Love in The Kingdom of the Blind

This issue’s cover spells out what originally inspired our efforts of bringing people together in awareness. I’ve got to admit to often feeling something else entirely though. Even at the risk of turning some off I’m going to be even more honest with you now than ever before. Are you ready? I hope I am. Please remember that I’m expressing myself here because I love you all, myself included.

This work I’m involved with, attempting to ‘wake’ the People by putting the paper together, collating stories, reading hundreds and hundreds of articles from all over the world every day, writing an editorial from the heart, distributing the paper, dealing with people, attempting to get them participating in their own deliverance, is simply no fun. It’s burning me out. It’s convincing me that what is happening globally, and by that I mean the various and multitudinous extinction events occurring all around us, is happening because, through our mass complacency and avoidance of responsibility, it’s what we’ve asked for, it’s what we’ve earned, and what we deserve.

Staring pure evil in the face without cease for so long now has almost completely eroded my simple motivating desire to help. Not only am I daily awash in the most horrifying information known to man, all in the attempt to make some sense of it in the context of our age, but then I get to confront the nearly total indifference and willful ignorance of my ‘fellows’ in the so-called real world. I think it was Carl Jung who suggested that embracing grief was a sure way of growing the soul. Perhaps grief is a good word to describe how I’ve felt for so long now. I feel as though I’m in mourning for the entirety of human potential that is being squandered so vividly by the omnicidal lunatic greed presently leading the consumptive, indulgent, unconscious, idiot masses to their global grave.

In a sense I feel that I have participated in fulfilling the cosmic rule of offering ‘fair warning’ whereas our world-encompassing predicament is concerned. Today no one can say ‘they didn’t know’ that the global shit storm was a’coming. When I look around at all the glaring signs and indications of the aforementioned doom pervading this reality, looking up to a sky perpetually covered in a shroud of chemical death, or when simply walking around searching for something un-poisoned to eat, I know that that very Shit Storm isn’t just coming, it’s here. And it stinks to high heaven. The trees are dying, the animals too, the sea as well. And it’s all by design! And we’re all paying for it!   The human race has become the butt of the worst joke ever, and it’s not even funny. Not even close.

Some folks are making a stand and divorcing themselves from their so-called governments, countries, churches, ideologies, philosophies and all the rest of that knuckle-dragging b.s. I can relate. It’s a fine exercise in freeing oneself from the various shackles that bind us from the get-go. But what about the Chemtrails and the horrifying agendas behind them? What about Fukushima? We’ve got nuclear fallout raindrops falling on our heads, for heaven’s sake! What about the obvious complicity in genocide ‘our’ governments demonstrated when they supposedly stopped monitoring the situation? Why do I even have to keep pointing to such obvious events? Are you all mad? Haven’t you ever looked up? Don’t you miss the Sun? Are you all so afraid that you’ve already lain down in your graves? Head first, ass in the air waiting for more raping? Are you kidding me? How can you not know that your cell phones are killing you? So are the doctors and their drugs, so are the dentists with their amalgam fillings, the fluoride and all the other poisons in the water we’re expected to drink. So are the bankers, the politicians, and on and on and on.   It’s all right there in plain sight for all to see.

Let’s be clear: using the word ‘organic’ whereas foods are concerned is a compromise with evil. It’s a euphemism for not calling the rest of that garbage poisoned!   Governments are in the slavery business. All religions, and I mean All of Them, are designed to keep their adherents away from the Creator and strip them of their connection to the Source.   Schools and universities are there to destroy the human love of creativity. Doctors and hospitals are their to make and keep you sick. Television and the media in general are there to fuck your brain into a state of senseless, mindless zombie-fication. It’s no accident that zombies, vampires and other forms of undead have been pushed into our culture’s consciousness ad nausea. I’m barely even scratching the surface of this hideous monstrosity we call civilization. What’s worth keeping out of all that has been ‘given’ to us makes for a far shorter list. In my opinion there isn’t even anything on that list, not even the language I’m using right now which was seemingly designed to keep the power of the word, vibrationally and otherwise, well out of reach of the common man.

This is really about the cancer of the spirit that has metastasized throughout our species. It’s a cancer that comes into the picture much like the other more familiar one present in the body when the time comes to deal with necrosis, as I understand it. Even before the Internet (the name tells you what you need to know by the way. Inter: to place a corpse in a grave or tomb. Net: a woven animal catcher) we already inhabited an artificial existence quite separate from the natural world, and our bodies (all of them, you have more than one by the way) know it and have been trying to communicate this information to us all along. On one level this separateness is generated by our conditioned thoughts and trained beliefs. On another it is upheld by every institution known to man. We arrive as Natural Beings, Divinely Inspired and Expressed through Love. But from the very start we are put through the meat grinder of ‘modern’, socially accepted, and entirely artificial techniques purposefully designed to separate us from that state of being through trauma-based conditioning. And that’s just for starters. Actually it’s not even accurate enough. Even before birth the human being is subjected to an untold number of unbelievable toxins and pollutants.   The real miracle is that any of us make it out alive, or are able to develop even the semblance of a Soul. It’s an agony to remain empathically open throughout the years of demonic abuse. It’s a miracle to still be able to love.

In the Kingdom of the Blind the one eyed man is King. I guess if you only had the one eye you could go around blinding everyone else and have a much easier time setting yourself up as some kind of necessary ‘leader’ or monarch. Sure sounds familiar to me.

I’ve only got one question left, really. No doubt we’re all relieved that this is almost over. I know I am.

Here goes: Where are You? I look for you but can’t find you. Even when I think I’m looking straight at you – you slip away. Even when we meet face to face: you’re not really there. Lost in facsimiles and paper thin appearances, you’re perpetually distracted by the illusion, by the lie, by the virtual reality engulfing you, and you become a phantom before my eyes, a ghostly nothing hurtling towards complete oblivion, or worse. And yet, for that small moment when our eyes meet, before you look away in fear at what you see of yourself reflected in mine, I know you know, I know you see. I feel your heart in all its true glory even then for here we are forever One. And as you turn away into the blindness of the Known I cannot help but weep, not from pity, for it ill suits my Soul, instead my tears flow from Love, though grief tears at me still, I know that Love is Free.

Regardless of how this all ‘works’ out, this article, this paper, this effort, this age, I know that I did my best for you; perhaps not always nor in the best of all possible manners, perhaps never in the way you’d prefer, or me for that matter, but I showed up, I’m really here, whether I like it or not; and though the music’s stopped and everyone’s scrambling for the chairs and there doesn’t seem to be enough for everyone because that’s how this crazy stale game is played: you can have mine (I wasn’t using it anyway and it seems to mean so much to you after all). I guess I’m playing a different one where I make my own music, and what rules there are exclude no one. And though I miss you still and am at times saddened at your choice of not wanting to play with me I respect your journey and wish you well knowing that our happy destiny together is unavoidable.

So if these words move you at all…well, I guess the rest is up to you.   But if you feel just too lost, too afraid, too angry and too crazy to help yourself, remember that you’re not alone, remember that I’ve been there and been that also (just a few paragraphs ago really) and that this too shall pass, remember that even in the Kingdom of the Blind Love Sees All.

We cannot be deceived or kept from ourselves forever, no matter how hard we try. After all Love is who We are.