Liberation Participation!

 This month my space in the paper had to be shaved down a bit to fit in all the great information we’ve put together for you. We are definitely straining at the twenty-eight page format, and are hard pressed to even come close to fitting in all the good stuff we’d love you to become aware of every month. The New Agora could easily be twice its current size, filled to the brim with exciting and rewarding information, real resources of all kinds, eye opening and life changing, while offering a structure built on mutual benefit and trustworthiness. All that is required for this to happen and for the message of freedom to be spread throughout Canada (and the world) is more Participators.   Imagine our human family participating in its own evolution! Imagine limitless possibility! Imagine Freedom. I know I am.

Allow me to explain what I mean by ‘Participators’ and the kind of participation that might help the most whereas making a bigger more splendid paper and getting the truth out to as many real folks as we can is concerned. Although we’ve certainly used other means then straight ‘advertising dollars’ to get the paper to where it is today, publicizing is still the number one way we have to generate the energy to get the paper printed and distributed. Naturally, to do this in a larger way means that this agora, as a meeting and marketplace, must also expand to support a wider audience. This is as it should be for an agora. So far we’ve attracted quite a few forward-thinking business’s, enough to stabilize us where we are, depending on the winds of change and the fortunes of the day, of course. We’ve done equally well whereas volunteers of all kinds are concerned. There’s quite simply a lot of good folks out there who are happy, willing and passionate about sharing truth with their fellows. There is definitely an electricity in the air and it ain’t all Wi-Fi and cell towers. From people just leaving the paper in waiting rooms to offering them to be read by loved ones, the New Agora is a great tool in the hands of those who are moving with the positive evolutionary changes occurring within our species and with the world as a whole. Our readers seek out the businesses and services that present themselves here in our pages because they know that those same people are putting their money where their mouths are by literally investing in the intent of freedom for all. Together we are creating the mutually agreeable and supportive system that will come to replace the one presently falling apart.

Imagine every Canadian informed and empowered…we could change the face of humanity with our loving example of cooperation and bonhomie (cheerful friendliness, congeniality). Canadians aren’t just a polite bunch – we’re also good people, peaceful, humourous and mostly interested in getting on with having a good life. Being representative of the entire human population and having learned to live well with one another we Canadians really could lead the world in the best way possible.

So here we are, sharing news and information the mainstream media won’t allow the majority of us to see or hear. We’ve got an old style print media format to spread the conscious awakening of the human species. Yes, we’re online too, but most of us aren’t and don’t need to be. Don’t believe the hype. A good book is a good book. Reading a printed newspaper over morning tea, coffee or mate is a delight. Computers and such, be they wall-mounted, hand held or butt-plugged are jim-dandy and all in their way, but feeling the actual world with your own hands as your eyes walk across a page helps the mind and the heart synchronize with the spirit. A virtual representation, as dazzling and captivating as they are these days, will always at best be only that: a virtual representation of the real deal.

In your hands right now you have a tool to illuminate the darkness and to help build a better world. If you have a business, a service, a show, a need to publicize then get in contact with us right away.   If you know of a business that would be enhanced by becoming known in our pages for our readers to enjoy and support: let them know about us right away. We can all help one another prosper. This is one of our guiding principles and is most certainly how it’s meant to be. Creating a better system is not that complicated and there’s none but us to do it. The ‘everyone out for themselves’ ‘dog eat dog’ paradigm serves no one not even the dogs in the long run. We are in this together. All we need to change the world back into the paradise it always was is to Participate in making it so! This is the active side of the non-compliance stance loving beings are making when faced with the obscene homicidal selfishness of the current criminal regime desperately clinging to its predatorial and cancerous lunacy.

By proposing and creating a better way to interact with one another the corrupt system of parasitically devouring everything and everyone will simply wither on the vine from lack of attention, importance and relevance. As I see it this is perhaps the most significant realization of them all whereas our civilization is concerned: separation and artificial systems don’t work for us at all!   The human family thrives on cooperation and diversity, as does our world. Raping and plundering ourselves into slavery and eventual extinction isn’t a good business plan. Scarcity only feeds pirates and thieves, politicians and banksters. And it’s a lie! It’s a con! Look around! Abundance is the rule of the Cosmos, for heaven’s sake! Love is the energy that moves everything forward. Intelligence and beauty are everywhere in the natural world(s), not so much in the other one. A fabricated reality is a limited thing. True reality is endless, mysterious and certainly worthy of our equally wondrous natures. Imagine a harmonious exploration of the heights of possibility! Let’s go!

What we participate in we nourish. What we give our attention to grows. What we dream comes true.

The New Agora is doing it’s best to nourish your awareness, so that your attention might grow in strength and clarity, so that our grandest dream of a loving existence shared together in celebration might finally be manifest and true for us all.

Thank you for your participation in our liberation,

Love, Fredalupe!