Fear’s Greatest Fear

Let me just say this once again that most everything we publish, with the exception of my own article and the other opinion pieces are provided by independent reporters that we feel are speaking the truth but that, apart from going through the process of our intuition and personal experience, we have no way of verifying absolutely. And unless you are personally going to fly over to wherever the story is happening and maybe live there yourself for a while to somehow verify whatever it is we’re talking about, it’s always going to be about the question of trust.

Some continue to trust their governments, despite the sick feeling that comes over them at the promised violence inherent in not doing so, of not obeying. Some trust the doctors and their medicines regardless of the evidence before their eyes of the general lack of health in our civilization, or of any promotion of preventative dietary awareness, or of the obvious hypocrisy from those that come from Hippocrates ‘s lineage itself which boldly states as the first rule of conduct ‘to do no harm’. Many will continue to trust the television and the various talking heads promoting anything and everything other than the truth. Others trust history, math, science, despite the evidence screaming to the contrary, evidence that we, the masses, are given ad nauseam. This is not too surprising, we trusted our parents, and they trusted theirs and so on. The thing of it is: we were all lied to, on purpose. Most human beings don’t have a clue who they are, or of how the world of mankind really works, or the natural world for that matter. None of that is ever taught truthfully by the various institutions charged with that responsibility. This is on purpose. All of our History is compromised, being written by the victors. Our awareness in general, and our consciousness specifically, have been compromised by viral memes with which we are infected from birth, along with those poisonous cocktails we receive throughout our time here in this open air death-camp.

All of this is fact for me. I can see it and thereby prove it with my own eyes, body and heart. This is how it feels, smells and tastes to live here on earth in this day and age right now.   I need no extra corroboration, no experts or professional to agree with me or to give me permission. I look up into the sky and see it’s proof in the chemtrail laden skies. I watch my fellows walk by in mindless droves and see the proof of their unconscious states, their awareness’s’ locked away in the self-limiting jail cells of their bodies and minds. I find the proof in my own body as it desperately tries to process and rid me of the man many toxins that assault my everyday. I see the writing on the walls of this prison planet everywhere I look. Everywhere.

It’s no mistake that for any peace I might muster I have to look towards the natural world because it simply doesn’t exist in this artificial one made to keep us separate from ourselves, from each other, from truth, from reality, from The Ultimate Creative Source from which we all come.

One can’t help but find Truth when one asks to see. And so for me the various stories in the pages of the New Agora are mostly an afterthought, mostly pointing to the same undeniable fact that humanity is not free, nor even conscious, barely sentient, barely alive. So we try to balance all this with straight up information that some might find helpful: how natural ‘foods’, plants, herbs, can cure naturally. That the Sun is far more than just a nuclear hot spot giving us warmth, that the Earth is Alive and intelligent. That artificiality, in every sense of the word, is a degenerating alienating madness. That those who seek power over their fellows cannot be entrusted with our welfare. That these incredibly obvious truths even have to be pointed out is all the proof one needs to see that something is terribly amiss with the human family.

Children are born into this toxic world amidst the drugged screaming of their mothers, the slack jawed (knuckle dragging) complicity of their emasculated fathers, who unknowingly allow their wives to be raped open, a la cesarian, by mad butchers that force unnatural inhuman birth onto the next crop of victims into the State of Trauma. Shepherded throughout their stunted growth towards the slaughterhouses of industry, while their souls have little chance to do more then reel in shock before being reprocessed time and time again, from one life to the next, present only long enough to feed the monstrosity machine, most kneeling in the fear and filth of their jailers throughout the time. It’s hard not to sound negative or vitriolic when describing evil.

As I understand it, there is some foul Eye orchestrating this horror show for it’s own amusement and need, and it isn’t the Great Source. I don’t need the ancient gnostic texts to confirm this, nor a deep study of the various ‘holy’ books dominating the world with fear to do so either. Not all the mythology, past or present, nor the sickening and twisted cults that apparently run the world. All I require for verification is to See myself, and my life’s experience, with the unflinchingly sober and totally honest intent of freedom, to know that this is so.

As above so below they say. It’s a holographic universe after all. And with that I can see that there is a foreign installation ‘within’ me always wrestling for control, always trying to subvert my will, erode my strengths, my confidence, my love.

As I continue this journey within I can see that it is as desperate as it is self important, as fearful as it is ridiculous. This artificial construct works very hard to convince me that it is me, that it knows best and that I should be afraid, very afraid of everything and everyone, and that I should trust no one ever, not even myself. It insists that I look at the world through its myopic eye, as I have been trained to do for so very long. That the proof that the world is as it dictates to me in such frightful terms is all around me everywhere. Around and around and around we go.   Where we stop nobody knows. It creates the conditions of a hell on earth and offers this as proof that this is in fact hell. What a fallacious argument! No wonder we aren’t ‘taught’ to think too critically in school or in life. Being born into a death camp doesn’t mean that everywhere life is a death camp.

Life is beauty and joy, even here. Life is triumphant and glorious, even here. Love exists, even here, especially here, for here is where it is most required, brightest in such darkness, lightest in such heaviness, perhaps, even, it is here that it is strongest. Perhaps it is here, surrounded by it’s darkest shadow, that it can do the most good. No wonder such fear blubbers from every corner of this madhouse. No wonder the so called ‘elite’, the governments, their lackeys and all the other cowardly bullies are so worried about our awakening, our uprising, our realization of our true natures, our real heritage, our manifestation, our magnificence. No wonder we are Fear’s greatest fear, incarnate.

Actually, now I am starting to feel a wholly different kind of wonder. Or should that be a Holy kind of Wonder? The religions of the world have kinda soured me on the using too much of their terminology: better to stick with the Natives folk’s of the world righteous seeing that all things are sacred since they originate from the Great Source of Creation. I guess we’ll have to include those terrible rascals out there working so hard to make us look so good too. Hollow creatures filled with nothing but the absence of love. Yet, Love is an omni-faceted affair with the infinite, everyone’s included, no wallflowers allowed, at least not forever. And though they cling to those dark corners, furiously refusing our amorous advances to join in the fun: eventually everyone’s gotta dance to the music of Love. Oooh, they’re gonna hate that. Ha! Perfect. Mirificent.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling light on my feet and maybe even hear the beginning of a song in my heart. Shall we dance? I hear the party’s already started.