around our world, when in truth the only real rioting there is going on are the people of earth standing up to this tyranny that seems to be ready to engulf the entire earth.

The truth is, Satan’s forces are weak and disoriented. They are in disarray, which is why they are putting out the false narratives that they’re winning and making it seem like “so many crazy events are happening!”.

The way to combat this propaganda blitz on humanity’s senses, is to focus on our immediate sphere of influence.

It is why I stress so often that it’s time for anyone with even an ounce of intent, to stand in their power. This means to be absolutely brutally honest with oneself. To face the things we’ve put in our shadow self, thinking it was something bad or wrong or even in a lot of cases, too good, too much. When we face these things with courage, knowing they won’t “end us”, we can then heal them and grow stronger for having done so, and we become the powerful warriors we were meant to be.



There comes a time, dependent only on the intent of the warrior, when we face those things we would have once put into our shadow self, as they come up in our daily lives.

I saw this power and embraced it, just as anyone can. Having accepted who we all are, I began doing what I could to make a difference in the war being waged upon humanity and the souls of each and every one of us.

Most of this power, I use in the spiritual war. I use it, among other things, to create powerful beings that assist in my efforts there.

And no matter how much I face, in the aethers and here in this realm where you’re reading my words, in your now, I’m always given the protected area where I can replenish and continue what I am doing. A large portion is the loving energies all of you send our way, which works perfectly with the creator energies I have learned to embrace in keeping me strong.

Yes, I have moments of doubt and pain… I get up and I’m creaky with pain which I breathe in to see what it has to teach me. A shaman knows that literally every single moment in our lives is a moment to walk in beauty. To examine, assess, learn and grow from. Most are small and seemingly inconsequential as we move through them but they make us ready to really face the challenges that are major learning moments for us.

Never be a victim. If I could only pass on one thing, that would probably be it. Once you’ve faced some of your old fears, worries and doubts, realizing they were made-up monsters created by the ego, you really never want to go back to thinking the world happens to you.

The power in knowing that you, happen to the world (as opposed to the world happening to you) is simple, complicated, and fraught with upset and pain… At first. Think of it as growing pains. There will be pain, but you will grow through it and from it. The more you learn to stand in your power the more you relax into being in control of your life.

The more you do all of this, the stronger you are able to protect yourself from unwanted intrusions into your life. You will prevent most parasites from connecting with you in the first place, but when one slips through you’re able to discern its efforts to bring chaos into your life by inducing you to give your power away. And then you will be able to eliminate it and its dark influence.

One of the reasons I’m going into all of this, is because I want to lovingly assure all of you that, although a bit tired, and admittedly at times exhausted, I am feeling strong in who I am, and in what I’m doing and living in gratitude for all that the Universe brings me.

As a quick aside on that last part, at the beginning of any warrior’s path of empowerment, the influences by the dark forces will try to teach us to create those chaotic events by manipulating our choices. Therefore, we have been giving away our power without conscious knowledge, though deep down everyone knows they’re part of something beyond comprehension.

Sadly, I am fully aware that there are those who seek assistance from us who cannot let go of being a victim, always blaming outside sources as the cause of their ills.

I completely get it, that many people just can’t get past the fact that we, as creators, have created every single instant in our lives here. Good and bad. And this isn’t the bad news that many make it out to be.

Once someone makes it past this egoic block they realize that, “Wait a minute… If I’m the one who created the bad things in my life, I can now learn how to create the good, the true and the beautiful into my life, instead!” It seems so simple on paper, but so many refuse to even consider it. It proves our creative greatness, and we have been indoctrinated not to believe in ourselves and our innate abilities.

I have found in my years of research that most of humanity is under the spell of a massive psychological operation. It’s all designed and carried out to get as many humans as possible creating their loosh. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not. They can’t get enough of it. In adrenochrome, the loosh is highly concentrated and powerful. They have kept the masses lulled into the highly suggestive alpha brain waves, while behind the scenes and many times out in the open, they’re harvesting humans of all kinds to create more loosh.



They’re able to control all of those people with only a few demons, witches and archons through the aetheric realms, syphoning off the majority of everyone’s innate creator energies.

They’re doing their damnedest in their efforts to hide the Great Awakening even though they know they never will. The amount of people around the world who are awakening to the slavery system they’ve been embedded in by lies and manipulation is growing, and these awakened humans are not taking it anymore.

Jacy, you were so spot on with your “windy” update on things recently… The abundance you talked about is all around us in potential. The potential is activated with our intent.

This whole notion that we aren’t supposed to be abundant is part of the controlled New Age movement, which was actually yet another Trojan horse being used against us. It taught people that to be successful and abundant was a negative thing, when it is the complete and total opposite. Creator intends that we be Abundant.

The more we allow to flow through us, the more there is to flow. When you make the intent, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in at the moment, to share with someone in need, it starts the entire universe in motion to keep the flow going. That’s what the universe is all about, the movement of energy.

The only thing that ever stays the same, is change.

We also spur this energy on by simply comprehending that everything is in flow. Give, knowing that more will be coming your way.

I know this sounds corny but the simple truths usually do, right?

Please continue sending us all of your loving energies, but also know that what is most important right now is that we work together to make this awakening process as streamlined as possible… Not that we’ll “move people through quickly”, but any time spent with them is utilized to its fullest.

I haven’t ever really said this before, but I am a huge fan of humanity and its future. I have faith that, without the influences of chaos from the dark, humans naturally and easily create good things in our world. However much those times have happened in our past or not is only proof we can do it, but what really matters right now is that we all be as courageous and strong in who we are and what we can accomplish together.

I know that all of you are of the same mindset and the strength it gives me is immeasurable.

In those rare moments of doubt and pain, I pull onto those energies and pull myself back into my full self, knowing that nothing can ever stop what is happening.

If you are reading this, you are a powerful spiritual warrior and I honor you. Fight this war by facing the little self, the ego, and its weaponized version, the Wettigo. Fight it by helping others to face their shadow, to stand in their power.

So, if I sound like a fan-boy for humanity, it is because I unashamedly am. I know how strong each of you are. I have seen what we can do. I see what we are doing. It’s why I am doing this.

It’s why I’m going out right now, where I do my best work.


We’ll all talk soon…

In Strength,



QuietBear Bio:  QuietBear is Michael’s given Shaman name, which he has gone by since receiving it, following his intense seven years of training starting in 1989 in the 13,000+year Shamanic tradition of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island (https://theforceiswithinyou.forumotion.com/t1430-star-nation-teachings-twisted-hairs).  For half that time he lived in the wilderness of the mountains and deserts of Arizona. In 1996 he completed his training and left, with his Teacher, Swiftdeer’s blessings, to do his work. In keeping with that training, he constantly studies and learns: that’s the warrior task for every Twisted Hairs shaman, to always learn and grow by studying the self and other selfs we meet on our life path.  Because of his training, QuietBear knows the true human nature, and therefore believes that none of us needs a “savior”.  Our true human nature is our gift and grace to develop and use our own power, a gift from Creator that He intended us to use to its fullest potential in order to protect ourselves and to achieve our true greatness.




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