A wonderful whirlwind of change has been blowing of late, perhaps you’ve felt it stir you somehow.  The New Agora has been carried far afield and across the lands these last few months.  From Europe to South America, California to Calgary, Mexico to Japan, knowledge and truth are spreading out their wings in a grand flight of consciousness that has even the ignorant gaping towards the heavens.  Is it a bird, a plane?  It’s Freedom, Baby.  So, dry your tears and wipe your bum, come join the dance and have some fun.  This is what the so-called over-shmoes, ankle-biters and other assorted parasites don’t want everyone to know:  Freedom is a blast… and kicking evil’s ass is a delight to boot!  Ha!  Imagine!  Folks everywhere are waking up.  Cataracts of apathy no longer blind so completely; fear’s dread paralysis is being conquered by self administered awareness.  Humour, forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, creativity, simple beautiful friendship, these facets of Love, divine and electric with power, fuel and nourish all those in the flow.

Call it the Tao or just Life, we are Cosmic and everywhere.  Adjectives could forever try to scale the descriptive heights of our glorious and unavoidable destiny without ever reaching the summit.  But what an awesome view!  What a climb!  I almost didn’t make it to the latest peak, but along the way I was helped and helped again.  We really aren’t alone in this evolution of ours so thanks for all your participation!

 I have two super-powered quotes to share with you; both kicked my ass for months (actually it’s ongoing) and forced me to look at my methods, manias, habits, addictions and general way of being and doing with a new vigour and an unflinching, razor sharp, completely freeing, honesty. Maybe they’ll help you in some way, open a door, shine some light, and make you go hmmmm:

    “You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” -Mark Twain

This disclaimer ought to be printed wherever humans are to be found in any number.  What we perceive tells more about who is doing the perceiving then what is being perceived.  For myself I realized that there were warps and other distortions mucking about with what I saw (or thought I saw, or told myself I saw), skewing much into the negative, to the degree that I could no longer really get past my lack of trust for the world and my life in it.  What an ordeal!  Having one’s imagination high-jacked into generating a life of worse case scenarios sure can teach you a heck of a lot about the very real power of manifestation and the imagination.  Amazing and completely natural tools, gifts for making dreams or their reverse come true, ones that we absolutely embody!  Yikes.  Crazy super power.  Big power equals big responsibility.  Spidey’s uncle was right.  I have found that reclaiming this responsibility for oneself is a one step solution to effect total transformation.  Shazam!

           “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.  –P. Picasso

 Here’s the kicker.  Sitting around waiting for lightning to strike just ain’t the kinda gesture that gets it all moving.  Imagine my surprise.  We are the bus we’re waiting for.  Ha.  Awesome winds of inspiration catch the open sail; it’s the well-manned tiller that plays and surfs the waves.  The writing, sculpting hand, the dancing feet, the whirling body, the moving become the movement, the smile becomes the laugh of Love blossoming.  We play and play is divine. Forever and infinite, endlessly mysterious: We are the Divine at Play.  There’s obviously a lot more to this story for each and every one of us, bar none, and the great news is that we each get to discover all that for ourselves, moment by moment, step by step, breath by breath, to the drum of our beating hearts, our pulsing stars, all together now, a’dance with the music of Life. Jiggity-jig.