The Last Harvest of Man

Has any one else noticed that here in Canada, from Vancouver to Nova Scotia, the trees and plants are dying? It’s one thing to never look up and see the horror of the artificial ‘clouds’ covering the sky for well over ten years now, but when the beautiful green world becomes a shriveled and burned up brown, when the dead leaves pile up in the middle of summer, when entire streets are now lined up with strangely infected, skeletal, nearly leafless dying trees it’s either time to take our collective heads out of our overfed asses, or pucker up and kiss them good-buy.

Here’s a web address that shows some of the devastation occurring through a collection of photographs that will certainly look familiar to anyone living in Vancouver,

and beyond that has bothered to look around at the plants and trees.  This along with a video of the chemtrail sunset possibly heralding the last harvest of man, and which reminded me of a powerful poem Lorenzo wrote for the last book in The Mirificent Trilogy we’re presently working on offered here to you in part:

An Autumn Moon of Golden Blood

Hangs Over The Last Harvest of Man

A sad wind blows around still life

As our Time Drips away in the Sand


An angry cloud grows, and bursting it sows

A wash of storms on the ground

To move with its rage and start a new age

Not a trace of man to be found


If Rivers could talk and old mountains walk

I wonder what dance they would sing

Of Spring and Fresh growth and maybe a note

To those who’ve forgotten such things.


“Why in the World are they spraying” is the companion documentary to “What in the world are they spraying”  has just come out and are both essential viewing. The fabulous producers of the films have made them freely available to everyone because of the seriousness of the situation. Please consider visiting their site and helping them finance their ongoing efforts to save the world from terminal stupidity. They’re pretty soft core compared to the absolutely shocking and pants filling video presentation, which is really not for the faint of heart: be warned, called “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology.” BUY THE DVD AT or MAKE A BIG DONATION at

The New Agora, for all its valiant efforts throughout the years of stimulating awareness in its readers, can only present the very tip of the literal iceberg being both jammed up humanity’s ass and simultaneously shoved down its collective throat. The size of this monstrosity being forced onto all of us, every last one of us, is not only global but also actually multidimensional (i.e. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and then some) as are the consequences of all of our actions, inactions, beliefs, intents, etc. This most amazing time we’ve all asked to be party to, or party in, is no doubt scaring the shit out of most of us, which I guess might be the point.

Right now I’m listening to Social Distortion’s song “I Was Wrong”, which could really be our theme song and a heck of a good way to start the long road to redemption we’re walking together, catchy tune too. Strangely enough the word ‘redemption’ comes from the latin ‘redimere‘: to buy back. Those dirty religious fellahs and their language of evil at it again. Maybe the action of buying back our freedom (archaic meaning of the word redemption) through the personal evolution generated by reclaiming our responsibilities for being aware and alive here and now is the key to opening the lock the Banksters have used to keep us all enslaved. Sounds right to me. Just because we were sold shite doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make good fertilizer. Buying into this worldwide scam doesn’t have to be the end of your road. The biggest part of my ‘waking up’ was making that very realization: I was wrong. After the tears and the rage passed I evolved. It’s a necessary first step if change is the road you’re walking (and if it isn’t where are you going?). Today I use that very point of awareness as a powerful third point to free myself from the neck twisting back and forth insanity of being stuck in duality’s endless loop. It’s not so much a thing of right and wrong as just asking yourself the question: maybe there’s more to this then meets the eye, or head, or whatever; maybe just maybe, eh? If you want a fantastic and quick nine minute heads-up on just how big the picture is, and just how marvellous and mirificent we really are check out this clip from what they didn’t include in the final edit of the film “The Secret”. The question of why they didn’t include it in the original release answers itself when you realize that it’s literally the key to putting it all together and helping yourself out of the commercial madness and homicidal egotism that is presently devouring us alive, and why certain ‘powers that be’ wouldn’t want that now would they? A secret’s only a secret if it’s being kept from someone after all.

For me the most difficult part of putting this paper together is selecting the articles that get printed out of the mind-blowingly huge number of absolutely vital ones that we get presented with every month. Luckily I’ve got some help, and our website lists a bunch of them, but the whole process is more akin to war time triage, where the most serious cases are put ahead of the less so. However a balance must needs be maintained with our readers so they will still keep reading and not just go stick their heads in the oven or go jump off a bridge, seeing as how that might be somewhat counter productive to inspiring the kind of change we’d love most to see; and anyhow I doubt it would affect those most deserving of that kind of end in such a way: psychos and their sheeple aren’t exactly picking up our paper, although a girl can dream…

We’ve tried to include a few more through our ‘Help Yourself Headlines’, but it necessitates an internet connection, the ability to read on a computer, and presents mostly articles whereas there are a multitude of videos, interviews, documentaries and full on movies that have been instrumental in my education that we’ve as yet been unable to share with you that would no doubt help open the eyes of even the most stubborn of us. Just to get them out there I’m going to list out as many of these life changing video links I’ve got space left for right here at the end of this article.

In a hopefully not final note: although it will of course try it’s damnedest, all the bad news in the world really doesn’t have to keep you down. That we are witness to such terrible depths of depravity and selfish separateness, so alien, artificial and lunatic, outlines in bold strokes our very greatness, our natural connection and unity, and of the wonderful heights we shall reach by sheer contrast with that which we are not. In a sense, awareness and acceptance of the totality of our shared experience followed by gratitude and forgiveness for the folly and mistakes we’ve allowed to help bring ourselves to this very new place in our growth ensures that we continue along our chosen path. I hear our happy destiny is unavoidable.

Perhaps the last harvest of man will bear the fruit, not only of the Tree of Knowledge, but that of eternal life, which in Truth is Love.