How do we do it?

Consider Yourself invited to Participate. Comment on this Blog AND/OR send in your contributions to be posted online for all to see and to continue the conversation.


Obviously, we need to do this together, we can’t do it without each other.


How do we build a better Community? Let’s open this discussion to all interested parties in the hub, and outside of it, even!

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to be yourself. That is the way that the mercantile reality, which has supplanted the natural one, takes advantage of those most vulnerable to it. The majority wallow contentedly in the pigsty that Big Corp. Big Biz, Big Tech and Big Gov have made out of humanity. Keeps their prey/food/sustenance occupied, docile and handy for the slaughter.

Those that don’t fit, conform or comply are either forced to do so regardless or are destroyed along the way, and to add insult to injury, often by their own hands.

Rebellion, non-conformity and etc. have been twisted and weaponized against the real deal.

Our weakness in ‘their world’, our inability to ever feel good or ourselves when pretending to do so, is actually our strength.

Something within us just won’t let us be anything but ourselves, no matter the terrible gravity that tears at us to do otherwise.

Jesus wasn’t wrong. The meek shall inherit the Earth, but only after they deserve it to do so, by claiming their true authority based on being their authentic self, and acting in that power.

The New NOW Hub can’t wait any longer to begin and open up this most essential conversation amongst our members on how we next go about making our Community as potent as possible, applying the rule for ourselves, finally, that there is strength in numbers.

Of like mind and shared purpose, integrity as our guide, let’s make this happen together.

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