That Awe Full Spectacle

Repeating oneself is no picnic for a lover of novelty, but when the sky is falling, the oceans bubbling, and lunatics are having their way with the children, finding new ways to warn folks of the dangers is less important then just getting the message across.   If it weren’t in our power to change reality I wouldn’t bother. Whether or not one chooses out of ignorance or wisdom, or whatever, the choice, hand in hand with the responsibility is ours.

Let’s open our eyes to the awful spectacle, folks, and, once and for all get over how we just can’t believe how anyone of us could perpetrate such evil when even a cursory look around at the structures imprisoning human consciousness amply demonstrates the reality of that fear based intent for all to see. Let’s realize that our earliest suspicions about the dubious quality of all the information we’ve been entrained to believe were more then warranted. Sinister someones have in fact been very busy pulling the wool over us all; their wildly successful program of deception, distortion and destruction is going on at full speed. The incontrovertible proof of this conspiracy of homicidal selfishness is literally everywhere, covering the skies and the minds of this world, presently peopled by an unconscious humanity shuffling its way towards total consumption. Let’s accept the truths our senses are informing us with: i.e. something really stinks about humanity, and then let’s move on, if we can.

This plastic Wi-Fi radiated GMOed place is the pits: check.   Human Beings are being demonically expired into participating in animating an antilife system of artificiality, of cancerous corruption, conned into creating a literal hell on earth: check. We’ve been warned about this for millennia: check. This is what happens when we deny our own divinity and everyone and everything else’s: check.   Believing we can give up our responsibilities and not suffer terribly from that disempowering fiction has now been proven beyond a shadow of a conscious thought to be not true at all: check. It’s up to us (as in it’s our responsibility) to transform our situation, this reality, our lives, our destinies, on and on: check.

We are where we are together right now in this time of alarming consequence to grow the fuck up and fix our shit. I can’t say it plainer than that, and to be perfectly honest: it ain’t news. Heck, as far as I’m concerned most if not all the news is just plain dumb. You know the stuff I mean: political, financial, racial, economic religious crap, all the stuff filling every moment of mainstream consciousness. Even watching the evil garbage consciousness motivating and manipulating such stupidity gets old real fast. How many ways can you describe shite without feeling that maybe you’re wasting your time? Don’t step in it, don’t eat it, don’t worship it, don’t put it in charge of your affairs, your world, and don’t call it roses.

The really scary ‘news’ such as chemtrails, and Fukushima, the pacific and north west irradiation, wars aplenty, insane governments, global repression, geoengineering, and on and on again, all the stuff that gets real heavy real fast, at times becoming so emotionally paralyzing and toxic that it’s easy to understand why so many choose to turn away from that awful, awful spectacle, that’s the stuff I find difficult to put into perspective in the sense of being able to digest and in some way personally transform. Sharing info is fine and a necessary component for change to occur in the present, but there comes a time for more, in other words: action.

Jesus had it right with the moneylenders. It’s as simple as that. Love your neighbour too. But maybe bring a lash to a temple infested by parasites and get them the hell out. We are the Temple, sacred as can be. I feel this similar outrage when I speak to the willful blindness I meet in others. Serves me right for meeting them there I suppose. Then I recall times spent with some truly hurt folks, some so fragile it was like handling bags of broken glass just being close to them. Meaning well but being unable to communicate that in any way was a difficult experience to be part of. Some days it’s me feeling all fragile with sharp painful edges, and at those times that’s what I can’t help but communicate to others either, just like those hurt folks. Heavens. Well, at least empathy is easy these days.

Being a filter is a dirty business by definition. Overwhelming one’s senses with information of the kinds so prevalent today whereas the folly of this failed paradigm is, so far, difficult to avoid, and this is probably so for a reason. The outrageous insults to the natural world, our true existence, perpetrated on a daily basis in the name of insanity itself: illusory profits in exchange for the destruction of Life, continue seemingly unabated. Those same ‘crimes’ amply demonstrate that Humanity is being controlled by a parasitical consciousness that obviously has something other then our best interest in mind. What else can explain such mad behaviour and obedient compliance with one’s own certain doom then a parasitical infestation that has fooled its host completely into believing itself to be free of diabolical influence? You’ve got to work pretty hard and pretty stupid to so obviously destroy what is there to be enjoyed by all in ways as yet undiscovered, and yet be able to convince yourself that that destruction is somehow an equitable exchange for the blind abstraction called profit. In fact it still doesn’t make any reasonable sense to trade away everyone’s tomorrows for an indulgence today.

We do buy into this con, which invests us in a way that keeps us buying into and feeding a cycle of dis- empowerment right into the grave of the murdered self. Honestly, I’ve found it hard not to trample others at times with truth because of the urgency of the moment called Now.

Now is when change comes, but the moment, that square centimeter of chance, must be seized with a vigour and gusto, an alacrity of awareness powered by the excitement of life itself. Neither apathy nor willful blindness nor any tactics born of Fear can win one’s freedom, nor one’s joy, nor inspire another’s.

Luckily there is a plethora of useful and important information on how best to care for oneself and others, for this world and the all of us here together. I’m overjoyed by all the wonderful people rising to the challenges we face and am happy to participate in our collective evolution. But I’d be lying if I said it was, so far, anything but excruciatingly difficult in my experience. I suppose that without the context of its opposite being present it would be impossible to appreciate the natural flow of Life as much.

So here we are. We’re all we’ve got, but there’s obviously more to the show than we know about yet. Behooves us to look around, inside and out, to share what we find and what we’ve got, to recognize how wonderfully interwoven this mysterious place is, and to stop mucking about with crazy intent that isn’t in harmony with all that mirificent beauty. That’s our tone too by the way. Causing wonder is where it’s at. We have so much to add it’s ridiculous. Just imagine the heights we might reach were we free.

I doubt it would take too much to have us all agree on one point: we don’t know it all and there’s a lot more to discover, about ourselves and all these worlds around and inside us and so on into infinity. There’s a fractal truth to the ‘So above So below’ that echoes in our actions, inactions, agreements, consensus, laws, religions and other ligatures; to whom, or what, we channel our attentions, our worship, our devotion, our energy, our selves.

So we’ve looked around and recognized this gloss of folly for what it is, a simple coating, abrasive and acidic though it is, fast hardening, becoming heavier over the years when left to accumulate. This stagnant sediment can be gotten rid of through a steady diet of nourishing truth followed by a impeccable course of the energizing actualization of one’s own manifest destiny. C’mon!

We can intend better, for ourselves and one another. Cooperation is evolution in operation. Human beings excel at co-operation because it is intelligence in action and that is their very nature, and God’s gift to everything, so to speak. Source. Inspiration. Love. Words are swell but feelings are more accurate and entirely more direct and personal. As I understand it that may be the point: one’s own relationship with the Infinite, I mean. It’s great having company and seeing so much more reflected in another, there’s the infinite again shining bright, but then in our quiet moments alone, there we are: The All of Us. There’s the good news. Imagine what we have still to share of the unknown together, the unexplored. What a mystery! There’s really nowhere to go but up from this point. Just imagine what we might manifest from generations of happiness and intelligent loving cooperation…boggles the mind. Maybe that’s what stars really are, giant endless parties of joy reaching out and into the heavens, lighting the place up for all to see, a spectacle filled with awe for all. Or is the present alternative really to your liking?

No force can keep the All of Us down forever. Our natural medium is limitless freedom and endless possibility, so imagine! We’ve imagined ourselves here so why not now Imagine our selves free!