The Sky is Falling!

When I was a little boy one of my favourite comic books was Asterix and Obelix’s fun series of adventures about a little village in Gaul (France) who continued to resist the Roman empire’s occupation of Europe in the year 50 BC., chiefly thanks to a magic potion their druid concocted granting them the fabulous physical strength required to keep an entire Empire in check. Fearless but for one thing: the Gauls were, simply put, afraid of the sky falling on their heads. Though they could often enough punch their way through any enemy or situation, they were understandably powerless to do anything about the possibility of such an all-encompassing, ‘heaven-sent’ doomsday scenario. Perhaps it was because there was nothing and no one to punch, their magic potion in such a circumstance was useless, and the ‘enemy’ was simply out of reach, that on this one score they were reduced to frightened children shaking and quivering in their boots.

Throughout the years the metaphor of their little village, their defiance, their one weakness, the simple heart felt joys they expressed and exemplified, stayed with me, and not just because I found myself coming from France into a strange country ruled by a strange foreign empire’s hand. Eventually I realized that most of the world was still governed by the same roman laws and that quite possibly the same evil empire was still struggling for world domination. Try as I might I never found a little village that resisted the might of empire nor a magic potion to kick their fascist asses into retreat. Not exactly anyway.

I’m sure you are thinking by this point that, okay, he’s gonna draw the obvious parallel between the magic potion and the awareness engendered and propagated via the information that The New Agora shares with its readers; and that maybe even, for him, the whole idea behind this agora is that very village found in the pages of the beloved comics of a lost little French boy. Well, you would be right.

The thing of it is that life often seems to want to imitate art, maybe because it is art, I suppose.

Here we are, surrounded by a crazy world dominating empire of greedy lunatics driven insane by their psychopathic selfishness. They seek to keep us penned up and dependent in cities that are little more than human zoos where the animals pay for their own captivity with their work, lives and freedom, supplying us with villainy galore, and, of course, the opportunity for personal heroism. How mythic is that?

A singular effort to publicize our situation through print is leading people by example to a greater awareness of this situation, greater personal empowerment through their own growing consciousness and the acceptance of personal responsibility, which offers a real kind of freedom.   That’s not too far off from a magic potion that grants incredible superhuman strength. In fact, it’s right on the mark whereas us saving our own asses from the fires of ignorance and separation presently consuming so many of us these days is concerned.

Okay, we’ve got the empire, the village (the Agora), the magic potion, the characters (that’s you and me)…what’s left?

Well, though the struggle has been titanic and is still ongoing, we’ve grown kinda fearless over here whereas the majority of the small time fears such as taxes, government, each other and our selves are involved. Even some of the biggies have been stared through ’til they ain’t no big thing either: death (a myth), sickness and disease, the future, responsibility, the end of time. We’ve digested quite a bit throughout the years, and have learned about healing (ourselves) through the powerful act of forgiving (others), and vice a versa; plus there’s all that wonderful assumption of personal sovereignty, and non-obedience to self appointed slave-masters, which does wonders for one’s self esteem, personal integrity, and is a big hoot to boot.

Perhaps it does boil down to just not playing those sad assed games of the separate selfish self, really, whether sponsored by corporations, a government, or just the thoughts in your head, parasitical and mean, endlessly repeating that crazy mantra : ‘Me, me, me, me , me, me.”   Extend your selfish concern over another and cure yourself. No-brainer. Simple as beans.

So, we know their game. They try to sell us a reality of fear and lack, have being doing it since forever it seems, and all supported by the insane idea that we are weak and so are in need of Big Daddy to lead us away from our own worst selves and into a paradise of someone else’s imagining. Yikes! Like Obelix says: those romans are crazy.

From History’s darkened library we can still glean the absurd foolishness of their proposal. Why believe a predator preying on you and yours? Because he wears a big fish hat and robes all with more jewelry and glitz then Liberace? Or a red tie and expensive suit? Or an impressive uniform and badge? Is it really that hard to see a shark coming, vultures circling, maggots crawling, parasites feeding, or to understand that this ‘system’ imposed on us from birth does not have our best interest at heart? And in truth has exactly the opposite in mind. Look closely at their representatives, and the sinister, inhuman nature of the black holes they call eyes. That possibly empathic feeling of fearfulness that bubbles inside when facing one of these creatures gives a sense of where they exist. Hell indeed. No wonder they are in such a bad mood! Theirs really is a kingdom of the blind, complete with a one eyed over-shmoe to rule over them. Heavens! A fool’s paradise. And so tacky!

I had had enough and was done with fascism at the age of six when I realized that if I was an asshole no one would play with me. Hmmm, something there maybe.

Alright. We understand who we are (full fledged reps of the great creator and source of creation). We know where we are and what we’re doing (actors in the theatre of the Divine presently touring through some of the lower levels of bottom feeding reality just to get some good practice method acting and embodying separation itself). And why (it’s fun, seriously, and necessary on this journey of personal Evolution). The scene is set, the props ready, a place for everyone and everyone in their place. All with the caveat that the show must go on. Ready, set, action!

Okay, sounds good.   Yet every time I look up above, once a sight so blue, now one so often downcast and shrouded over by the omnicidal lunacy of the over-shmoes, I can’t help but wonder if the sky really is falling. These days streaks of mad scientist’s chemicals lace the heavens. The very air is negatively charged with their malevolent machinations. We’ve given birth to every horror imaginable on this planet just so we could be done with them, I figure. It could be said that this same fog of artificiality is present in much of our shared species. Call it denial, lifestyle, unexamined belief in whatever, Humans are an odd lot. Just as there are toxic clouds above us – so to must they in some way exist inside us. Easy metaphor. Talking to someone who hasn’t yet noticed the chem-trails covering the skies gives a good barometer of personal ‘cloud’ cover. Unconsciousness can be dangerous in a reality based on Awareness.

So if you must use this paper to line your cages with there’s probably not much I can say that’ll get through. But if you also look up and nervously wonder at how far the folly of man can go, shaking together in our little French booties, so to speak, worried that the sky might indeed be falling, perhaps together we can come to the incredible realization that we are being exactly faced with our greatest fears so that we can come to fully embody the very opposite: our greatest selves: brave, courageous, fearless, heroic. This fabulous gift, and the forgiveness and gratitude that come with the comprehension that in some amazing way everyone is really still working together regardless of their kooky efforts to remain separate, can end duality just for openers. I’m not saying let’s do nothing but smile and bask in the warmth of our realizations while the crazies continue to reduce the amount of sunlight on this planet. We each have gifts, tasks and responsibilities that come with becoming a conscious people, ones that lead to even greater consciousness and surely a greater People.

So is the Sky falling? On our heads? Maybe. But if it does we’ll naturally rise above it. Lucky for us we’ve been practicing a long time for these very lives to experience what it means to no longer be afraid to be free.