Greeting Seasons

Here’s a thought: If Freedom has no limit, other than when impinging on another’s, then isn’t that all the politics and laws we could ever need to guide ourselves through the business of living well together; even providing a direction for greatness and evolution in the grandest sense that includes the rest of the living beings here and indeed this living World we share? Kinda does away with the need for politics at all (activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, esp. the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power. dict.).

Whereas laws are concerned: “Do No Harm” pretty much covers it. No need for the prevarications of lawyers, the dark insanity of ‘judges’, only truth. Self-governance through the acceptance of personal responsibility, based in truth not belief, natural law not artifice. Heck, while we’re at it why not see that Love is what we’re talking about here. The real thing I mean, the one that’ll kick your ass when you need it to, like when you refuse to grow up for example. We all know about that one, I’m guessing.

The consequences of our actions, or lack thereof, are serious teachers of Natural Law (the kind nobody can change) and are an excellent indication of where we are really at; be they nascent feelings of dis-ease when facing the collapsing structures (controlled demolition or otherwise) of previously held and cherished beliefs presently proven to be no more than that in the face of unquestionable truth, or the cold hard fact that when you give up your responsibilities, sure as pope rhymes with dope, you will suffer, no question about it, just look around anywhere.

Willful ignorance is too downright dangerous to indulge in particularly in these interesting times, plus you miss all the fun, it’s kinda pathetic, and I get the certain feeling, and can verify it with my own experience, that it makes things go from bad to incredibly bad. Call it the force of evolution or of truth that cannot be forever denied. And though at first it’s some pretty dark stuff you’ve got to wade through to find out what the heck is really going on inside and outside of your existence, it beats not knowing and just wallowing in that same shite and calling it roses…

We followed fear and it led us here. Fear brought out the worst of us, the worst in us, and made those very fears manifest in the here and now, insisting on our participation, our attention to keep the show going. Fear is the true face of all the control systems that are the human condition. It’s the voice in your head that gives you such appalling advice, advice that has kept you from yourself. It’s that annoying voice that is so difficult to turn off, that’s been with you so long you think it’s you. It’s the state of being a separate selfish self inculcated at every step in this predatorily cult called ‘modern civilization’, from infancy and the conditionality of love offered and taught by other fear damaged beings, to schooling, religion, work, politics, sports, cage after cage boxing awareness in prisons of beliefs, judgments, one’s own reinforced by the ‘collective’ and then back again. Lies, lies and more lies. That’s why people are so unbalanced: they ‘live’ in a fiction presented to them by an inorganic state (government) so that it can feed off their lives & labour, much like the movie ‘The Matrix’ presented. Organic robots running the Machine World’s power base. Rendered powerless by existing in a lie, it’s no surprise most can’t seem to free themselves from the artificial dream offered to them since birth. Even conceiving of the possibility of an ‘outside’ to this state of being is beyond the trained intellect of most – thanks to the programming and domestication forced on us all by the ‘state farming machine’ that is the present world of the unconscious human.

As I take in the vista of my life and see the various curvatures, twists and bends on its path to today, I have to admit that, though I once felt victim to the crippling effects of being ‘raised’ in this time, those very limitations and terrible pressures inherent in the experience have allowed me to become fit in the sense of knowing who I really am by being continually presented by what and who I am not. I have even become ‘muscled’ in the sense of being empowered by Truth itself as a response to what was lacking in my ‘upbringing’, and in what has becomes so apparently obvious about the bankrupt nature of this artificially imposed paradigm. I’ve grown seasoned surrounded by rot.

The ‘system’ is the fiction where we are the reality. What we choose to empower is the question before us all.

There’s a truth in here, out there, that literally makes fear poop itself…well, in fear. And here it is: Imagination, though often subverted, abused, censored and denied…kicks fear’s ass, it eats it up, uses the stuff as fuel, and, in fact, makes fear’s insatiable hunger look like a joke compared to the gusto with which imagination feasts upon those very fears with endless creativity and no small measure of humour. Fears disappear with a smile and a laugh. Fear is a bully who folds in the face of courage, of determined action, of any number of fabulous human qualities.

Imagination affords context and draws the narrative together, allowing plenty of room for chaos, for mystery, even for the folly of our fellows still lost in their dream of hierarchy and false power. Through imagination nothing need be too impossible to entertain. Crazy eugenicists blue bloods trying to rule the world through greed, evil and fear? That’s easy to imagine. Extra-dimensional parasites using human emotional energy as food? Who hasn’t read a story of speculative fiction, or crime novel that hashes out either of these plots? Conspiracy theories? Read any history books lately? That’s all they are about. Heck you don’t even need much imagination to figure out it’s all still going on, same shenanigans, same motives, kinda boring really. These fellers aren’t particularly imaginative it seems, not without outsourcing the task to one of us, which is where the power really is. Without our okeydokeys their whole house of cards would (will) fall in an instant. I can even imagine that this is what it was all about: We asked for the experience of knowing and experiencing ourselves, and then of re-imagining ourselves into a new experience of ourselves right after in the next step in this journey and so on, and so on, and so on.

Though at times the folly of Man seems endless I can still imagine a beautiful world filled with peace and excitement and exploration and endless wonder. I can imagine how one might go about manifesting that very reality; I’m doing it right now. I’ve been practicing my imagination for ages, in pleasurable ways, many we surely share, and even in strenuous ways such as when wrestling with the madness of imagination’s opposite.

Yikes! Why, I can easily imagine seven impossible things before breakfast. In fact, I can imagine most anything. So can you. So can we all. We really are that through which we might work wonders, horrors too. Look around! Every delightful creation, every terrible expression: it’s us, it’s just us, the All of Us. So why delay? Act now! Let’s re-imagine ourselves! Let’s re-imagine this whole dream while we’re at it.

Manifestation through inspired action. The Choice is ours. Let’s greet the changing seasons of our lives with daring, excitement and cheer!

Love, Fredalupe!

“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” -Theodore Dreiser