Proposal for a Better World, Believe it or not.

This morning the crows came to my window waking me up in no uncertain terms to a beautiful sunny day in May with nary a chemical cloud in the sky. After lounging in my bed a bit longer then necessary my attention turned to this article that I’ve once again left to the last minute to write (though I’ve been chewing on it since the last one). Story of my life really. Might even be the story of this human race we’re supposedly running together. Who’s winning by the way?

Many, many, years ago a loving companion of mine tried to impress upon me her seeing that I was a messenger. At first I was taken aback by her statement simply because it didn’t fit with my self image. Being a messenger just didn’t seem that glorious or romantic to me; it spoke of a kind of service that just wasn’t my ‘style’ at the time. I preferred the exploration of Art as a medium of awareness and evolution, since in my experience awareness is the only true medium of reality and as such is a malleable affair well within our potential to transform. I preferred expressing a more personal inspiration for it’s own sake, and perhaps along the way cobbling some kind of career out of the practice. In short, I preferred articulating my own message as opposed to delivering someone else’s. This idea of being a messenger repelled me. To this day passing along all the information contained within these pages doesn’t always sit well with me, but I guess it does fit the bill whereas being a messenger is concerned. Looks like my friend was right after all.

Another ‘seeing’ my long ago companion shared with me was that if I didn’t seize the day right away with the Art & Awareness inspiration I was burning with at the time: it would take me an incredibly long time to express. Boy, was she right. Believing I had all the time in the world I acted like it, and a very difficult decade or so passed where I was absolutely disabused of that very notion and much else besides.

And before you write to let me know that message and messenger are the same: I grokked that right away and it didn’t change a thing. In fact it led me far astray. Why you ask? How can that be? Easy.

Firstly, I really don’t know any better what anyone should or could do for themselves. If you’re not inclined to consciously dance with the Source of Everything that too is just fine, you probably have your reasons and, good or bad or something else, which is most likely what you require for your own evolution. This took me a while to figure out.

Secondly, although I’ve tried, I’ve never really been a good human being as it’s presently understood; not a good son, nor brother, nor uncle, nor cousin, nor nephew; not any of those nor the rest of them such as lover, friend, confidant, none, nada. Hard to believe I suppose, but if you don’t believe in the reality labeled thusly what are you gonna do? And truly I have no use for belief. Belief coats truth in a veneer of lies, and I’ve lived long enough in the land of wish fulfillment to know it for empty illusion. All this information’s been stated a thousand-thousand times over for a thousand-thousand years, but until you see it for yourself it doesn’t mean much at all does it? Basically I just don’t share any interest in the same things most folks do. I’m neither interested in continuing this society or civilization, nor in fixing it. To me it’s a Roman shell game, a confidence trick, a scam, an Archon-tic deception. It’s neither worth the saving nor the effort to engage with except for the fun and enjoyment inherent in dealing with petty tyrants. As I see it sociality is a trap that keeps humanity fascinated, penned in, and multiplying so that something out there stays fed. This civilization is a continuation of the same sickness of separation that infected and destroyed the best of naturally grown human cultures. All this too has been expressed by better humans than I.

“A lie may achieve victory when truth is afraid of its own strength.”  – Albert Camus.

Thirdly, and I guess this overlaps with number two, wisdom earned cannot be truly imparted to another: that’s what experience is for and it can’t be replaced or substituted.

So what’s the message already? And having said all that about belief and then looking at all the stories in these pages, all the stories in the news, the internet and everywhere else, where does that leave us? What happens when we stop believing? What happens when we stop telling ourselves the stories that make up our minds?   What do we perceive as reality when we no longer share in the consensus version? And why is every institution so afraid of just that? And what is freedom already?

Maybe the message is a very simple one. Believe nothing. Question everything. Were we to use this maxim when facing the challenges of the day, the stories of yesterday, or the promises of tomorrow, in the end, so to speak, we’d have few options but to call upon our own personal resources to discover where and who we truly are. What better place to look? Message-wise I’d also add: Play. Feel Free. Be Daring: Fear Nothing. Don’t believe: Be Love. A fellow could go on and on really.

“Take away fear, and the battle of Freedom is half won.”  –William Ralph Inge.

Whereas wondering what might happen when we stop feeding this so called reality with our attention, or when we stop believing in all that we were force-fed from birth and have continued to project onto the world since, or what happens when that incessant internal dialogue ends…I could tell you, at least I could tell you how it was for me as I went through those doors, but it would only be more words and obviously words can’t get you there. In truth those kinds of questions are meant to be answered through one’s own living experience, nothing else will do the trick, or undo it as the case may be. Maybe that’s deal, the crux of the situation, the hinge.

Proposing a better world is easy. Realizing that you have the power to do so by   making it so is the point. Maybe that’s always been the message.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”.   -Albert Camus