Incarnate Change

Earlier this week I found myself walking through a residential area in Vancouver where I passed one of the first signs I’ve seen in a long time that somebody out there is actually awake, aware and in action. I’ll get back to that in a minute. Now, we’ve been doing this for years and every month, bar none, is a mad scramble to get it all together and paid off and ready for public consumption. As you can tell by my tone and choice of words I’m no great fan of a process by which compromises are forced for a race to be run to the financial finish, the goal of which is printing these words, maybe even eating a little something that month after paying the extortionist fee for the privilege of living in an irradiated and chemically sprayed hovel. Most of the monetary weight of publishing falls on our advertisers since this is a free paper. Actually it falls on us whereas the burden of generating those sales is concerned. But basically that means that unless you folks use, buy or otherwise enjoy whatever products and services are being offered in these pages we first go into debt then we go broke and then of course there is no more ‘free’ paper. We can keep hustling for other business’ interest in publicizing with us (which we do), or playing the mendicants (beggars) and asking for direct support from our readers (which we have), but just because our paper is really really popular (and it actually is) this doesn’t mean we see any alleviation from the stress of this biz-model, or that we can even pay rent or eat in exchange for our full time efforts involved with this work. And we go to all this trouble and sacrifice for what reason again? Hmmmm.

Well that takes us back to the sign I spoke of earlier, posted on telephone poles and mail boxes and stop lights and so on, titled Warning Chemtrails and Chemtrail Zone, with a nifty and telling triangle inside in which a death-head gas-mask stares out over a plane leaving trails behind it. The text underneath it was perfect and to the point stating: “People of Canada and the World, Look Up. We are being Sprayed chemicals by our government! See for yourself – observe the sky. Talk to your family and friends.” Right underneath that paragraph was a smaller one with a powerful gut punch well worth the retelling: “In the last ten years, respiratory disease in Canada has moved from the 8th to 3rd highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more then doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s disease, a condition caused by aluminium poisoning, has also skyrocketed. If we don’t do anything to stop this scourge, we deserve what we get.”

Dang. That kinda says it all. Powerful. Truthful. Right on the money. Black on white. What an awesome, uncompromising and striking format. Kicks everyone’s ass while telling it like it is. Well done. You’re my hero right now, whoever you are.   You are the bomb. Thank you. I tried to get a page dedicated to reproducing this or something like it so others can join in the action of ‘info-bombing’ their own neighbourhoods. Heck, I wanted to put it on the front page cover and really take a shot at it, but no-can-do with the way things are with the paper, the advertisers, the stores who have our stands, etc… That’s not to say that some of them wouldn’t go for it, some of them would, but some are so scared of losing business through ‘offending’ anyone that they’re straightjacketed by the very idea of controversy. So there I was looking at this super effective poster, reflecting on what it meant, what we could do, where we were, certainly not wanting to rip any of them down for our own purposes, feeling that they were perfect and useful where they were, yet being shocked that so many had been actually torn down and burned! I realized that in a sense we’ve been doing something fairly similar all these years, as in posting our info in a public space with the intent of waking others to the dangers of remaining unconscious and irresponsible.

To be clear: this poster-maker person has topped us and the good news is so can you: unfettered and free, doing good and kicking ass, low bugdet but high impact. This poster, its message, did something we could never do with an ongoing monthly regardless of how hard we tried that really appealed to me and actually floored me with its strength: Simply the fact that the message and its loving warning was perfectly finite. Wake up or die. Period. Not check in on next month’s free installment of ‘evolution made easy’, or ‘seven steps to stop being an asshole’, or ‘plastic is bad for you so don’t eat it’, or ‘bad people are doing bad things’. Dumbing shit down is what brought us all to this predicament, it’s why some of those beautiful posters were torn away or burned, it’s why I have a hard time doing what I do here in the land of the baked and fried, under lithium skies and an ocean of dying and mutating fish, where every day is halloween and god bless the lizard queen.   It’s almost a living.

After all it’s easy to pick up a free newspaper and feel like you are participating in changing something or other. Informing yourself is a good thing but it’s just not enough if that’s where it ends. You’ve got to help yourself to change if you want any of it in your life, you’ve got to be the change: the positive stuff, I mean, because those negative changes, the ones that are coming from so much inaction and unconsciousness are steamrolling ahead, green-lighted by the peoples’ pathetic subservience and ignorant obedience. Remember folks: If we don’t do anything to stop this scourge, we deserve what we get.

Every month we come across important information, much more than we could possibly publish in a monthly thirty-two page format, some of which we find so important that it becomes quite stressful to have to wait until our next issue to be able to share them with our readers. To alleviate this pressure we have begun posting more and more current information and videos on our website daily: A lot of work for an already overworked bunch, but giving us a worldwide reach.

Working through the print medium in this format has taught us much in the way of what’s possible and what’s not, even to the degree of now having greater understanding, appreciation, and some sympathy for all those presently lost in the mainstream world of media manipulation and mass control, for producers and consumers alike. There is, of course, something inherently weakening about being dependant on the present system of ‘economy’ offered to us by the old paradigm, part of the obviously top-heavy design of the model, to be sure. It’s a slippery slope with little more than governmental pitfalls, sticky red tape (red for a reason), black holes of light-swallowing debt and murky moral dangers everywhere the eye turns. All ages welcome, folks.

Amazingly enough many of our readers are only ready for so much, this to the degree that it affects the information we can share in print. This situation is personally difficult in that I find myself too often in a kind of editorial compromise, in a sense censoring information and ideas guided by a combination of what the majority of our readers are ready for and what the majority of our distributions spots will allow. You wouldn’t believe some of the grief we’ve received lately for simply daring to have a nipple showing on one of our covers from time to time. I leave it to your imagination to fill in what it might be like for us when we bring up subjects that really rock the boat.

Our work together is truly on a global scale. Only being able to reach people locally for the most part, when it has become abundantly obvious to us that it’s a much bigger party, has also led us to face challenges and frustrations of a worthwhile nature whereas our absolute conviction that we do indeed need to grow beyond our present circumstances is concerned. Perhaps this is a good metaphor for the whole lot of us in these times. After all, if we are to prosper and evolve in our doings and beings together: limitations must by definition be surpassed, and, indeed, a better model must be proposed and in place to allow for that growth to exist and flourish.   Intelligence of design is all around us, inside us, it’s what and who we are. The natural world of beauty of which we are a part is our proof of the possibility of perfection, nipples and all.

As a community and a People we have a tremendous and glorious opportunity to recreate ourselves entirely. Regardless of the sharper details most have a pretty good idea that we’ve been conned, bullied and traumatized since birth to buy into a system that has never had our best interest in mind, only our compliance and obedience. The negative image of our fantastic destiny is fearfully staring at us right in the eye, literally waiting for us to do the ‘wrong thing’ before tearing us limb from limb or putting us in a cage or worse. A mexican standoff of the soul with our everything in jeopardy, and all around us everyone seemingly only out for themselves, or even out to get us. A Kali Yuga monster machine projecting cataclysmic reflections right into a human-near-you and then through us right onto the world’s own Cosmic Theatre of Choice, distorting the natural and free. Colourful drama, but that’s what it feels like to describe what we’ve been going through for so long. Taking up all of our attentions better placed elsewhere could easily be the name of ‘their’ game. It’s enough of a victory over our energies to keep those life-takers feeding and us starving.

However, we might then conclude that the opposite or inverse must also hold to be true: that it’s enough of a victory over our own energies to place our attentions upon the very things that those other forces struggle so maniacally to keep us from, and by which we might naturally prosper once, no longer being parasitized upon, our naturally positive, life-giving power is allowed and encouraged to bloom and flower. They keep us apart and offended, frightful and feeling powerless to affect change. They keep us separate and selfish, hypnotized and drugged. They jerk our sodas and rape our children. And they do it all with our agreement and even make us pay for their ministrations and efforts in enslaving us. Very simply put : We reverse all that jazz and then suddenly we’re free, dancing in endless abundance and Love, creativity and sunshine. And though it’s undeniable that each one of us has to do their own homework, eventually we’ve got to come together in a constructive and creative way to share in generating the exponential and global change our beloved planet, all the children, animals and plants, all the loving folks everywhere are growing towards and dying to get to. We’ve been doing this as best we can for years through our work with The New Agora. That our effforts have to expand to include many more ‘participants’ is as clear as our having to create a self supporting system for us to continue on. Once again this sounds like a metaphor for our present lives on this planet. Granted, one person has the power to go out and affect untold ammounts of people with a single, daring and creative act. Individuality is the bomb.

Now, imagine what we could all do together. Imagine what we could do together, not lost in a collective, communitarian nightmare, or any -ism whatsoever, but together as an empowered, enlightened, evolving expression of Life, of change incarnate, complex and diverse, joyfully loving and fiercely free.

So, by all means follow your own path wherever that may lead you; and if you feel our interests coincide, perhaps we share some intent or a common vision, send us a quick email with the means of reaching you in return and we’ll see what we can get up to together whereas really getting this party started.

Write to [email protected] to join our new agora mailing list so we know who is into participating. Cheers!