Reunion of Opposites

As I write this from the southern hemisphere spring, soon to be summer, is bursting for the first time ever during this time of year for me. The sun has been warmly shining for hours, all manner of bird life swirl about the little cabana where I’ve been invited to stay for a time. Together, each in our own way, we’re singing our gratitude to this glorious day.   I’m grateful to be here. I’m grateful to still be able to work with The New Agora even though I’m literally on the other side of the world exploring the unknown, music, art and so many new human relations it’s dizzying.

Since I arrived here the community around me has been preparing for a three day festival that will attract thousands of celebrants. Actually the celebrations started a while back, basically the day I arrived here, and will most likely go well on into the fifth Sun in a perfect welcome for the Mayan New Year. My very strong feeling is that 2013 will be a blast of unmitigated delight. Enjoy the new beginnings heralded by the cosmic synchronicity of this special time: there’s enough for everybody and everyone’s invited to the Show.

I’ve seen quite a bit in the last few weeks, a vigorous protest against mining in Montevideo, Uruguay, and now an incomprehensibly big one in Buenos Aires whose participants flooded the city for miles.   Although they might not have the benefit of all the information at our fingertips the folks down here stand up for themselves and the land with an exuberant passion and a joy of solidarity.

While The New Agora is spreading throughout Canada I’ve been given the chance to fulfill a few of my personal dreams. Powered by that same fulfillment, the third book in the trilogy Lorenzo and I started years ago finally has the room to grow and flower, and so do I! I have the very strong feeling and the evidence before my eyes that people are doing that all around the world. This is a great time to be alive. The canvas is limitless imagination.

Here practical examples of people living free abound. The folks all around me are tackling the very real and rewarding challenges of birthing their dreams of a beautiful life. Oh, it’s anarchic and chaotic and hilarious and astounding and so very, very colourful. Each new person I meet enriches my idea of the possible and has completely convinced me of just how amazingly unique a bunch of humans can be. And it’s all so heartfelt! They greet you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the back, and of course, a how-do-you-do. Happens again when you part company. It’s lovely, and just this simple loving exchange has done wonders for my sense of family, camaraderie and bonhomie.

So far not too many folks here know what’s going on elsewhere in the world, mind you, which makes for crazy dramatic conversations but good ones nevertheless. And these southern folks sure do love communicating! And celebrating! And just enjoying each others’ company. I have never seen so many sunrises.

Buenos Aires, perfectly named, really is a tango and that’s means more then I’ve been able to completely absorb as yet, but I can feel the rhythm. The architecture of the buildings and cobbled streets is spellbinding: chaos resplendently clothed in elegance. They say chaos comes before change and growth; I’ve proven that to be so for myself, and it perfectly explains this bustling buzzing bursting jungle city.   I only spent a week and a half there and I can’t wait to continue to explore its living labyrinth. What a ride!   I admit to being nervous because of all the bad press – but my goodness am I glad I went. Violet flowering trees blooming everywhere! Of course there are elements of decay and corruption in this megacity, but propaganda debunked: everywhere I’ve ever travelled the largest majority of people I’ve met were hospitable, welcoming and interested in our differences and our commonalities. The rest were just haggard from stress. Survival sucks and Fear is no fun when it’s all you feel. Abundance cures all that. Without the oppressive forces on humanity, actually in a sense it’s because of them, we have all the more cause to become free. Reunion of opposites at work.

The contrast to where I am staying right now couldn’t be more pronounced. There’s no internet, we’re barely on the grid, no city, no unnatural noises and no pollution; just the Sun, blue sky, fluffy clouds, horses, birds I’ve never seen before, and a whole ecosystem peopling this natural paradise in harmony. A waterfall excites the Chi (life-force) just outside my window, while time is wholly remade of a different cloth, one that seems eternal and fits as though tailor made, which it seems is the case.

Now more then ever before I’m completely convinced of the power of synchronicity and of how my life truly has followed a perfect design to bring me to who and where I am. Little did I believe that before. I fought my happy destiny like a madman, opposing the manifestation of my own happiness and delight with every reason I could come up with until I just couldn’t refuse to dance any more.

Strangely much of it came to me through a romantic night of tango whose emissary gave me no alternative but to feel for myself the depth and vulnerability of my own tender heart, a journey that I now so softly tread.

The great difficulties I encountered before getting here really underlined just how much negativity I was still generating in my life. My personal acknowledgement of responsibility for my life (in a nut shell) freed the energy for the super positive healing self-forgiveness that followed in a powerful reunion of opposites.   I sure have made it hard on myself throughout the years, but even that, seen from my current inclusive perspective, is perfect. All part of growing up.

Working on wholeness leads to acting and expressing that intent out loud. So we’re working on a plan to do just that on a grand scale. In agreement it looks like The New Agora will be in Alberta soon with the rest of Canada eagerly awaiting its turn, its champions, its voice, its community. The plan so far is straight forward, in a sense, and follows the natural path of balance and redress for what ails us all, one step at a time, which is really all that’s necessary to greet change with open arms, rising to help ourselves.

We can heal Japan, the Gulf of Mexico, the skies, the waters, the seas, our minds, our bodies, our hearts, and all else besides. We already have all the tools at hand as they grow all around and inside us as well. We are a creative force, naturally in tune with Creation. Together there is no stopping us. Coming together is essential. After all, for all our wonderful differences: We are of One Heart. Though the Task seems daunting it is not beyond us, not even close. A freed conscious humanity is already here and born ready for imagining limitless evolution and making it so. That’s you and me by the way. Amazing times. Evolutionary times.

The answers to all our woes, the energy to power our dreams is Love. Simple as beans. Magic beans. We love ourselves: hence do no harm; then see how big we really are, include it all in that loving ‘ourselves’, and then whammo: we’re not just connected to the Source we are the Source expressing itself. Heck, simple acts of kindness do the trick. That’s human nature. Love is our natural element, and we’re just at the tail end of an incredible journey into and through separation, presently directed towards reunion with ourselves to reclaim our wholeness. What wonders from such a dance!

Long years under the northern hemisphere’s heavy skies perfectly frame my experience of growing up through the difficulties of becoming free. Coming here to this ‘other side’ has of course shown me much more of myself, and consequently where much else needs tending for this heart of mine to love in full mirificent glory.   To see where one is not free is an awesome gift. Tyranny transforms into Freedom through the alchemy of Love, this reunion of opposites that we are.

Having come from the awe full depths of my own despair, I know I caused the hell from which I’ve come. No longer fearing the possibility of my own growth I can claim the power of creation as my essence. Embracing forgiveness I am empowered by accepting my responsibility for participating in the Freedom of Life.