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The inspiration of these works of Love is the transformation of Being.


With the understanding that through the greatest challenges comes the most sublime victories, we explore what it means to become free of our fears by embracing the wisdom of our own living experience through these *mirificent illustrated stories. They exist to create a bridge, and to offer a life-line, between the two halves of our separated selves, guided by imagination, with wholeness, clarity, and freedom as our intent.

*mirificent means to cause wonder.

*Illustrated is used in every sense of the word (i.e : to explain, serve as an example, make something clear, illuminate, shed light upon, with pictures).

These Books, which are really about getting to one’s creativity; which, in my estimation is our core essence. As I see it : it’s who we are fundamentally. All this personality business is who we’ve learned to be, or act as, in the social milieu / medium. However if you look at them (personalities) as portraits, sometimes caricatures, or images, projected outwardly into the world (stage that is) as the vehicles of our interactions, one’s we’ve created, often through the duress of experience in that same world, sculpted by judgement (ours and others), expectations, and a whole laundry list of external and internal pressures, we start to get a sense of them, of ourselves as creations, fabrications, very often built of half truths, hopes, or outright lies.

Everyone knows that the outside self that they share with the world and their internal self though obviously related are actually world’s apart. And in fact the number of selves (or masks) we use are legion. How we speak, act and think to the mailman, police, our mamas, our lovers, our friends, varies wildly. We are acting. This no different then when on stage, using the”method” all the way all day. We act and think ourselves into reality. Our energy, our bodies, and even reality itself changes to accommodate our intent. We are natural creators. A flower doesn’t usually make a fish, nor a rock a dog. However the Creator did made creators; and if you look closely that flower is creating as well, as is that fish, even the rock transforms from mountain to pebble, to mineral to life.

Most of us were never given the freedom to really choose for ourselves other than from a selection pre-approved, pre-adjusted, predestined roles to fulfill some mercantile model of what a human being has been engineered to be in this so called ‘modern’ age. It’s all very industrial. The result of this is the world we see today where work is drudgery and life a mediocre affair of dollars, sickness and death. Upside down at best. In others words: we’ve create a real mess, but we did CREATE. And that’s the point.

Now imagine the people, the world, the life, the joy we might create naturally if allowed to Be, to flower, to bloom, as intended by design. All one has to do is look around at the natural world to notice that it’s all beautiful, harmonious, vibrant, perfect. That’s our heritage. That’s our natural state of being. Anything else is simply wrong. We all know it. We all feel it. We can all change it.

The Question remains…HOW?

The (human) deck seems stacked against us, the game rigged, the system set, our selves (pawns) checkmated in perpetuity. I myself have struggled with this for as long as I can remember, or almost as long anyway, because to be honest I do remember being free, bombastically alive, eager, passionate, joyful; and I remember when it all changed, when I became trapped, lost and enslaved. However the original design is strong, perfect really, and never gives up. It ain’t in Love’s lexicon to do otherwise. Talk about your come-back stories.

And I haven’t even mentioned the word Art. Notice the capital letter. Relegating art to the lucky few with ‘talent’ is ludicrous. Just another byproduct of a mercantile system that prefers and in fact requires a dull witted populace to run its machine, and to believe it’s lies. And, oh how it lies. It must for it is built upon such, illusions, distortions, cancerous consumption and a total disregard for the Ultimate Truth of Existence: that we are all one, no exception. And that what We are is Love incarnate. With one perfect law: Do No Harm. Were we to follow these simple guidelines we’d become paradise.

It’s a funny thing working so hard to free myself from surrogate realities only to find myself creating one in order to relate what wisdom I’ve garnered over this life thus far. In order to express truth the medium is fabrication. This goes a long way to explicate a spirit’s physical incarnation. Fabrication. Density. Perhaps those words can clear it up a little. To fabricate has come to mean to invent or concoct with deceitful intent, but also to construct and manufacture something “skillfully produced”. As aspirations go that’s not half bad. But no doubt we can do better.

In truth, we have the power to make of our lives that which we choose. With a clear vision of our own creative selves we regain that which was once perhaps lost. By tuning into our hearts and literally expressing them any divide which might have existed becomes an integral part of our Story of Return. By drawing out the narrative of our lives and transforming our perspective through understanding, truth, forgiveness and beauty – one comes to realize that we are the authors of our own experience, and are its ultimate authority. This is, after all, Our Story We’re Living. Accepting the responsibility that this entails brings true self empowerment and the wondrous evolution of seeing & creating oneself anew, consciously, as Art, as the hero of our own personal tale of power.

We can all share in this richness, this gift, this inspiration.The differences of our histories enhances the wealth we each of us have to share with one another. This allows us to see in a new way, the world – the self, as an endless work of Art together. By sharing our stories, and appreciating them for the tales of personal power that they are, we grow together. By becoming aware of the narrative of our lives, and working towards than awareness of the totality of our experience, we nurture wisdom’s growth. An intelligent, wonderful game everyone has with them wherever they are, whoever they are, have been, or are yet still to become.

Inspired by Love, guided by the Spirit we all share, created for the Child within everyone. Our first trilogy is a record, a celebration, and a portal through which we invite the reader to venture through to meet the best of themselves on the other side.

We’ve noticed that our books are different in the sense that while many wonderful works have been published about getting to one’s creativity, few intend to keep going to the source of creativity itself, or to speak anew to the reader throughout the changes they undergo, continuing to communicate inspiration the further consciousness grows. By coupling deep abstract imagery with poetical language, the reader’s imagination is invited to expand past thought into an awareness of feeling, from mind to heart, to journey back inside to an original state of Being, beyond judgement, where learning is a natural instinct, where co-creation is the game we play with The Creator, with The All of Us. With a gentle guiding hand, excited by the boldness of colour born of a unique sense of beauty, the reader is encouraged to move themselves to a place of creative power within, a place where they too might feel that they are able to see the Art of themselves; Art which we feel is our shared heritage and birthright as creators of this mirificent experience we call Life.

This ability to transform ourselves through the creative process, and discovering that at our core we are a creative process, leads to the knowledge of who we really are: infinite and free, experiencing Being through these our lives, our stories, our dreams, here compelled to share with the All of Us.


Lorenzo & Fredalupe!