Author Your Self

Well, here we go: 2012, another Gregorian new year. Happy Mayan good times. An Apocalypse (to uncover and reveal) Now. Year of the Water Dragon.

“Water calms the Dragon’s fire. Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view. They don’t have the need to always be right. Their decisions, if well-researched, are usually better since they allow others to become involved.”

Auspicious energy for the New Agora.

There’s such a flood of ‘new’ information that anything less then a ‘The End is Nigh’ headline sometimes gets lost in the tide. There are so many worthwhile stories that making the choices of what makes it to print every month is more akin to triage in a war zone, then a simple selection based on merit, interest or preference. We put out what information we can with practicality in mind. There are warnings, of course, some dire and downright discomfiting, that have to come out immediately; to become aware is the point. We make the effort to offer a balance to that information by sharing preventative and at times groundbreaking knowledge that empowers us to evolve with open eyes and hearts.

Because the huge influx of truly important world events is straining the limits of our paper we have included a ‘Help Yourself Headlines’ section that basically lists the biggest headlines and their internet addresses for further reading and research on the reader’s part. These stories are just too important for anyone to miss regardless of our page count restrictions.   We’d love to have an even bigger paper and to include ’em all in their entirety (good to have this info in print), and if you want to see us doing just that then drop us a line and get a subscription for you or a friend or both, consider becoming a participator in this New Agora, publicize or advertise your business or events with us, spread the word, share awareness, empower yourself with your dreams. Life is the ultimate Art. Author your own experience.

Now thanks to our wonderful Participators and the encouragement of our Readers ‘The New Agora’ has grown to twenty eight pages. We’re poised to go National. Heck, we’re becoming the first agora of a new Nation. This is the right time for such a task. We can dream a new world together. That’s our destiny, our heritage. Look around at the world fear created. Now imagine a world of love. Heavens!

When I was travelling through Europe recently, changing planes at the Amsterdam airport on my return to Vancouver, one of my worst fears was seemingly realized. As we were all lining up to board the plane to Canada, herded in these metal piped alleys to pass through whatever electronic craziness they had ready for us, I noticed with a cold chill that the only choice for me was one of two of the infamous full body scanners. As we approached this frightening reality, I quickly went through my options: refusing the scan, refusing the flight, screaming bloody murder! Everyone around me was oblivious. Everyone ahead of me just went through. Nobody was saying anything. After calming down I noticed that in the middle of the two radiation machines stood a traditional metal detector, although there was a plastic barrier in front of it. Seeing a third point I mentioned first my alarm to the people around me pointing out the middle choice. A lovely lady mentioned she was pregnant and didn’t want to be irradiated. No kidding!   When it was my turn I insisted on the radiation free choice. I was informed that they don’t go the full monty in Amsterdam: it’s just ultra sound. I told them I didn’t believe them and so: no way! No way was I going to submit! They moved the plastic see-through barrier. I went through the middle metal detector gate, and after a pat down that was that. Most everyone else went either right or left to the full body scanners, pregnant ladies too…

It’s our absolute refusal to play any game but one of our own choosing that will win the day, in my humble opinion. Big talk, I know, particularly when the other guy is ‘packing’ a government approved license to beat you up, put you in a cage or electrocute you or shoot you dead.

As I was nervously standing in line at ‘Customs’ to enter the country, my bags filled with cheese and meats and wines of various kinds and levels of so called legality, I was struck by the total ludicrousness of my situation: subject to declarations of submission to prescribed authority. Made to feel criminal in my humanity. There I stood, vaguely fearing discovery of my edible and delicious contraband, going through many a tall tale in my mind to explain away my excess of allowed ‘custom’, when I suddenly realized just how silly it all was, asking, needing, begging, wanting someone’s permission to do anything!   I can understand a cautious awareness whereas health, food items and so on are concerned, of course. Do No Harm. But this whole criminal, pretending to legality strong-armed extortion (taxes), State controlled and dictated existence is another beast altogether.

When you really feel the hard truth and see that one’s compliance hinges on the threat of violence and incarceration, a powerful feeling begins to smoulder in your centre. I’ve never, ever, ever, felt good about being obedient. It’s deeply insulting and downright evil to demand this of another, or of oneself. And so when I am faced with this kind of weaponized submission of consciousness I struggle to remember who I really am, bearing witness to the odd choices of some of my peers, I compose myself as the author in the story of my life, centred and so empowered, I choose door number three, the middle one, and declare myself free.

For myself I received the chance to declare my own Authority. I am, after all, my own author. This life is mine. I am free.