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Through this site I will share my art, architecture, adventures and dreams. I specialize in custom wooden yurt house design ( and hold a Professional Degree in Architecture. A lifetime of carpentry experience lends my creative work substance and pragmatism.

As a father of three teenage boys, my time is divided between home office, house projects and family. As a free spirit, my inner world is overflowing with thoughts and yearnings I hope to share with kindred souls.

To this end, Beyond Dream.Design.Build. will be dedicated to curating my creations, both professional and personal, as well as my explorations—whether in the realm of Old World architecture, alternative history and physics, ayahuasca or urban homesteading. I will post essays, videos and podcasts on a semi-regular basis, so please check back from time to time. And, if you come across something that resonates, I would love to hear from you.

Swinging into the Void – Architects of Community – Part Two

Swinging into the Void - Architects of Community - Part Two   with Matt Smith and Lorenzo   Merriam-Websters defines architecture as "the art or science of building"..."resulting from a conscious act" to produce "a unifying form or structure."   It...

Electric Architecture of the Old World with Matt Smith

  Electric Architecture of the Old World     "Have you ever wondered why "they don't make buildings like they used to", why our modern built environment is so soul sucking, and why Science--which we are now told works by consensus--gets so many things...

Architects of Community with Matthew Smith

"What is community and how do we build a better one?"     ''Community: It is a word that gets used all of the time, often without pausing to consider what it really means. Lorenzo posed this question to me for an impromptu conversation about what it means to...

Old World Architecture and More with Matthew Smith

    "I recently heard a quote that struck a chord with me: "The truth must be spoken." For the past several years I have been closely following the ever expanding debate around the mystery old world architecture. Thoroughly captivated, I began conducting my...


    [First of a new series of posts sharing my work, thoughts, and beliefs. I will expand upon them in the future.]   My name is Matthew Smith. I am an architect, small business owner, and a family man. Working from a home office, my wife and three sons...

Scrapwood backyard chicken coop

Interior of my newly completed tiny house – Shoreline, WA

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