“I recently heard a quote that struck a chord with me: “The truth must be spoken.” For the past several years I have been closely following the ever expanding debate around the mystery old world architecture. Thoroughly captivated, I began conducting my own independent research from the perspective of an architect and builder. Now I feel I have some unique contributions which must, for the sake of truth, be spoken. I am new to podcasting, and will continue to hone my ideas and presentations with time and practice.”

“Welcome to Episode 55 of The Great Deception Podcast where I had the honor of speaking with Matthew Smith, master architect of yurt designs. Matthew hit straight in my heart when he wanted to talk 1893 Chicago World Fair and the book ‘Spectacle in the White City’. From there it lead us to a discussion on free energy, etheric & telluric, and its role in architecture in buildings like cathedrals and star forts. Matthew showed us the 1898 Uriah Cummings book ‘American Cement’ and shared his experience with American Rock Cement in the Rosendale, NY caves. We discuss the Smithsonian Castle and its architect Adolph Cluss, a friend of Karl Marx. We wrap up discussing the systematic destruction of infrastructure in the 1800s and Matthew shows us some amazing images from the book ‘Braun/Hogenberg, Cities of the World – Complete Edition of the Colour Plates 1572-1617’ and so much more.”





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