Buyer Be Aware

These last few months I literally went as far south as I could manage, pretty much to the other side of the world, and though it was definitely warmer, most the folks there were as loony with ignorance as the folks I left behind. Some might feel insulted by that statement, perhaps those same people ought to look inside and see if they’ve earned any shame for themselves by standing around with their heads up their asses while the rest of us have been so desperately warning humanity about the dangers we are all facing together.

The homicidal selfishness of humanity could never get as far as it has on the world’s stage if it weren’t for the complicity of those willingly enslaved by their basest natures. Jesus might have asked forgiveness for the ignorant as his last act on the cross, but in this case I doubt it will be enough to stop the Cosmic Law that insures the reception of that which is certainly due. I often ask myself if forgiveness can really be expected by and for those that knowingly choose cowardice and outright stupidity as their intent. By allowing the worst of us to lead, all the while attacking and often killing those who only wish to see the world flourish in freedom, those responsible don’t seem to be following a recipe for generating sympathy.

This month’s cover spells out in bold letters what we feel is an excellent course of action when facing the big question of what needs be done to remedy the very personal challenge each one of us faces whereas self empowerment is concerned. Personally I’m still working on the whole forgiveness thing, yet the two seem to be related somehow. Of course, I’ve asked to incarnate in a world and life filled to the brim with opportunities to deal with both these subjects to my heart’s content. Obviously gratitude is in order.   I guess that’s something else I’m still working on to this day.

Today we now know all about our culture’s predatorial entrainment, the mind control that is marketing, the jingoistic masturbation that is politics, the knuckle dragging belief in capitalism, or any -ism for that matter, the insanity that is religion, or any belief in the dispossession of our responsibilities for self governance, self determination and the promise of evolution. We see all around us what happens when we let our fears do the choosing. The institutionalization of the aforementioned crimes against Life have created a meat grinder of a ‘civilization’ that feeds only its own continuance at the cost of everyone and everything else.

Perhaps it is because I come from such a reality that I have no trouble imagining a better one. Maybe that’s even the point. I’ve found being loving and applying that currency as the ‘soul’ means of exchange, regardless of the savagery of those offended and threatened by the very idea of being free, incredibly hard work. Often this challenge cuts to the quick of the ideas of acceptance, tolerance. Allowing others to simply be as they choose, regardless of the steep penalties to their own consciousness they seem to be paying, or of the suffering they cause is equally difficult. Empathy’s a bitch at times, but the alternative is worse. Forgiveness…well, to be completely honest I find forgiving them while they are trying to take us all down with them to be an almost impossible exercise. However not doing so is so incredibly toxic as to do their dirty work for them. So where does that leave us? It’s a question one must answer for oneself, I suppose.

Accepting the truth of personal responsibility is actually fairly straight forward. What we do with that knowledge is open to limitless expression. Even if we don’t act like it, even if we don’t like it, our responsibilities for being here and now remain. What other choice is there? Standing in line with all the other infantile ‘consumers’ waiting for Big Daddy to hand us our ever shrinking allotment of state approved privileges? Looking ahead of that same line to see where it’s going gives all the answers a conscious person needs. Does it really take such an overused and marketed word like prophecy to get people’s attention?

You get what you pay for, folks, and you always pay for what you get. Buyer beware.

And so there is great villainy afoot, breathtaking evil and bloody grinning madness, overt and covert, brought to us by our own willful ignorance of what exactly the majority of us have bought into and helped manifest through our allegiance to a paradigm of selfishness. This Great and Terrible Show exists within us also and is expressed outwardly so that we might seize our day of transformation, and dare I say it: redemption, which un-coincidentally means to ‘buy back’! I’d love to say you can’t make this stuff up, but of course that is exactly what we’ve done here and keep doing with our every thought, word and deed. I know this to be true thanks to the example of my own experience. Those that can’t seem to imagine the so called conspiracies that abound are not trying very hard at all: perfuming away the stench of their micro-waved brains while dancing to the screams of their own children as they are purposefully marched straight into a hell bought and paid for by everyone’s extorted tax dollars.

Though deafened by the ceaseless drumming of the madmen of war, blinded and stupefied by the hypnotic spell of the cult of self-importance, genetically modified by the science of insanity, the mindless majority haven’t bothered to look up at the toxic shroud being pulled over the planet, the dying trees, the poisoned foods, the oceans of sewage, the sickened, scorched and irradiated Earth: all the obvious results of giving away one’s responsibility for being part of life as opposed to believing oneself to be apart from it.

Within us all the potential exists for the personal manifestation of a power far greater than that of a world filled with the petty machinations of this psychopathic ‘civilization’. The realization of this energy and its proactive actualization is, to my understanding, the only cure for the terminal madness infecting and parasitically consuming the human race and the environment to which it belongs. That’s not to say that where the majority of us go the rest have to follow: if that were the case I would have given up long ago.

Each one of us is a world unto themselves and evolution is our own personal responsibility. Harmonizing with Creation is a choice that exists in every moment, in every thought, word and deed. This energy is the same that allows us the freedom to choose even the very worst for ourselves. In my life those experiences taught me exactly what I needed to truly evolve beyond them. Long ago I began learning how to use human stupidity (my own primarily) and its matchless, petty tyranny for fuel. I lost a ton of self-importance while realizing the world was not limited by my conception of it and that only I was. Think of how far we could all go by doing the same. Imagine what would occur were we to open our eyes and begin to consciously choose our direction, our destiny, with a singular intent, one naturally inspired by the actual wonder of this glorious reality in which we find ourselves. We’d immediately be able to step out of the certain doom of our predatorial and cannibalistic existence and into…well, who knows?

While immersed in a paradigm of commercial lunacy and bottom feeding parasitisism real freedom is hard to imagine. I work at it every day.

Now I’m not holding my breath until we can all be doing this together, but I do know it can be done, that it is possible and that it’s a heck of a lot of fun when you really get going.

As I see it we are travelers and explorers of Infinity, presently reduced to living out our limitless and Divine potential in human sized chicken coops of awareness, kept and cultivated, raped and mutilated for food and fodder by our own fear, by the Fear that seems to own us lock stock and barrel. It’s no surprise that we as a people can barely keep our heads out of the sewers of consciousness.   If you don’t believe me just look around. Look at what we’ve been convinced to participate in, to buy into. Look at how we spend our time, our monies, our energies, our attention, our potential, our freedom, and our lives.   The cost of continued ignorance is too high, and what do we really get for it anyway? What’s left to say but be careful of what you buy into, and don’t forget that the best things in Life really are Free. Although this begs the question that if the best things in Life really are free then what the heck are we buying?

You get what you pay for, folks, and you pay for what you get. Buyer beware the saying goes. Buyer be aware is how this ends.