There is a current vacuum for truthful reporting as the MSM is flushing itself into oblivion. Stuck, unable to truly modernize, their lies falling apart, wallowing in their old habits of funneling only paid-for government propaganda and Big Business monopoly bias to the public, the ‘Legacy’ Media has amply demonstrated its lack of integrity and completely discredited itself as a source of truthful news and information. Their duplicitous nature has become obvious to all intelligent viewers.


Community, as a whole, values and requires the dissemination of honest information, and over the years has come to depend on it for their worldview. Unscrupulous interests have taken advantage of this to entrench themselves and impoverish the rest.


As a people, we are constantly looking around, to see what’s happening in the wider world so we can adjust our daily life choices accordingly and make the best ones for our families and our lives in general.


Too few with too much power, have abused this ‘sweet and normal’ human desire for understanding their surroundings and ‘getting along’ happily and in great abundance with their neighbours.


The Truth will set you free.  And the best way to change a bad system is to create a better one that renders the first obsolete and irrelevant.  A parallel system, if you will.  With parallel sources of information, of goods and service, of education, where a truly free market can flourish in the light of honesty and what’s best for us all as a human family.


Here we find our place.  As a huge number of independent alternative news sources have grown throughout these dark years, coupled with great discoveries (often rediscovered from our wise past) made in the fields of Health and alternate nature-based Science and Technology, as well as in the growing world of Human Potential, we are seeing a true rebirth of the best of Mankind. And yet as with any birth, these are fragile times and the wolves are raving to be let in.


Alone we are vulnerable. Together we are unstoppable. That’s the formula.  Not exactly rocket science, but we can see that the Plutocracy presently crushing the world they’ve put underneath them is ever working to keep us fearful, separate and isolated one from the other.


And so enters a new, honest and intelligent Company, transparent and fully effective, with truth at its core, bringing together the elements, the people, the products and services that all have the best interest of humanity at its heart.  A media company, certainly, but more so one of communication, one that quickly grows as a platform, as an agora, where our freedoms are cherished and our successes are shared.



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