Freedom’s Bloom

What a beautiful sunny day it is right now, the first one in far too long, and although the chemtrails are edging closer and closer, it’s still early enough in the morning to get some good sunlight into the eyes and onto the skin. Thanks to the abundant gifts of the Earth I’ve replenished my electrons and stabilized my internal electrical environment by simply walking barefoot on the grass and grounding myself. Peacefully warm for the first time in a long while I am struck by the contrast of this very real experience and the strange abstractions of life all around me. Traffic roars past, a busy and frantic noise of discordant mechanized labour. Up above, the foul chemical concoctions of madmen keeps creeping closer, lines of the stuff amalgamating together to become a spread of chemical clouds that do more than threaten to, yet again, whiteout a perfectly blue heaven, and robbing this warming day with an unnatural coolness, an artificiality that sheaths my view into something that has become the norm of the here and now.

Suddenly I’m up again, nervously eyeing the sky as I make my way back to my cell and its black mirror of electric machine lights, my dark window onto the madness of this age, one lit by the archon-tic glow of distraction, there to finish my task of the day which happens to be this very article which I’ve left for last.

Okay, enough with the purple prose, probably. I guess I’m still trying to create some kind of beauty out of a thing that possesses none intrinsically.

The funereal shrouding of our heavens should be a dead giveaway of where this is all going. Maybe that last sentence answers the question of why so few have noticed the horror lurking above. Mindless, ever hungry zombies (the ultimate in consumers culture), and ‘sexy’ unchanging vampires (what’s sexy about a tape worm or any other parasite is beyond me) afraid of dying in the sun’s light, populate mass consciousness these days. Both schools of undead are going to feel right at home here once the genetic modification of the human race is complete, if they don’t already. Perhaps you’re just all about being wired and inter-netted, pinging away in robotic gayety as the simulacra you’ve accepted as your society drools on in imbecilic masturbation. How cut off are you from Life? From Love? From yourself? Be honest if you can. Are you one of them? Are you really alive? Or only virtually so? Have you joined the collective? Have you also given up on your humanity? It’s with a wary eye that I watch myself reluctantly use the tools of the virtually damned to send out this missive.

I hear resistance is futile. I’ve also heard that what one resists persists. Star Trek’s Borg and their Queen remind me of the so-called United Kingdom, and now the empire of U.S.A Inc., assimilating and destroying species and cultures aplenty all for the ridiculous glory of a mechanized existence of mindless worship to some inhuman principle of consumption and imagined superiority. What preposterousness!

The genetic modifications that have been going on for so long now are seemingly a success. The eugenicist program of social engineering that has been driving the societies of the world for god only knows how long amount to the same: humans just aren’t so humane or even human anymore. The perpetually inbred ‘elites’, much like the turds they truly are, float on the top of the cesspool they have made out of the paradise the Earth expressed for us all. Zombie nations keep feasting on themselves in a lunatic glee. Chic vampires strike sexy unchanging poses while leering suggestively with their painted eyebrows and painted faces at our children in an undisguised lust to desecrate and devour all innocence.

Are you Lovin’ It? All it takes is a quick look around to see that it’s become a Ronald McDonald world out there, super-sized and especially prepared and form-fitted to fill our every orifice, forever. After all: You Can’t Beat the Feeling. It had to be good to get where it is. Makes good things taste better. Pure as Sunlight. Ice-cold sunshine. Catch the Wave. Can’t beat the real thing. Make It Real. Life tastes Good. It’s the real thing….Sweet. Am I alone in wondering what the heck Coca Crapola is talking about, because it sure ain’t their nasty evil little addictive disease making drink. Perfect for the zombie/vampire set, mind you, keeping their prey in sugar comas and fattened up for the slaughter. Big on thirst they are: Enjoy thirst. The best friend thirst ever had. The taste thirst goes for. Thirst knows no season. Thirst asks nothing more. Put into the proper context their slogans give me shivers.

Welcome to the Magic, they boldly state. The Disney-fication of main-stream awareness also seems complete. If Disney is really ‘The happiest place on earth’ then I’m getting out of here.

I drank and ate their shite for long enough to make addict me as well. I watched those twisted and violent films too, filling myself up with horror until my soul bled for release. I dug them zombies and vamps for a while also. They spoke volumes of the true condition of this place. One of the numbed undead, I too was a disconnected and unhinged thing, feverishly seeking to share my pain because what else was there exactly? School was insanity; television my main companion and teacher. And on and on and on until, sick of life and willing to turn to any and all indulgence to distract my attention from the hell of existence, I accepted societies’ death wish as my own. A race of slaves forced to work to live a life not worth the living. What drama! What angst! What perfection! What a joke.

You see it’s not enough to change the political system, or get better health care, or a better electric toaster/dildo to satisfy all your virtual needs. All that stuff is just a reflection of our aberrated natures. Of course there is a shroud occluding the heavens and poisoning our world. Of course the over-shmoes are continuing to wreak havoc through their endless rapine of our ever-giving Mother. Of course all the food and water is contaminated, the airways charged with terrible energies, the seas acid, while the masses cower away from consciousness, from truth, mortally afraid of freedom. And is it really so difficult to include the reality of mankind’s evil into our conscious awareness? Are psychopaths really that hard to imagine? Ever watch television? Ever heard of war? Or Politicians? Or Banksters? Or World Government? Or History?

“Who could do such a thing?” We cry! You could! I could. We all could. We all have. We all do. Some by doing nothing. Most by simply continuing to financially participate in their nation’s insane agendas which makes them absolutely complicit in their tax funded crimes against all Life. Justifications and rationalizations are the bread and butter of the mad apes we’ve become. We can, and have performed, every abomination possible under the Sun. Don’t kid yourself. What we’ve done to Love, to Life, beggars the imagination. No wonder most of us are hiding up our own asses.

Is the separate selfish self really that difficult to grasp, to identify, to discipline, to master, when you’ve been listening to it blather on between your very own ears ceaselessly all the while ‘giving’ you the worst possible advice for the majority of your life? C’mon already! I know you think that voice is you since that’s what it tells you and it seems to happen inside your head, and we’ve been taught that that’s where we ‘live’; but it’s not the whole picture, no more so then us being only our big toes, or butt fluff or whatever.

It is no mistake that we first incarnate here in our mother’s wombs as our hearts. It is no mistake that the heart generates an astronomical amount of energy in comparison to our brains. It is no mistake that this dominator culture that has enslaved us so very well works so feverishly hard to keep us locked away up there in our heads instead of feeling and thereby perceiving from our centres, from our truest Source. And that’s the crux of the trick, the cross we’ve been nailed to, the trap of the predator’s mind we’ve adopted as our belief structure, the one we call reality. Pretty clever really. Dastardly. Downright scary even, but it’s nothing a little quiet time and loving feeling can’t cure so chin up already, fear ain’t the boss of you unless you give it up.

And though I’ve said it before I’m gonna say it again: the petty tyrants of the world, be they human or otherwise, be they imagined truths or lies, be they memes, abstractions, ideologies, religious beliefs, or nihilistic attitudes, be they virus’s, virtual or meaty, regardless, they are here for our fun and enjoyment, and by that I mean they are manifest in our reality for our growth, for our evolution. Make no mistake we asked for it all. Our lives are our responsibility. Period.

But have no fear, the cure is simple: grow up, and I do mean up. Enough with all the bottom feeding. Enough with ‘living’ on our knees. Enough with selling The Creators gifts for cheap indulgences and an early grave. Enough of taking advantage of one another and screwing everything that moves and everything that doesn’t. The real thing my ass.

Little does Evil realize that for all its plots and machinations, for all its ridiculous and futile shenanigans, all it is managing to do is to help fertilize Freedom’s Bloom.

The Sun is still shining up above, as we are shining down below.