Electric Architecture of the Old World



“Have you ever wondered why “they don’t make buildings like they used to”, why our modern built environment is so soul sucking, and why Science–which we are now told works by consensus–gets so many things wrong? For years, I have been researching both Old World architecture and Electric Universe Theory in search of answers. I’ve long been convinced that to understand the Old World, we must look beyond the relativism of modern day physics and see reality through the eyes of humans who understood that the aether is real and that science and spirituality are two sides of a coin. It is now my contention that Old World Architecture and Electric Universe Theory go hand in glove. In this three hour interview, I attempt to make this case, establishing the truth that an enlightened architecture must invariably come from an enlightened consciousness.”


“Welcome to episode 57 of The Great Deception Podcast where I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Smith of DreamDesignBuild.org. This is an episode you are going to want to watch, video on Spotify, YouTube, and Patreon. We start off talking the Seattle, Ellensburg, and Spokane fires of the late 1880’s. One historian told Matthew the bricks melted like candle wax. Matthew then presents a great slideshow on electric architecture. Sacred geometry, Energy, Toroidal Fields, Dialectic/Magnetic, the unrooted human, magnetism, Birkeland Currents, Ferrocells, the human/cathedral/sacred geometric connection, lichtenberg patterns, rose windows, flower of life, organs, cymatics and much more!”




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