The New Now

oct 2015

I’ve decided to vote for myself this election. Really can’t really see who would or could be better suited for the job of governing my life, really. I did take a moment to look at the various candidates being politely paraded about in this part of the world, saw the cut of their jib, so to speak, and am fairly certain none are more qualified to make my decisions for me. Noticing that I’ve always gotten or found myself in quite a bit of trouble when others did so, whether it was forced upon me in childhood or in adulthood, or by my own choice born of foolish hope, abandonment of responsibility or other faith based nonsense, I’m not exactly eager to continue on such an obviously poor course of action. In fact if there’s one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s that giving up one’s choices, decisions and responsibilities, to another, be it person, place or ideal, surrenders the very power that allows one to evolve. Easy explanation for the world being as it is, no?

I also noticed that none of the various candidates and their dutiful followers seemed expert on my particular circumstances, none seemed even aware that I existed beyond their hungry need to convince me to ‘give it up’ to them and their way and their ideas, their agendas, and worse of all their awareness.   Some even came to my door campaigning for their cause, quickly deciding I was a non-person at best, troublemaker at worst, as I tried to share with them how I saw it.

Politics isn’t the answer folks, it’s the problem.   Nowhere on Earth is it more then a parasitical diversion of human energy; a distortion of the natural course: a Divine course I might add. Imagine the insanity! And quite frankly, continuing to encourage the loss of personal power and sovereignty never ever, ever, ends well.

On the one hand a slave is made and on the other a monster is created by being given permission to rule over others.   No one has the right of power over another. NO ONE. And if it is somehow ‘given’ then a very real crime has been committed by both parties involved. A crime against Freedom. If you think you don’t pay for those crimes you haven’t been watching very closely at how this world and everyone in it is suffering. There are no winners in this equation, only losers. Don’t be fooled by the flash and glamour of those that proclaim otherwise: they are in the fleecing business and fooling you is their stock and trade.

Allow me to make it as simple as possible: you can never get fair representation through as system based on the disempowerment of the individual. And it’s cowardly to know this and yet submit simply because this system has been in place so very long and it seems so very monolithic and unchanging. Poppycock, I say. That, and shame on you for feeding a system that is killing us all, and doing so knowingly. What exactly do you think you are feeding it with? Kisses? Think again.

I admit it is seemingly easier to go along, to get along with the herd, with the way ‘things have always been’; to keep one’s head down, feet shuffling, our hearts sadly mooing in sympathy with the rest of the living creatures this same system has enslaved, and all for the same reason: food! It’s easier for some anyway.   However it only seems easier because they’ll imprison you otherwise, or rather, the terms of your incarceration will change: less privileges, less ‘rights’, same bullshit.

Make no mistake: Evil has had its day. Evil has beaten, killed, tortured just about everyone and everything already at some time or other here in our home. Our Home! Our Children! Our Life! That is what you voted for after all. And that is why I simply cannot join you in that dead dream of total consumption and ultimate cowardice.   Why would anyone want to when it’s exactly opposite of who and what we really are?

But be of good cheer! All we ever had to do was stand up for ourselves, and allow truth and love and joy to bloom naturally.   Anything less is simply not good enough.

I leave you with this quote, bearing in mind that the true identity and nature of our so-called enemies is that which we allow to become manifest in our lives.

“We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”

— Heinrich Heine