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Those of us who are alive today, during these most tumultuous and unpredictable of times, are special.  You know who you are.  In that quiet space within you that preserves your divine connection to who you really are, you know.  It is a knowing way beyond any cognitive or egoic knowledge, because it is knowledge from your eternal, powerful Higher Self.  And it is your Higher Self that chose for yAou to incarnate here during these times, knowing that the current state of our world was coming, and is an ultimate War between Good and Evil on our incomparable Mother Earth.  You are the Spiritual Warriors who chose to be here, on the side of Light and God, to ensure the failure of the current hijacking of our otherwise beautiful and magical Reality, by the Dark.


In particular, those of us from the prior generations, from the 1950s forward, that experienced life and society during more “normal” times, and therefore have the benefit of grasping the nature and extent of the changes that have been wrought upon our world by entities and elements who hate and envy Humanity, and live to rape, pillage and destroy us and our beautiful world, you will understand the power of this Calling.  Those younger of you, know this by your divine intuition, recognizing how “wrong” things feel, and instinctively recoiling from what you see emerging and made by the Dark to appear normal and acceptable/admirable to those many who are still asleep.


Again, I say, you know who you are, regardless.  Because you are special, being the critically necessary Spiritual Warriors, able to vanquish the Dark, here on Earth. I call upon you all now, before another day passes, to engage with me on behalf of all that is Good and Pure and Bright in this world. I was sent back from death 41 years ago, to complete the work I am writing to you about, today.  Some of you know parts of my story, but it is by no means the whole story, which I begin to share with all of you, here, today, because the time before was not ripe, yet, for more of this message, which  I begin to share, now.


Some of you have already experienced working with me, and should know that an important connection with you was established by it. And now this is a call to all of you, to honor what your Soul knows and resonates with, to get in touch with me, now, as the time is finally ripe, and there is little time to lose.  You must all receive the necessary training, guidance and protection you will need, to accomplish your Soul’s mission, here, now. Do not allow your egos and fears to convince you that this is not the most important thing for you, and the very reason you are here.


My wife, Marcela, and I were in Mexico for the last seven years, waiting for the right time and circumstance for the work I was there specifically to do, and it all aligned on 11/8/22 at the time of the lunar eclipse, which was absolutely phenomenal.  Marcela and I have watched both solar and lunar eclipses since we were children, and we both stood in awe, watching this one, which was far more intense and dramatic than any we have witnessed before.  And its energy was what was needed, to enable me to open an energy gateway located in the mountains overlooking Puerto Vallarta, and easily viewed from the home were renting there.  For aeons, very special and powerful spiritual Beings had been trapped and imprisoned there, and it was my task to release them, finally at this time, back out into the world, to participate in actively assisting Humanity in this current final war of Good versus Evil.  In fact, as I stood inside the front iron-wrought gate of our house, that night, following my opening of the portal that released them, there was a group of these Beings that purposely, ethereally, floated by the gate, right in front of me, to stop and thank me. These beings are very important assets for us, in this War, and can now participate, again.


For those who may not be aware, Marcela and I returned from Mexico, and in a rather precipitous and threatening way, from the work we were doing there, and some of you supported the expense and challenge of that move, in which the demonic influences we fight daily had managed to make us targets for the cartels. Thank you, once again.  On our exit, we were actually followed all the way to the airport by three cartel members in a car, one of whom showed his gun to me, through the window of the car in which they were following us. And certainly, from start to finish, the demons made sure that our whole journey was fraught with every setback, unexpected expense and aggravating complication possible.  A few who witnessed some of this on the way expressed disbelief that these things could be happening to us, and our poor two dogs, and some stepped in to help. Bless them.  But in the end, knowing the divine task of Spiritual Warriors, we pushed ahead, and now six-plus months later, are finally in our own rented home and finally able to take on the remainder of the work we have been assigned to do.  And it includes and involves all of you, our fellow Spiritual Warriors and Soul community. And thus, this message to you all.


This is a magical, powerful, unique Free Will World.  God’s most mighty and empowering gift to Humanity is Free Will.  It is an incomparable gift, as it uniquely empowers those gifted with it, to be their own Sovereign Beings and create their own reality and fate. It is unique to this world. And from the Beginning, the dark demonic forces have been consummately jealous of Human Beings, who with their Free Will have the ability to actually create – something these dark beings cannot do, and they envy Humanity our gift and so wish to destroy us, in their hatred.  Over the many centuries, they have managed to slowly but surely disconnect us from the realization of God’s gift, all the while finding many ways to rob us of our Light Force energy and gifts, using our energy to feed themselves – for they are ultimate Parasites.  And the most powerful weapon they devised and have been using against us is FEAR, whose energy is sacrilegious to Who We Are, and causes us to generate the kind of energy they can feed on, called Loosh, for consuming our original, God-given Light energy would destroy them.


Stop and think and observe:  in our current world reality, there are now technologies never before available on a global scale, which have been hijacked by the Dark to powerfully generate Fear, on a scale and level never before experienced by Humanity.  Think of the mass media we have all (by design) become addicted to, and recognize that the technologies used to create and disseminate it that they are based on.  Then observe the nature of the “information” we are constantly fed:  lies and other deceptions which are designed to generate deadly Fear, in all of its nasty manifestations.  Humanity has been made to constantly feed loosh to the demonic world to a previously unimaginable degree – and now witness what this world has become, as a direct consequence of that, and the unbelievable satanic influence of which Humanity and all of dearest, beautiful Mother Nature have become victims.


I therefore call to all of you Spiritual Warriors, to recognize it is time to fully awaken to the very reason you are here, now, for it is you, it is the effort of all of us, together, which can, and will, save our beautiful Earth reality, destroy these evil forces once-and-for-all, and return us all to the divine evolution God intended for us.  However you conceive or feel Him to be, because of the divine gift of Free Will, He will not trespass upon it by directly intervening to solve our current deadly situation:  because make no mistake – this is a Life and Death time for God’s Light in this world.  He will, however, fully support in ways only He can, the concerted effort of our Free Will choice to band together to intervene and save our world.  If what I have shared here resonates with you, then please respond to me and my wife, Marcela, copying both at and so that we can begin to finish training and deploying the army of Spiritual Warriors who have chosen to be here, now, for this work.  I completed my work that required us to be in Mexico until very recently and was instructed to come back to the United States, to take up this final stage of my Work, of which you are all a part, if your Free Will choice is made to be so.  Let us know if you need us to re-send or send Bear’s updated Welcome Letter, so that we can all complete this Work, and bring a rebirth into The Light, to this world, which is the priority Marcela and I are back here for, now.  Come, join us.  You are needed, like never before…


Greetings to all…  Update Here to the Above Article for May 8 2023


This is a follow-up to the article I just posted on The New Agora and a precursor to any upcoming Zoom calls I will be having with everyone who responded to my call to all Spiritual Warriors.


I was guided to write that article to put out a call for those who are ready to step up and do all they can for Humanity, because of the urgency we are all facing in this battle of Good and evil that is raging out of control in our world.


This isn’t about doing something “for the Creator”, as if He were a separate being that is calling for our assistance in this war.


You are PART OF CREATOR, not apart from Him.


From the moment you were Created and sent on your Human journey, you have known that this time in our reality would occur.  You have always known that this time would come and that you would play an integral part in this war, and you’ve been preparing for it, consciously or unconsciously, your entire existence.


Know that since you arrived here, you’ve been subject to lies, propaganda and brainwashing the entire time. The dark did this so that you wouldn’t know your true power. They have done everything to keep you from the truth that your thought is creation. That you could end them forever, because of how powerful we all truly are. They didn’t create the mess we’re in now, we did. We did it for them without even knowing it was us doing the creating. They knew that they could implant anything into our minds and we would create it for them. This isn’t about how to create. You’ve always been creating this reality, but you’ve unknowingly been creating what they wanted us to create. You’ve never not been creating, because of who you are


and the power given to you by Creator.  This time we are in is about knowing how powerful you already are. Where you put your intent, the engine of creation, there your reality will be.


It doesn’t mean you can do this every once in a while to make it work.  It happens in every moment, because of the power you hold, which you have been made to forget, by the dark.  You’ve created a strong reality but now you have to change your intent, to shift the present dark reality you have been manipulated into creating for the dark.  Reclaiming your power to make that critical shift in our reality is going to take your breaking free from the conditioning of the dark, standing in your power and changing our current dark-tainted situation, this once-and-for-all.  You have to constantly monitor your thinking and correct it, without judgement, all of the time, now that you know.


I am going to talk to you about how powerful your imagination really is. That when you apply your imagination with intent and focus, you will be accomplishing what you are imagining, in ways you cannot see. You set creation in motion without knowing what is being done, as a result. That’s the Creator’s work. When you have doubts, worries, or fears that seep in, you must stop them and be courageous. Stand your ground and refuse to be swayed by these things. This is the dark’s brainwashing at work. The Universe doesn’t care ‘what’ you create. It has no judgement. It just does what you’re imagining. Most of the time we don’t see what Universe has set in motion


In response to our creating abilities, and when you give conflicting energies, then you generate a conflicted reality.


If you were to be watching me when I do my work in the aethers, it would look like I am sitting quietly, meditating.


What I’m actually doing, is using my imagination with focused intent to go into other dimensions and do incredible things there. In that realm, I am a 25 foot tall grizzly bear, and accompanied by the army of Sweet Medicine, Angelics and others  I have previously described.  It is what is required, to


do the work I do.  I have battles with horrific demons and parasitic entities. I attack and disrupt the dark spirits who are attached and working through what we call the elite, those lost souls that think they have power over us, and gave over their own, original human power to these evil entities, because of their lust for power promised by those dark voices. I don’t attack them physically, but I cause distress and confusion in their physical lives. I stop them from feeding on the fear they get us to create for them, which starves them from their food, which is called loosh, something that all humans create whenever they are in fear, of any kind.  I scan the dimensions looking to see where I can empower humanity and where their energy is being eaten and I stop that evil perversion.


My goal, and the goal of all of us, is to starve them of this Loosh. It weakens them and they make mistakes. I use Sweet Medicine and the Divine Warriors to assist me, as I have


Explained.  This is a form of Guerrilla Spiritual Warfare. We hit them and then we move to our next target. Always moving. Always disrupting. Always causing them to weaken and then sending them to the Great Abyss, from where Source reclaims them and rebuilds them, back to the light of creation – always the original intent.


You are going to have to know that what you are imagining is VERY real and that you are doing it with intent. Have faith that you’re accomplishing these things. I will be helping you with learning to do that, during our Zoom calls.


I want you to talk with Creator as if He’s your closest friend and ally. Don’t “pray” to Him, talk WITH Him. Know that you ARE PART OF HIM.  When you are quiet, you will hear Him clearly. Again, ignore any ego fears and doubts, because they will pop into your head. Just command them to be silent. You are in charge. Then continue your conversation with Creator. He hears you and He’s’ also talking with you. You will hear him in your heart, not in your head. You might hear words, see images or just have strong feelings, but He is talking with you.  Learning


To do this might take a little bit, to hear Him. That’s okay. Take your time, and have faith in yourself and your abilities.  But know it is really happening. The trick is to stick with it and have deep faith that it really is happening. This is your intent at work.


You probably aren’t aware that since you have written to Marcela and I, I have been working with your Astral Body, along with a team of Sweet Medicine and the Divine Warriors.


I haven’t been “working on you”, I have been “working with you”. We have cleared you of all demons and parasites who were attached to you. Now it’s your time to make sure they stay off of you so that you can do the work I am referring to in this war.


I have been doing this work for several decades now so it may seem that it’s a lot of hard work. It was very hard, when I didn’t have faith that I was accomplishing things because of the doubts that would creep in through ego.  But I kept it up, and once I had complete faith, everything changed. It became very real. I began getting proof of what I was, which to any asleep person is just ‘imagining’. As a result of my work, evil people in places of power were resigning, getting ill, having heart attacks and other things like that.  You will begin getting these proofs, too. You will see that what you’re doing is making a big difference.


And this is only the beginning of what we are all capable of,


Especially working together as a spiritual family-army. There is more than I can ever put into mere words, but you will soon experience these things, by committing to and doing this work.


What I am calling on, is for all Spiritual Warriors to stand in their power and make the difference that is needed to finally win this war of good vs. evil, for our world is at a critical tipping point..


You have made the first step in replying to my call.


It’s now time to take the rest of the steps to break the brainwashing, ignore the propaganda and begin creating from your own divine power.


We will make this journey together.


I am honored and look forward to working with all of you.

Thank you for stepping up.

In Strength,





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