Spare Some Change?

Well folks, it seems we can’t keep our little paper on the shelves, so to speak, as they’re gone half way through the month. I guess truth is more popular then one would think. Lorenzo and team have been working as hard as they can anchoring the paper with solid publicizing participators, business’s run by human beings willing to put their energy, financial and otherwise, behind what may be a unique phenomenon: a truthful newspaper with no agenda but freedom, a forum for a honest and positive exchange of information, services, helpful products and good feelings for all. Subscriptions are up, and we’re looking eastward to fill up the rest of BC quick as can be and onwards. Anyone interested in giving a hand or feels the call please get in contact with [email protected]. So far funding for The New Agora has come directly from the people and businesses that have chosen to make a public stand for our freedom. That’s no small thing and deserving of fair reciprocity. I know where I shop and where I won’t. I guess in some way that’s the function of an agora.

We’d like to thank everyone who sent in articles, stories, poetry and other works. There is only so much room even at our increased size of thirty-two pages, but keep on sending whatever you’re inspired to share. They’re fun to read and it’s nice to know you care. We go through so many but some do stand out and demand to see print. Sometimes even I get squeezed out of the paper for want of space and not cutting the general mustard. A must for people to read is the simplest way to put it, I suppose, whereas seeing print is concerned.

There are some amazingly interesting products coming out that fit the bill for getting rid of heavy metals and radioactive particles from the body, which is great news for us on the west coast of life and for the rest of everybody as well. I’ve heard that Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil is available in Canada which is great news but ought to be everywhere and affordable to everyone and soon! Trees all around our neighbourhood are still suffering from the combined chemtrail Fukushima microwaved good times we’re having here. Despite all that there have been beautiful days, days of spun gold, filled with the fluffiest clouds imaginable and actual skies of true blue.

David Icke is spearheading a television channel to really get the word out there and into the mainstream. He’s a fabulous character, genuine and big-hearted, who has brought tremendous awareness to light. We’re grateful for all his hard work through the decades, as well as to all those who remain presently unmentioned yet not unthanked. We are tremendously grateful for all those so diligently trailblazing their lives right through conditioned awareness in the present day, showing us all we can be free, and are even grateful to those others playing the parts of the petty tyrants showing us otherwise.

Gratitude does a good job of summing up our present intent, knowing that as the day dawns we’re once again faced with the opportunity to help ourselves grow up, and a little carpe diem goes a long way to creating a new moment for ourselves where anything is possible.

I maintain that this ‘revolution evolution’, this evolution revolution is a personal affair. Certainly, Life is a shared experience, however evolution is entirely personal. Of course, get enough of those happening and then igniting our shared ‘bandwidth’ and who knows? 100th monkey time maybe. Love those monkeys. And though interfered with at the same frequency by cellphones towers and Wi-Fi and the like, we are far more powerful then any gizmos and who-dads cooked up by lunatic members of our goofy race. So eat healthily, do your earthing and get some early morning sun. That’s why those ‘others’ are doing their worst to disrupt and interfere all of it and us. Silly predators. What can you do? Being a parasite’s no fun and it doesn’t exactly offer the gift of far sightedness either.   Remember that this bizarre matrix of theirs is the best they could come up with. What a joke! I played more intriguing and Machiavellian games as a tot, which is how and when I taught myself all about war and its inevitable result of no one winning at that game.

So, we know the score. We know what’s bad for us and we know what’s good. We’ve all gotten sick on the shit and are going for the elixirs. We know what’s true and what’s a lie. Who is lying and who is not. Just look at the eyes, listen to your gut, and follow the money. Helping one another is better than hurting one another. Eating good clean natural fruits and vegetables and all the rest is better than those monstrous creations of limited consciousness’ presently trying to poison the world. Governments are a bad idea. We can come up with better forms of community then oppression and punishment being the rule of the day. Seeing where all these crazy ‘people’ want to drive the rest of us is easy if you dare…just look over that precipice…bottomless ain’t it? The whole system of education, bottom to top, is a sham and an evil mind, soul and body trick to keep humans enslaved. Same goes with all religion and all politics. Capitalism, communism, all the isms and all the cons, they are what they are, open your eyes and buyer beware. We know better: time to act like it.

Personal responsibility cures the fearful need for government. Cooperation cures the soulless madness called corporation (and then some!). There are plenty of cleaner fuels and alternatives to everything!   We know what cures cancer and what causes it. We know who we really are and know why we are here now. No wonder we’re challenged!

Now imagine how well the New Agora could do if it actually received the minimum of support from its readers. Obviously they are reading and passing the paper around to spread the word, and with any luck some are even applying what they read to their lives. Some write to us, some do guerilla distribution, some send words of encouragement and the like. Many request our paper…others offer advice on how we could do better or where the paper is needed so desperately. Those folks participating as Advertisers support the paper financially and we are grateful for their help in making it possible for us grow to where we are presently covering Vancouver and so much more of BC than ever before: a fair return on their investment.   However, we could be all over Canada and beyond, and, in a sense, we aught to be to truly effect the kind of change we’d all love to see on a larger scale. The question is how?

We received a letter from a first time reader offering to either subscribe or simply send us $24 just to help. And it simply blew us away. Here’s why: we have 70,000 (or more) readers; now imagine if only 1,000 of those readers made the same offer (or twice that number for half as much and so on…), to what amounts to the price of two pints and some fries…or a cheap haircut…a t-shirt…a couple of movies…that’s two dollars a month for a year: small potatoes. While twenty-four dollars doesn’t get you much these days, combine it with 999 more supporter/participators and you get $24,000. With that amount in hand the New Agora would instantly double or triple its reach…. all for the price of two-dozen doughnuts, or a bucket of bad chicken, from a small percentage of our readers. When looked at this way it’s amazing yet understandable how cheap and yet how far away freedom for all truly is. Help yourself already! Making our stand together we will succeed, and may in fact be the point of all this hoopla, anything less as a community will not. Remember this Agora is yours in direct relationship to your participation with same, much like life itself, I guess.

We’ve been committed to bringing you the truest most vital information we can for years now, and continue to work as hard as we can for the good of us all. Will any of us be around in a year from now? That’s up to each and every one of us individually and as a whole. It really isn’t rocket science. Let’s do our best for one another, for our loved ones and ourselves. That’s how we win. That’s how we evolve. That’s where the fun is. So let’s help ourselves to a better life together, one based on Love, Truth and Freedom! If that isn’t worth our commitment what is?