The Journey of the Spiritual Warrior

by QuietBear



What it all boils down to is this: do you want to be asleep, allowing the insanely brutal demonic forces posing as humans in our governments to control every aspect of your life and living or dying at their evil whim?  Or do you want to live the life your Creator intended you to live, freely creating the life you desire, to use the creative energy He gave you to express your highest imaginations as a divine sovereign child of God, experiencing life to its fullest?  God’s greatest gift to humanity is Free Will, so are you using that gift wisely or irresponsibly?  Be honest with yourself, because your very soul is at stake.

Almost everyone is afraid of death. It is the unknown, we’re told. Every aspect of our lives are basically about “not dying”.  The false self of the ego is always making sure it doesn’t die, even when it is at the expense of your true, divine self. We are controlled by thoughts about where we live, what we eat, where we work or what we do to fund a comfortable life, all the while quietly dreading death. I’m not talking about being morbid and thinking about death all of the time, because most people don’t do that. It’s more of a subconscious awareness that death is always one heartbeat away from happening, and that awareness surreptitiously influences our daily lives.  Something that the ego is expert at, is keeping itself distracted, be it through fear, excitement, work, sex, alcohol, video games and cel phone use, or any myriad other ways to cause distraction. These are all the ways the ego fools itself into thinking it’s alive. Sure, the ego will boast and proclaim that it’s not afraid of death — then it will immediately divert at any cost, its own attention onto something, anything, except facing death, of any kind.

Creator wants us to experience life to its fullest through love and all that it entails. We are meant to comprehend that we are eternal beings. But this kind of creation has been stolen from humanity by the dark parasitical forces that invaded our realm, long ago.  And they have done so in such a stealthy manner, that we have mostly not been aware, while our divine, God-given nature has been slowly stolen from us over the ages.

It is time we learned how to use this creative power we are a part of. To do so, we must each become a spiritual warrior. This is a human who looks at themselves honestly and without judgment to see what is or is not working in their life, and then making the efforts with intent to become more than they have been while they thought of themselves as a victim rather than a warrior.  A warrior faces all challenges with courage, knowing that they have the power within themselves to make it through anything and everything.

The dark forces have thrown everything at humanity in their effort to take us out of the picture, except for a very controlled and enslaved few who would be creating the world they desire, like they are now — but worse, more vile than anything here now… And you know what? We’re still here, fighting for our right to be the divine sovereign beings we were created to be. THAT is a thought we should focus on, rather than victimhood and despair.

But it’s not just that the dark wants us dead and gone. They want to literally capture and consume our souls. The dark entities have the belief that if they consume our souls, they will be like us, because they deeply envy and therefore hate us.  They’re wrong about that belief. This is why choosing to be a spiritual warrior is so very, very important in this war.  As we courageously choose to begin the path of the spiritual warrior, there are dynamics that are activated, that we must be mindful of, as follows:

As the ego comes to comprehend its role, it can also be sneaky in pretending that it’s the “new you”. The real, spiritual part of you. This is where it really takes powerful discernment of who it is speaking in your head. Is it your soul-guided spiritual warrior/self ,or is it what I came to refer to as the “subtle-spiritual-ego”.

At the same time the ego is learning it’s true role in creation, it also has the devious side that was developed by the influences of years and years of constant propaganda, and it can sometimes learn from the things you read, watch and meditate about as you stand in your warrior self.

You might ask, “Why does the soul allow this to happen? Why does it allow the ego to get away with this nonsense?”  The thing is, the soul, being ego-less in its nature to begin with, doesn’t judge what it learns. Aside from the possibility of being trapped, tortured and consumed by dark entities, ultimately the Highest Self, being timeless, ego-less and eternal, knows that even if that were to occur, ultimately it would return to Source… To Creator.

You might then ask, “Does the soul just not care?” and the answer is, it’s not about caring one way or the other.  Yes, it knows the limitless possibilities of learning and growing into increasingly higher planes of existence, and our souls innately know they will never actually end. At some point in the Eternal Now, the beings that would possibly consume the souls, would themselves return to Source, which ultimately means the soul would then be returned to Source, as well. Maybe not as it had initially been intended, but that is life in this creation.

Having said that, it is not useless to be a warrior and grow as a divine sovereign soul, at all. It is indeed, very, very important that we fight for our divine existence by standing in our power, which ultimately starves the dark entities even before we throw them into the Great Abyss for all eternity. Their time to cause chaos, pain and suffering are at an end.

So, despite the gargantuan attacks and challenges, humanity has made it through it all.  We will continue to do so, one way or another, because of our innate right to existence as sovereign souls.

Choosing to be a spiritual warrior in this war for our very souls, is why you’re here at this moment of the Eternal Present. This is our gift from Creator for the opportunity to grow as souls. What we experience, Creator experiences. Death is what the ego is afraid of. What it doesn’t know is that death is only a doorway. It is a transition on the next leg of this eternally wondrous journey of knowing, becoming, and doing so with courage.

I’m not sure who first stated the following meaning of fear, but they were spot on when they said, “Fear is false evidence appearing real… F. E. A. R.”. The death you fear is as much an illusion as the ego itself, as ego is no more than a filter that is supposed to keep vigilance for any kind of danger, and at the same time to communicate with other ego-selfs.

The way you do this is to die to your old self. To die to the things that hold you back, habits that harm the body and mind, thereby the spirit. If you’re a worrier, become brave and bold. It will hurt at first, emotionally, but you won’t die from it, and instead become stronger, just as physical exercise of the body causes aches and pain, before it becomes greater strength and ability.  If you’re angry all of the time, find ways to know joy.  Learn to forgive yourself and others because you know you’ve been “acting in ego”. As the elders of my tradition say, “The warrior must face the mirror of self reflection”. This means to look deeply into one’s own shadow, and bring the things hidden there out into the light with the courage of knowing you will make it through anything you face.

Up until this point in the warrior’s life, all of the fearful, destructive things we may have done, we were subtly and not so subtly fooled into living that kind of life. Fooled into always thinking a saviour, be it a government, or even Christ Himself, is going to someday in the future, swoop down and save the day for us…

This does not mean we are individual gods. That’s what the dark wants for itself, to be little gods… But they can’t be. For that matter, neither can we. But we humans, here by the grace and glory of our Creator, are divine because of the very fact of how Creator made us. We cannot create universes, but we create our reality, in every moment, the way we intend with our innate, powerful imagination – yet another great gift from God.

Whether you’re brainwashed into creating the chaos the dark craves or creating the reality you intend from your place of power, you’re never not creating.

The confusion an ego feels when it hears that fact is part of the training the spiritual warrior faces, by facing the fact that yes, we fell for the brainwashing and we were giving our power away by our own choices, influenced by the dark entities or not.

The ego will never admit it was wrong. It will instead blatantly lie to itself through rationalisations that are endless. This is what the warrior faces, sometimes every minute of every waking moment until the ego is finally tamed and behaves itself, filling the protective tool role it was intended to fill, before being hijacked by the parasites. What the ego doesn’t know, because it dreads any change once it’s dug it’s nice little ruts of “comfortability”, is that once it does what it was meant to do from the start, it gets to excel in that work. It doesn’t have a soul or feelings or emotions. It can trigger those things in us yes, because we are living, divine souls, albeit presently under the control of the corrupted ego. But as for protecting us from harm of any kind, it can and is spectacular. Once it comprehends that it is really good at helping each divine soul to create to their highest potential, it will know what it truly is and what it is meant to do.

It can “feel alive” as long as we are.

This is what happens when we face ourselves and die to our old illusions that we are the ego and it is us. As we die to these things over and over, the ego learns quickly that the death it feared is not real. The first time you face an old fear with courage, knowing you and only you can choose to do things differently, and you don’t physically die as a result, the ego (whether you know it or not) starts to assess why it/we didn’t die. It may be imperceptible at first because it is a very small ripple in the egoic self defenses about being ‘wrong’ about something, but each such choice we make in support of our divine nature starts to create a small effect. With each new experience of dying to the old egoic self, the ripples grow and grow until the truth is undeniable and the ego starts listening to the soul as the warrior self. That, is who we are in reality:  Spiritual Warriors on the ultimate journey of self comprehension and creation.

I will show those who choose to be warriors, to be the greatest warrior they choose to be.  The potential is limitless when we know and begin to live these truths.  So, despite the gargantuan attacks and challenges, humanity has made it through it all.  We will continue to do so, because of our innate right to existence as sovereign souls.

Come what may, we are here to know victory over the darkness within each of us and the darkness which wishes to consume us, out of envy and hatred. Every single human soul that stands up as a spiritual warrior, weakens the dark exponentially. It only takes a small percentage of us to cause the dark to implode and be forever lost in the Great Abyss. Think about our true power, and begin to reclaim it.


In Strength,




QuietBear Bio:  QuietBear is Michael’s given Shaman name, which he has gone by since receiving it, following his intense seven years of training starting in 1989 in the 13,000+year Shamanic tradition of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island (    For half that time he lived in the wilderness of the mountains and deserts of Arizona. In 1996 he completed his training and left, with his Teacher, SwiftDeer’s blessings, to do his work. In keeping with that training, he constantly studies and learns: that’s the warrior task for every Twisted Hairs shaman, to always learn and grow by studying the self and other selfs we meet on our life path. Because of his training, QuietBear knows the true human nature, and therefore believes that none of us needs a “saviour”. Our true human nature is our gift and grace to develop and use our own power, a gift from Creator that He intended us to use to its fullest potential in order to protect ourselves and to achieve our true greatness.



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